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Logic, Tzoran-style: We don't just believeimg something (the virgin birth in this case) is true. We know it. Why? Because "it's documented in the Bible". That elevates it from belief to fact.


After Andy gives carte blanche for parodists to post stupid 'essays' his blessings to Ken's scholarly efforts, TeacherEd reveals his latest workimg. Look familiar, anyone? Update: other parodists contributors get in on the act!img But Ken, wanting to be the sole producer of such quality work, deletes it and blocks the perpetratorimg.


The Bible says gluttony is a sin --> Christians are thin --> Atheists are fatimg. QED. Oh, also something about lesbians.


CP uses Wikileaks: Round 2. Like last time, Wikileaks is still a site full of criminal hackers and terroristsimg. Unlessimg, once again, it supports your POV. But this time, the source used hasn't been proven wr...oh.


SOURCE: 788 scientific papers were retracted from 2000 to 2010. The source says this was an impressively low retraction rate, but goes on to wonder why so many of the retracted papers involve American scientists. CP: SCIENTISTS ARE LIARS!img


CP is really callingimg the kettle black, followed by calling it Hitler.


This just in: GOP mostly conservativeimg.


Damn those modern journalists and their use of the correct wordimg (at least for anyone who owns a google).


Andy demonstrates the triumph of home-schooling by "Americanizing" theatre to theatrer.img


After editing a page about peanut butter on aSK, Ken gets an ideaimg......wait for itimg.....<capture>BANG!img UPDATE: And.....<capture>It makes the front page!img And then disappears after a half dozenimg edits, in favor of the Baby Jesus, perhaps?


Well, this isn't going to end wellimg


Prognostication CP style: The START treaty is unlikely to pass thanks to Republicans.img Reality: The START Treaty Cloture vote passes 67-28 and, barring direct intervention by g0D, will probably be ratified Wednesday. At this rate, and if CP's future-telling abilities hold true, George Sorosimg could end up as Republican candidate for the 2012 Presidential Elections. Update: START is ratified.


And nothing says 19th century like controlling the Internetimg


After a new editor asks for helpimg, Ed "Bad Touch" Poor obliges in the only way he knowsimg.


Kowardjerk: Do as I say,img not as I doimg.


Damn those liberals and their use of modern synonymsimg Update: Gasp! Liberalism has even infected the Conservabibleimg!


Wikileaks is a site full of criminal hackers and cyber-terroristsimg. Unlessimg it supports your POV, then it's fine. Oh, except that particular story has been proven false.


Oh, goody. Now Conservapedia is telling us that fairies are realimg. They "are thought to have reached North America unnoticed on the boats of the early colonists." Way to go, Amanda! Right up there with unicornsimg, dragonsimg, and sasquatchimg. PS:Rationalwiki is very proud to announce the first of these articles is a clear case of Poe's Law originating from this very website. Congrats Everybody! UPDATE: Ken reverts on the grounds that fairies are unbiblicalimg and that (unlike angels and demons) there is no real evidence of their existence.


American diplomat Richard Holbrooke died on December 13. What has he accomplished? Don't try Conservapediaimg.


Conservapedia's War on Soccer continues as Andy restoresimg deletion associating the sport with (gasp) Socialism and Hollywood Values!!!!!


Only "Bad Touch" Poor could make a spelling correction creepy.img


We don't care much for copyrightimg round these parts.


All public school superintendents are godless atheists!img No comment necessary.


TK: "DO NOT remove posts by administrators, or anyone else for that matter, TerryB.img This coming from TK? Oh the irony!


CP user one-ups Foxnews and gets taken in by the Weekly World Newsimg.The story takes a bizarre twist as Ken blocks poor Willminator.img


12/7: "Obama's Tax Cut Deal With Republicans Infuriates Liberals.img and it's a Conservative win on taxes!img; 12/8: "Anger of House Democrats boils over concerning President Barack Obama's tax cut deal with congressional Republicans.img"; 12/14 - No! Wait! It's a phony "tax deal" being pushed by Harry Reid through Congressimg.


Breaking news from JPatt: August 23, 2009 December 12thimg, North Carolina Senate member and gun control advocate R.C. Soles Jr. shoots an intruder.


CP: UK atheists cut down Christian Holy Tree!!!!img Reality: A 'holy tree' in Glastonbury is vandalised, and there are several hypotheses as to who or why - including that it might have been modern-day Puritan Christians who saw it as an object of worship.[1]


It was unusually cold in one place for one week, so by Andy logic Global Warming is falseimg.


Unicornsimg and dragonsimg are real. The Bible says so.


The attempt to repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell" has failed; therefore, liberals should go build hospitals.img


And the new front runner in the race for the coveted conservative of the year award is: Andy Aschlafly (sic)!img Go Andy!


TK: Glenn Beck is top celebrity charity giverimg for raising $1M and atheists and liberals aren't charitable and don't build hospitalsimg; Reality: liberal Oprah Winfrey often gives $40 million to $50 million per year as liberals are usually at the top of the philanthropy lists and China has plenty of hospitals and Cuba sends more medics overseas than all the G8 countries combined.


Elizabeth Edwards dies and Andy dances on her graveimg


Andrew Schlafly a strawman? That's how Discovery Institutes's news outlet sees his "misguided attack on Lenski's work". And what has Conservapedia to say about It is accurately delivering informationimg...


Gentlemen! Ken resurrects his aborted anti-abortion project!img Óle Óle Óle!


Shorter Andy: "It's cold today, ergo climate change is a hoax."img


Julian Assange is a wanted (alleged) rapistimg, Wikileaks is a "vandal site." Then, Assange says Obama should resign, and all the nasty qualifiers are dropped and he's a credible source.img Bastards.


"Trim a bit" Andy-style: Remove positive story about liberal socialist British PM from halfway down the broken news ticker.img


Andy's non-sequitur of the week: "list of RNC chairman candidates grows, indicating the decline of the Democratic party"img


Behold! Conservapedia has successfully predicted that someone might possibly consider announcing their intention to perhaps run at some undetermined point in the near or distant future!img


In a remarkable display of cognitive dissonance, Andy celebrates the failureimg of a bill to extend tax-cuts


Only on Conservapedia would the President visiting the troops on the battlefield be a badimg thing.img


Impotent Rage Department: With no proles left to abuse on CP, TK stokes an old grudge against the only sysop in recent history to stand up to his cretinism and bullying by replacing his signature for hersimg on the "welcome" message she left for some random user more than 21 months ago.


Andy, beefing up on his reading skills, perceives that an article contains the words "more" and "stars" in the same sentence, and decides to use it to trumpet another exampleimg of quote mining Biblical scientific foreknowledge.


"Vandal site."img Sounds familiar.