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Is this encyclopedic?img CP just can't make up its mind! Update: Ken seems to have discovered Godwin's Lawimg


Ed Poor: "I just had a brilliant idea! Let's unblockimg Bugler!"
TK: *spit-take*img


Andy ties everything together: machismo is a conservative termimg.


Conservapedia acknowledges two depressing facts.img


Just what the Richard Dawkins project needs: MORE HITLER!img


Otherwise known as Mainpagerightimg


Andy: Those dirty Commies "are notorious for grinding everything to a halt and demanding full worship of their current and prior leaders."img JPratt: "Look everybody, February 6th is Ronald Reagan Day, where schools will teach about Reagan and Californians can remember his legacy!"img


Them's the rules: User creates an account.img Sysop-lite, more than slightly overstepping his authority,img blocks: "please recreate with your real first name and last initial..."img User does just that.img TrollKing, ignoring the sysop-lite's pedantic abuse, blocks the user for using "Multiple accounts."img Sorted.


Andy's new fiveimgfour step programimg to achieve all you need. Maybe Andy never really needed to achieve anything?


What DanielPulido is trying to say,"Reading hard. Me like pictures!"img


"My can-di-date is skin-ni-er than your can-di-date!" Andy takes political discussion to places it's never been before - the kindergarten playground.img


Gentlemen, it's what we've all been waiting for! Ken begins work on Conservapedia's most embarrassing article of the decade!img No prizes for guessing what the contenders are.


The best part of the JacobB Incident (for people who dislike transparency)? A handy excuse to burn talk page historiesimg


Andy: PERFECTION: 20-40-80-160 BY CENTURY.img Conservative Words recount: SELECTION BIAS: 20-40-81-150 BY CENTURY. But perhaps perfection is not a conservative word (recount most certainly isn't!) Update:Andy is the one who threw off the word countimg.Update 3 2: There are no square pegs, grasshopper, only pegs that haven't been rounded off yet!img


JacobB returns! Unblocked by Andy himself!img


Andy: the Adulteress Story "has obviously liberal bias contrary to the rest of the Bible" what was the CBP about then? BONUS FUN: Andy compares his blog to the bible: "it is to be expected that some vandals would insert things into the Bible, just as is done today with a wiki."


JPattimg: The liberal media is putting our troops in danger by making available OVER 90,000 military documents!!! Just look at this Fox News article which links directly to them.


Normal service has been resumed. Andy: BP = Liberal.img


Spot the odd one out: Mark Twain, Peter Cook, Ken DeMyerimg, Jonathan Swift, Chris Morris.


Long-time suspected parodist JacobB finally takes off the mask and leaves with several pointed comments, all of which will be ignored by Andy et al. Karajou shows major butthurtimg with some last wordism.


CP: More liberals asking for a bailout.img Reality: California's most conservative county asking for a bailout


Dear Ken: The guy had been bannedimg right after his one comment.img No need to pretendimg that you gave him the chance of proving you wrong before declaring a time-out victory in the same edit.


Mega-Genius Ken gives us his most stunning indictment of atheism yet - Proof and evidence that atheism is trueimg. Atheism on the internet has crumbled. Update: Ken follows it up with two moreimg hard-hittingimg refutations of atheism and a nod to Obama's economic policies.img


Ah! It's not science that explains everything... it's art!img


We are not going to argue if Don't Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow) by Fleetwood Mac.img is conservative or not since it was added by Führer Assfly and we do not disagree with Der Führer.img


Ken's thought process: he wants to attack PZ Myers for refusing to debate, so he just copies part of his Dawkins articleimg and pencils in PZ's name real small.img


Because people voted for himimg...Really, Andy, perhaps you should enroll in your American Government courseimg?


Andy: "Obama's job approval declines to only 29% in Wyoming!!"img Reality: He only received 32% of the Wyoming vote anyway.


Anything Palin can do... hot on the heels of "Censorability",img Andy pulls "Smearability"img out of his ass.


Who would have thought Schlafly would be into faith healingimg?


Add bestiality to the list of Uncle Ed's personal interestsimg. Hope that isn't original research there Ed...although is this just a continuation of a trendimg


In case anyone was wondering the Schlafly dictionary is still borkenimg really borkenimg


"This wiki blocks users from establishments of higher learning; specifically, all IP addresses related to Ivy League institutions are ban..."img. Explains much, this does.


Andy shows his appreciation by giving another suspected parodist the ability to drive editors away from his blog.img


Oh good. Accounting is "less susceptible" to liberal bias.img Must be why Enron's accountants were so good at it.


Kowardjerk bravely highlights the hypocrisy of the Obamas being concerned about their nation's obesity yet eating ice-cream!img BONUS: Ken points out how they keep quiet about them there fat lesbians.img


Add mocking, belief, and hypocrisy to the list of things that Karajou doesn't understandimg


Andy welcomes a new student to his classimg, whilst TK gives him the more typical CP welcome.img Update: TK cleverly gives the same welcome to another userimg...and anotherimg...except that this time, it seems to prove yet again that TK either doesn't bother to even read usernames, or that he is way too trigger-happy. Update: Just to add to our confusion, user:Manhattan gets... a welcome message.img


Parodist Daniel Pulido steps up his game:Obama is the new Hitlerimg, co-parodist TK endorses the comparison.img


Obvious parodist makes comment on a Richard Dawkins lectureimg but all Ken wants to hear about is the ladies.img Update: blocked by TKimg, saying "Telling us what you think we want to hear is positively not working." That's news to us.


Kenpushes the bunnies meme some moreimg what is he trying to get at? Are Dawkins fans increasing in number really quickly or something?


Ken: "Ha! Liberals are unable to find fault with my excretions!"img Tony Sidaway: "I have some suggestions."img Ken: "Put them on the talk page, but erm... I'm suddenly very busy, so will ignore them."img TK: "I am the way, the truth and the light; nobody edits CP but through me."img


Congratulations, Conservapedia, you've gone completely 1984img.


I'm sure the Dean of SUNY Buffalo's Law School is closely following Mainpageright for advice on running a law schoolimg...especially from someone who needs 8 edits to correct "legals skills" (then deletes first 7 edits)


One for the nostalgia crew: Early CP user Humblpi's page is finally deletedimg.


In Ed Poor's world, other than movies about football coaches with 11-year old daughtersimg and Jane Austenimg, women really haven't made any contributions to society.


TK points out that Obama's poll numbers are similar to Clinton's in 1994img, before the Republicans swept Congress in the fall elections. He forgets to mention what happened in the election after that.


That's an unusual dictionary you must have, Mr Schlafly.img


*Sniff* Ed Poor must be so proud. Little Danny's Pudenda is all growed up and making Ed Stubs of his own.img


Another reason for Conservapedia getting so boring: Half of the time, the (best of the) public is prevented from editing...


Karajou does awayimg with those pesky words, "may have"


Andy, it looks like you've found a new saviourimg. One miraculous resurrection later and Fidel's back. Took a bit longer than 3 days but, of course, miracles ain't what they used to be.


Because of all the traffic, the little thingsimgget updated immediately on Conservapediaimg(hint: Robert Byrd has been dead for two weeksimg, and CPimgknowsimgitimg) Update: Terry Koeckritz our loyal reader fixes itimg, and removes good information along with bad.


Now its official. Andy is blatantly asking on the main page to make up 13 new conservative wordsimg in order to fit his geometric progression "1-2-4-8 pattern of doubling" law.


Andy on Main Page Left trumpets: The Spanish Inquisition defeats the Dutch Masters!img Nobody expects them, after all... I'd rather just have a cigar.


Problem: Physics is neither orderly nor perfect. Solution: Blame the atheists.img


So it's sedition,img is it?


Dinner at the Schlafly's, anyone?img


While much of the US bakes in a record-breaking summer heat-wave, Jpatt is on hand to inject some much needed Conservative common sense by reminding everyone just how cold it isimg.


In a world run by liberalismimg, it's the victim who gets punished, while the criminal goes free. Never mind that Scott Storey, DA of Jefferson County, whose office made this decision, is a Republican. It's always the work of Liberals.


Homeless man rescues a flag. Thus, without further ado, he must be a conservativeimg.


CP's latest accusation? Obama does drugsimg. Update: Removedimg by TK, of all people.


That's right, Andy, it won't be like any school courseimg, because they base their courses on facts and not personal vendettas.


Andy: Finally church gets what it's been needing for a long time, GUNS!!!img


Andy: "The World Cup finals: why isn't England or the U.S. there?"img Good point Andy, why isn't they there? Come to think of it, why aren't Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile Denmark, France......


TrollKing trolls: Soccer is only popular where there are no other sports available. In places where it competes with the NFL, basketball, WWE, cheerleading, and cage-fighting, it is not popularimg. In other words, "in the USA, soccer is not popular".


Ken subtly interrogates an editorimg


Dr. JPatt: "fourth study in 14 months that shows connection between abortion and breast cancer"img His sources source? An article in the Daily Fail about a study of only 300 women.


JPatt: Makes up a bunch of shit about Obamaimg


Netherlands win! But atheistic England knocked out.img So which nation do you think Conservapedia describes as "one of the least churchgoing countries in Europe"?img


Andy doesn't understand bait in the context of a metaphor and/or doesn't understand what a mixed metaphor is.img


Andy: The "Heathen" German World Cup Team had to import "Christian" players from Poland and Brazil to win - this is because Germany doesn't allow Christian homeschooling!img (Note that neither of these two players have ever been homeschooled).


Apple pie is conservative.img (It's in Conservapedia, so it must be true.)


More obvious trolling from obvious TrollKing: soccer is now a socialist sportimg because ... because you can't use your hands. It's also the only sport in the world for which mobs trash private property when their team loses - which at least makes sense compared to American sport fans trashing private property when they win. Update: When called on this insanity, Andy and TK double down. There is no comment we could make on thisimg or thisimg that would do them justice.


The madness that is Does Richard Dawkins have machismo? continues.img


Andy has a new conservative word™: life vestimg, that is, personal flotation device, which he says is "pro-life". We don't deny that they have saved many lives, but that's not the meaning of "pro-life" that one would expect to be used by a web site as obsessed over abortionimg as CP is.


Aha! A word was coined in the same year the Constitution was drafted. Thus it must be conservative!img Well, if the Constitution was drafted in 1840, that is.


"Today also commemorates the only true philosophical revolution in all history. There have been revolutions before and since ours. But those revolutions simply exchanged one set of rules for another. Ours was a revolution that changed the very concept of government." Sayeth the arch parodistimg (our emphasis). Absolutely sure about that, are you TK?


!!!Liberal colleges closing!!! cries Andyimg, linking to the looooong (4 in total) list of college closures (1968 to 1975). Government money on "fluff courses" savedimg, Ken continues (he being not a sycophant). Actually they're all private colleges and the latest (Dana College) is Lutheran.


Conservapedia continues to downplay actual vandalism complaining loudly as a fading flag mural is finally removed from where an actual vandal painted itimg


Uhhh, not quite sure what to say.img.


Fox News: Prominent Republican calls on Steele to resign. Andy: Ambush by Fox News, demanding that Steele resign!img


Conservapedia's modesty and levelheadedness continues. They are now "in a unique position to rank other information sources of all types"img. How would they rank RationalWiki?


JPratt: "Blocking yourself is against our Commandments."img Really?img


Andy sez "Evolution rhetoric has declined 33% in two years!img" How does he know? A google search on one meaninglessimg termimg, which is far from unique to the evolution debate in any case.