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102According to CP, Perversion=Diversityimg. According to Commissioner Bill James, a longtime supporter of a ban on gay marriage, "The public in my opinion knows the difference between perversity and diversity."
275Are you wondering why you haven't read anything about The King's Speech winning at the Oscars?img Then it's probably because you can't read Update: this just in: Facebook crushed by "The King's Speech" ... so Sarah Palin won't be Presidentimg.
175Shorter Andy: Science? BOO! Bible? YAY!img
170Global warming denial? Check. Liberals? Check. Hollywood values? Check! A Conservapedia mad-lib trifecta is now in playimg. (Note that Andy accepted our recommendation he post this Front Page item.)
290Says the guy who rewrote the Bible to get rid of all the parts that offended him.img
175Now all that's needed is a good lawyer with a track-record of success in these cases.img Andy...could you recommend anyone?
120In AndyLand cutting grants for poorer students is worthy of celebrationimg
64Even "secularized language" is secularized language!img
58CP in a nutshell: "This article is too shortimg toimg worryimg aboutimg facts.img"
116Mere words cannot describe such stupidityimg
150We don't normally say things like "Andy has become unhinged" or "Andy has really gone off the deep end this time", because we all know that. But you have to see this to believe it!img George Washington a saint? Of the church of Satan? This is not the work of some vandal or parodist. This is Andy himself.
92Andy, after creating an "insightful" articleimg on a term that no one uses, bragsimg about how his article is the first result on Google a certain search engine whose name begins with "G".
9I don't know about you, Ed, but I wouldn't want to be playing hockey with hockey sticksimg that look like those.
76Yeah, good luck with that, Ed.img
50A short and sweet CP favourite: Please recreate your account with your real first name and last initial (in six months' time when your account creation block expires.)img
180After being spurred on by Benp, Andy starts work on "Secularized Language".img Bring on the laughs insights!
125Riots and death in Libya, Egypt overthrows its own government: gossipy, overly hyped and not "real" newsimg JDW returns: "By your logic, Andy, the Deceleration of Independence was over-hypedimgAndy: "The Egyptians haven't displayed a commitment to religious, political and economic freedom"img WTF, Andy?
83Andy once again displays his wanton ignorance by not realising that the date of a word in a dictionary is the oldest known written citation not the year a word was 'invented'.img
170Greatest teenage achievements strike back!img Andy finally removes that pesky 16 year old Roger Masonimg. With typical Schlafly deceit, he sneaks this in under cover of adding a 20 year old racing driver.img Update: Rodge finds himself back in.img But for how long? 19 minutes.img And he's back in again, with a lovely best of the public edit commentimg for good measure. Grand finale: Rodge is removedimg, and the troublesome editor is banned for five years for, erm, being from the UK.img
170No, Andy, what baffles liberals is how you continue to believe that your unscientific, cobbled list of random words, selected and massaged to suit your own narrow preconceptions and hosted on a second rate blog, actually has any meaning.img
96Andy's nonsensical mainpageright news entry #4031: 62-year-old college fan arrested for allegedly poisoning historic trees on the campus of the national champion Auburn, which had defeated his team. "How about allocating some time to the Bible for a change?img"
31Oh my <whatever>! Now even saying "gesundheit" when someone sneezes is liberal and atheistimg. You're supposed to say "God bless you." Even "Bless you." isn't enough. UPDATE: Rob returns from Area 51 vacation and deep sixesimg it. Seems "gesundheit" is just more "commie agitprop."
50Bible denierimg Uncle Ed prefers 'historical facts'.img
68DavidE breaks his own parody record by brilliantly summarizing Andy's entire worldview in one short article, the fallacy of invincible ignorance.img
110The wise one hath spoketh: "There were more atheists (or Bible deniers) in 1859 than there are today. Darwin, for example."img
42The Headlineimg: Rational translation: "Lamestream media is too sissified to make hay over tragedy!...But CP is a Trus[t]worthy Encyclopedia manly blog!"
50Does  K e n  D o l l  know what irony is? After starting his much-promised 90-day sabbatical he returns to tweak his Essay:Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorderimg.
0Unmeasurable but thought to be in the tens of TeraPoes long time parodist CP contributor DavidE creates No true Scotsmanimg.
8Andy has discoveredimg that England (by which he probably means the whole United Kingdom) changed its government from a Constitutional Monarchy without telling anyone.
30You cannot argue with his logicimg, because you will be banhammered.
110Andy: 'you'd have to be pretty stupid to make such an elementary spelling mistake'img...but even more stupid to promote said mistake in a student's homework to the status of 'model answer'?img Bonus pedantry: Never mind, Andy, that Krugman's non-hyphenated usage of a compound adjective is absolutely correct in this case.
30Our dear friend Conservative is taking a breakimg. But watch out for cameo appearances as user Freedom777! Oops, I didn't mean to say that!img.
15"...It seems to me that groups typically have an inherent right to decide who can remain in the group. It's an automatically "right" if done in a manner consistent with its authority and without any odious discrimination, isn't it?"img Hypocrisy, thy name is Schlafly.
92The death blow to Global warming lands, as Andy discovers that it snows in winterimg.
92Ed sez: "Fabulous" is everything "shitty" is not "Gay" is everything "conservative" is notimg
130The latest installmentimg in Andy's continuing attempt to divide everything in existence into 'conservative' or 'liberal'.
130Happy Valentine's Day good cheer to you too, Andy.img
42Andy is shockedimg (SHOCKED) that the country with the fourth-highest gun ownership rate decided not to tighten regulations.
-13Naimg, just you Andy.
165Andy: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are losing fans, because they don't use Conservapediaimg
52 Andy bravely asks the question no one is thinkingimg.
37Ha! Those stupid liberals were fooled by fake Palin quotes.img Conservatives would never be fooled like that...
160Schlafly science is on display againimg. You're right—the breakup of the continents is a relatively recent event, in geological time. About 200 million years ago.
124Andy waxes delusionalimg over proposals to expand school choice in Florida: "How about public schoolers taking classes on Conservapedia?" How about the state's Blaine amendment?
-16Conservapedia, bringing you the very latest in wrongimg news
36Thank you forimg your valuable suggestion!img We'll get that right up!img
19CP's version of Name that Tune: "I can create that article with only 23 words!"img
46Roger jumps in to the best new conservative words and hits the nail on the headimg
294The CP sysops' behind-the-scenes insanity discussions are leaked again.
60Penn Jillette notices Conservapedia's Atheism and obesity article
52How Andy imagines his website works for a new arrival: "I'm a conservative American Christian, and I'm looking for a reliable, trustworthy online encyclopedia. Oh, look, here's one, it's called Conservapedia, The Trustworthy Encyclopedia. I must check out some of their articles! Here's the main article they're suggesting I readimg - it looks really interesting and sensible!img. Now that's a reliable looking internet encyclopedia if ever I saw one, I'll be returning there often - and what's this? The owner teaches children?! Perfect!".
56Andy is so confident his blog will convert liberals to conservatives that he's not even going to bother tryingimg
29Criticize liberal media and claim a lack of fairness? Check.img Ignore the facts on the very page you linked to? Check. Conservapedia is back on form.
182Andy: "Roger Mason is non-notable on this list."img Benjy: "Let me explain..."img Andy: "No references. You lose."img Benjy: "Here are a few references."img Andy: "Too many references.img You lose."img Benjy: "Ok, this is why I posted them..."img Andy: "It is not in the Bible. You lose."img Update: Benjy:"OK Andy, I have jumped through all your hoops,img I am re-adding Mason."img
136PLEASE HELP ME MAKE CONSERVAPEDIA EVEN CRAPPIER THAN IT ALREADY IS!!!!img Update : If no one is listening then I'll have to spam Talk:Main Pageimg. UPDATE:, wait, hang on, scratch that...I.....errrr....uhmimg
0Two words for  K e n  D o l l : Fat Chanceimg
100 Is Uncle Bad Touch even trying anymoreimg?
116New user: "BARACK OBAMA IS A MARXIST BORN IN KENYA!img" "HARRY REID IS A LYING, CHEATING SOCIALIST!img" "CHRIS MATTHEWS SUCKS OBAMA'S COCK!img" JPratt: Everything you say is Conservative!img Oy vey.
22What's this?img Yet another "Defensive weapon of gun"?: "Predictably, the White House denies responsibility"! The brilliance of Hisself shines as CP is now able to blame Obama for anything!
140Karajou asks the burning question: Did Barack Obama have a hand in creating the chaos in Egypt?img No. No he didn't. You idiot. Update: Oh, dear; we must issue a retraction. It is now an encyclopaedic fact (attested by that paragon of reason, Dr. Michael Savage) that Obama did have a hand in it, in order to cede the power of the Judaeo-Christian west to Islamic tyrants.img
140Ed: "By definition,img any theory whose backers continue to defend it, no matter what counter-evidence is presented, is pseudoscience. A real scientific theory, on the other hand, is capable of being disproved."
80Karajou decides to change things up a bit and stand up for someone reverting a sysop's edit, Must be easier when the sysop isimg  K e n  D o l l WAIT, NO: Ken's not taking this lying down!!!img Annndddd he's goneimg. Without a shred of integrity, Ken engages in liberal lastwordismimg.
80In a classic Schlafly rearguard Captain Nonsequitor Karajou decides on a kitchensink approach.img
30Is there no one who can do simple math any more? (We know about Ed Poor, but no one else?) A user removesimg the well-known "add 40 / subtract 40" method for converting between Fahrenheit and Celsius and explains on the talk pageimg why it doesn't work. In his example, he says the rule gives 77.8, whereas the correct answer is 37.8. You dumb shit! You left out the final step, which is subtracting 40.
112Andy observes events and data with an open mind: "Snowfall is correlated with cold weather, and much snowfall is a counterexample to the liberal claim of dangerous global warming.img
112It's pretty cold right now in an area covering a few states of the USimg, so clearly that's evidence the Earth's not warming in an overall sense.
30Yes, because everyone knows North Carolinaimg is more liberal than Missouri.
68Yesterday: Obama's not asking Mubarak to step down! BOOOO!img Today: Mubarak's opponents are all Islamic extremists and/or Iranian puppets.img
20Someone linked to "Atheism and obesity!img Perhaps popular YouTube channels will follow suit?img This is obviously the natural result of Conservapedia's high-quality content on fat atheists, and has nothing to do with Conservative asking acquaintances to promulgate his material.