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30Ed, perhaps forgetting which Wiki he is editing, states that Herbert Hoover's rugged individualism helped cause the Great Depression.img
30George W. Bush announces that he is through with politics, as he does not want to "criticize his successor." Andy, through some hitherto unknown mind-reading tactic, divines that Bush really means he's giving Jeb the limelight.img
80Ed "Two Meters" Poor presents his greatest masterpiece since Platypus Jokesimg: Spinoffimg Update: This is after complaining about vagueness on Wikipedia
54A good rule of thumb for Ed Poorimg and Jpattimg to remember is: Do not waste your time banhammering them what's got the powerimg to unblock themselves!img
34Did you know "The Obama's [sic] paid visit to Indonesia's largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque?img" Know it? I don't even understand it.
66JPratt: "Leftist" Wash U won't pay Bristol Palin with student-generated funds to speak on campus, being as it is the same institution that had communist Van Jones speak last November. Reality: "Leftist" Wash U is the same institution that gave Phyllis Schlafly an honorary PhD and defended doing so in the face of substantial protest from the student community.
114The "Trustworthy Encyclopedia" endorsesimg "A free press for a free people". Shame the feeling isn't mutual.
0Ken says, Conservapedia is notimg a dictionaryimg.
150A researcher discovers a striking new axiom of Andy math: one person equals twenty people, so the March for Life reached five million people.img
30The "family friendly" encyclopedia in general, and CP sysops Conservative, Ed Poor, TK and RobSmith in particular,img really want you to know about the North American Man-Boy Love Association.img
-8You've got mail!!!img
155Andy Schlafly declares that pages on religion, businesses, products, groups, artists, bands and politics are unproductive.img
38Andy's little brother messes with his favorite toy and adds the Palinism "refudiate"img to the list of Best Conservative Words (previously removed with the comment "Only a liberal Palin-hater would add that."img Hm...). How about "misunderestimate"?
153Liberals are stunned that the conservative movie 'The King's Speech' defeated the movie promoting the liberal Facebookimg ...Sometimes these WIGOs just write themselves
42Clearly, liberal claptrap was a big problem in 1659.img
34Jpatt adds a New Conservative Word: It is conservative to be an American.img Not to be outdone, Andy completes a new layer: It is conservative to be sane.img
-10Space scientist quoted as saying that global warming deniers are "immediately branded as a climate atheist in an atmosphere of climate evangelists." Jpatt, for some incomprehensible reason, considers this a bad thing.img
146Andy makes silly Conservapedia even sillier and takes it further away from being a silly encyclopedia with his silly new article: the ever-so-silly Golden Globes,img taking place in the silly Beverly Hills.
52There goes astronomyimg! What's next? Physics? Mathematics? Chemistry? (By the way, there's a hell of a lot of parody in physics and chemistry; we at RW have mostly cleaned up maths.)
50Who needs pundits and forecasters to predict the GOP Presidential candidate,img when you have Andy's made-up list to refer to?
88Furious that his incompetent spelling gave a red-linkimg, Andy makes sure it never happens again.img
201Having earlier trumpeted his appearance on CP's mainpage,img Andy's foray into constitutional law goes 0-2, as North Dakota's Supreme Court rejects his "but... but... Washington's letter is sincere" defence. CP's mainpage remains silent on the matter.
28Conservative: "It must be frustrating for atheists to read the atheism and obesity article and not be able to find a single factual error.img" Could the lack of factsimg in the concerned article possibly be a contributing factor?
124User: Hey Andy, d'you reckon this article was written by a parodist?img Andy: Perhaps this nonsensical comment using the word "liberals"img will answer your question?
2 Feel like talking about Obesity?img Well, you better include a sentence on how atheists are the cause of it.img
-5Andy... K e n D o l l ' s  playing with fire again!img
40Andy gushesimg over a revolutionary figure in physics, years ahead of his time, who was gradually vindicated as "evidence mounted to support his theory." The theory in question is that noted liberal falsehood, the Big Bang.img
1009 feared dead in irony meter factory explosion as Moonie Creationist Ed Poor tells us liberals base everything on authority and nothing on observations of realityimg.
67Karajou's not going to let liberal notions of 'making sense' get in the way of a good analogyimg
52JPatt, without evident irony, fights for the hotly contested title of CP's biggest idiot by deciding that it's a core liberal principle to deny freedom to othersimg. This might have more impact if it didn't come after the laundry list of bad, naughty freedoms that JPatt wants to deny people.
23A homeschooler wins a contestimg that clearly has an intellectual focus. And it looks like she's heading to Creationism U to get her education brainwashing.
210On the occasion of Wikipedia's 10th birthday, Conservapedia is the proud winner of Time magazine's coveted Most Amusing Alternative Wiki Award.
66Andy is outraged, because apparently he's in a better position to pass judgement than a family member of the individual in question.img
160Andy pontificates: Don't listen to them science eggheads; just open a Bible.img Then, suddenly remembering that books are full of liberal claptrapimg and there is only one correct translation of the Bible: Uh, I mean, click on the Conservative Bible Project!img
210"Look everyone, more people are laughing at us!"img, says Conservative, as Wired finds his farcical joke articles wonderfully easy targets to generalize about the lunacy of the Right. UPDATE: handed this perfect opportunity to control the image of his site, The Boss instead decides to promote the item to the No.1 Main Page positionimg. Somewhere in Washington, senior Republicans facepalm.
158WIkipedia is so biased! It doesn't even call Jared Loughner a nihilistic atheist!img Except for the fact that it calls him a "nihilistic atheist". Meh. Facts Schmatcs. Update OK Fine, Wikipedia does mention his nihilism but the edit comment doesn't say so!img Hence Wikipedia is biased.
92 User: erm Hitler and Ayn Rand were not liberalimg Jpatt: yes they wereimg and since you didn't answer my question.img
200CP's question: Outrage! How did the mentally unstable gunman get marijuana and why is nobody else talking about this?img Everyone else: Outrage! How did this mentally unstable gunman have no legal impediment to obtaining a gun?!
32Oh no! America is increasing aid to the one Muslim country that pretends to like them. More evidence Obama is a Muslim.img
65Andy: Those scientists are trying to flummox people with their stupid materialistic explanations for increased bird deaths. It is, of course, far more reasonable just to conclude that God hates birds and has slaughtered them by miracle.img Update: Damn you science!
50Joaquín Martínez: 1 in 6 Americans struggling in poverty due to rising medical care costsimg. It's almost as if the American healthcare system is only good for those who can afford it and could use reform... Perhaps all those poor folks haven't watched the Donna Reed Show Episode 18 to know how good they've got itimg.
80Conservative Christian editor: Why was my account blocked?img Uncle Bad Touch: "For protesting against being blocked!"img Oh, and send me a writing plan.
-4Since when did a terroristimg stop being someone whose objective is to cause terror, and start being someone who disagrees with us? (Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
86CP: '10 year-old girl discoversimg 240 million year old supernova.' In other breaking news, a 10 year-old girl undermines Conservapedia's entire understanding of the universe. Update: Andy makes her discovery an official achievement by a "teenager,"img thus threatening the very fabric of space and time, or at least making TerryH's head explode, and changing the definition of 'teenager' in the process
182Americans are buying fewer books. This is a good thing, according to Andy.img
32And the next Conservative Word is conniptionimg, as in "Aschlafly had a conniption fit when someone challenged him on his conservative viewpoints".
6Just what the Trustworthy Encyclopaedia Blog needs on its Main Page: A moronic attempt at humour, with grammatical errors.img
75It is proven. It is not a human updating MPR, it's a bot using the name ASchlafly. It picks a headline, and a random anti-liberal statement, with no feasible link whatsoever.img
41A country on the brink of civil war? Conservapedia's not interested. The man clinging to that country's presidency refuses a phone call from Obama? STOP THE PRESS!img