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RobS: Sure, Obama got our troops out of Iraq, but all the credit belongs to Bush whose idea it was.img Reality: Disputed.


Ken just can't stay away and Hitler makes a triumphant return to mainpageleft!img Andy: "Oh dear. Where can I hide this without offending Ken?"img


Andy: New Theories can't develop without discarding the old theories.img Any sarcastic rational person: Wow, I'm glad we threw out that Newtonian model of the universe before we came up with the much more accurate relativistic model.


Andy continues his quantifying craze, as he makes a testimg to quantify vulnerability to crimethink atheism. If you or a loved one shows any of these signs, please check in with your local religious authority. He seems to have missed the most important question, "Do you have a brain and can you use it?"


Jpatt: 'Let's all laugh at the idiots who predicted the death of conservatism'img...Next sentence: 'Liberalism is dying'...lesson learned


How did chipmunks get to the top of the Devils Tower? They flew up there!img


Conservative actually makes a good suggestion!img Because if people actually arrive at CP and look at their main page, the thing they'll want the most is getting out again.


Standing 30 metres high, the imposing Lincoln Memorial is set within over 100 acres of parkland at one end of the National Mall and is visited by millions of people each year. Unfortunately, despite being literally down the road from the US Capitol, dirty liberal trickery a temporary technical error at Google has resulted in thousands of patriotic Conservatives unable to locate this landmark in order to attend a Glenn Beck rallyimg.


Having successfully quantified open-mindedness,img idolatry,img mental strength,img orderimg and even faith,img Andy moves on to quantify pro-life-ness.img


"Homeschoolers are so good at Math Counts competitions that they banned homeschoolers!"img Real story: Some tutoring complexes collected highly gifted students together as "homeschoolers" in order to game the system and produce "super teams", and regular homeschoolers shouldn't have to suffer being unable to compete.


Because a true patriot would continue to cover up the fact that the US tortures some people and discriminates against othersimg


Ken: "Gentlemen, my work is done here!"img RobS backs away slowly, keeping his hands in plain sightimg.


Ken: "Andy likes this picture so no one is allowed to remove it.img" Four minutes later . . . Andy: "Lets replace Ken's picture with one of my own.img" Ken: "I didn't say nothing"img


God is always there to step in and clean up for usimg Wasn't God supposed to be happy with the world as he made it originally? Of course, it's impossible that a new species could arise by any other means than God. It's not like a new species arising due to a change in the environment is exactly what evolution by natural selection is about. Update: Andy: "Of course the Pakistan flood wasn't God's doing!"img Yeah! After all, who would believe that God would send a flood and... uh... *cough*


McCain defeats Hayworth. Terry Koeckritz does a victory dance on the mainpage.img Andy reveals a case of sour grapes.img


Ken createsimg a new talk pageimg that doesn't redirect to a locked article! Bonus lulz comes from the fact that the comment was never madeimg, [read oversighted] and the commenter has been blocked for forever, 13 days ago!img


After JPratt just broke The Perfect 20-40-80-160 Patternimg by inserting a word for the 1800's early, we wonder how will they return the 1800's to 80? Stay tuned!


Stop confusing poor Karajou with concepts like "reading," "fact-checking" or "accuracy"img in the news. In TK's words, "what is there to be careful about?"


Why do liberals crave attention? Because they are incapable of doing anything meaningful!img Update: Projection much?img


No talk on Conservapedia about how the Fields Medal was not awarded to a woman, despite Andy's prediction. (No link... they're just ignoring this fail.)


According to Andy, being peace-loving appears to be yet another nasty liberal trait.img


Andy: "The liberal math elite have honored someone from Vietnam, even though he dislikes it so much he is leaving it for America (and oh yeah, the human rights record there is getting worse)"img Truth: Vietnamese born professor dislikes New Jersey so much that he is leaving for a job in America


After a long, long day of Conservapedia getting blasted by a large amount of bot-made vandalism and having it all to be reverted, Andy is glad to say one thing...Conservapedia now has over 780,000 page edits!img


CP: Told ya something was up about that evil liberal atheist Wikileaks founder - he's a rapist!!!!img Chief prosecutor Eva Finne:"I don't think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape."


EdBot finally inducesimg some sanityimg into the CP Main Page.


Ed Poor proves the absenceimg of censorshipimg at Conservapedia by creating a newimg exampleimg.


It's not "a navy boat" as those liberals at the AP's actually, well, a navy boatimg


Reporterimg...hip-hop artist. What's the difference?


As Andy "2+2=4" Schlafly plows headlong intoimg theimg worldimg ofimg mathematicsimg without a clue where he's going. The inevitable result: division by zeroimg


5th Aug: liberal revisionism is responsible for the credit given to crappy Brit mathematiciansimg. 17th Aug: liberal censorship will not stop the ConservaMath Medal recognising the deserved achievementsimg of an English mathematician. Two weeks is a long time in the heady world of cutting-edge mathematical research Update, 19th: confirmed! the meritorious picks (Americans, Brits) were indeed passed over by the liberal elitesimg.


Andy: Just because I disparaged someone's body of work based solely on their country of origin,img that doesn't make me a racist!img


Will Conservapedia be ahead of the curve once again?img


Conservapedia's recent burst of publicity is making it lots of new friends, presumably at an exponentially doubling rate.


Professor: Some colleges aren't worth the priceimg Andy: Don't forget about the liberals!


Who needs a Nobel Prize or a Fields Medal when you can be the proud recipient of the Conservapedia Prizeimg ConservaMath Medalimg?


Misogyny laid bare, as Andy says "Surely you should concede that a woman is not among the top four contenders based on merit."img In fact, just read the whole damn section. There's too much to WIGO.img


Ken stretches the definition of 'essay' to breaking point...and beyondimg.


Conservapedia Exclusive: Why won't anyone in the Lamestream media publish our guesses?img


Who needs enemies with friends like these? Andy: "Don't worry, folks, conservatives will cut government funding from universities!"img


Rob, if you're really concerned about homophobia and anti-gay bigotryimg, you've got your workimg cutimg outimg for you.


Maybe Poor's newest stubimg should redirect to here. Just a thought.


Andy: Liberal professors are piling on this BOTPimg but don't worry, it's just sour grapes because conservatives working from home are going to do more than they ever could. Update: Now the liberals are going to give a fields medal to a WOMAN!img


There is nothing impossible about people rising from the deadimg Update Nothing in the Bible violates the laws of physics!img


TK: Judge who ruled that same-sex marriages can resume is a flaming gay liberalimg. Reality: Judge who overruled Proposition 8 was first nominated to the federal bench by Ronald Reagan, blocked by Democrats and gay rights groups, nominated again by George H.W. Bush, very nearly blocked by Democrats and gay rights groups a second time.


Ed sez "Safe Sex is a myth!"img


The list of concepts which Karajou does not understand grows to include "support". User: I don't like Dawkins or Nazis, but "saying Dawkins supports the Nazis is stupid."img Der Koward: Auf Wiedersehen, Nazi supporter! Raus! Raus!img


Andy: "There are no counterexamples to the Bible!"img TK: "And there never will be!"img UPDATE: Various editors find someimg but according to Andy, they're all trivialimg. To finish, even Andy is too lie-bur-alimg for Karajou !


Andy: "We're the number one talked about story on Talking points memo!"img but fails to link to it, Maybe because he is being roundly mocked both in the article and in the comments section TK: helps expose Andy's problemimg.


That can't be right.img


Brian Cox just twitterdotted conservapedia. Look! Big Science is paying attention to us! Reddit then picked up the story. That is why there are so many server errors. UPDATE: PZ weighs in: "Andy Schlafly is a real boon to us Gnu Atheists who argue that religion rots your brain.".


Andy updates the main page with more hard dataimg. Update: Andy makes it... er... less conciseimg. Plot Twist: "Dad, we need to talk..."img. Update: GO TO YOUR ROOMimg!


Tbunton: Do you guys actually read your sourcesimg, or is this just page after page of non-sequitur copy and pastes? Ken: This non-sequitur copy and pasteimg will answer your question.


DeanS:I'm throwing in the towelimg


Andy doesn't understand when the middle ages were, and he's not aloneimg


Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer Debbie.img All of Ken's "essay's" talk pages seem to get hijacked to Evolution. Update:Files now, too, deserve their own redirects!img


You might be an Anglophileimg if...


Teakettle adds a story about those evil Iraniansimg Andy removes it!!!img despite its being from Faux News because it's "based on unapproved, offensive content on a mere website". Wonders never cease.


Didn't get enough of the original transitional flying kitty? No worries. Ken decided to drop by and add, oh, only 265 more.img You won't be the only one to see it - it's also on the main page.img Update: Don't worry, dial-up users, Ken will give you guys a break by removing a plan for a future "essay".img Wait, nevermind, he just made plans to make nine more.img


Andy: "The English are notoriously bad at mathematics"img Victim: Please Sir, what about Newton?"img Andy: "Silence peon. Newton doesn't count because he's pre-modern and pre-Britain.img Oh yes, and Babbage, Alan Turing, Bertrand Russell, Roger Penrose and Andrew Wiles "don't even come close to being great mathematicians."The Rest: See the madness for yourself.img


Liberals are keeping people on the dole by cutting their food stamp benefits.img


Ken's gif makes the front pageimg Update: Andy drops trow and pitches in on the task of fertilizing the visual fieldimg


Andy: Fox News multimedia filler? Incomplete information with no data cited from anywhere but a single site? Another startling expose of Liberal Claptrap!img PS: Liberal Claptrap now encapsulates Investment Banking, "Corporate Work" (???), Architecture and Manual Labor.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Unfortunately, the 14 words of this "essayimg" aren't among them. UPDATE: More encyclopaedicimginsightimg.


Conservapedia land: Professor gets his job back after being fired for stating his beliefimg Reality land: Professor gets his job back after indoctrinating students with his belief


Andy: "No [article] locking is permanent"img. Reality: Evolutionimg article has been officially locked "indefinitely"img for over three years. Andy again: "there are several ways that any editor can contribute"img. Reality again: The last time the article was edited by anyone other than one editor was March 2009img, 550 edits agoimg.


RonLar: statistics, pictures, analysis!img Andy: "Quantity is no substitute for quality! You didn't address the oil wells!"img UPDATE TK says "Nobody likes a clever dickimg"


That pesky 81, is going to screw up the whole "PERFECT 20-40-80-160" thing. No worries, we'll just find a good all too convenient reason to delete one of the wordsimg.


Andy: How come no one writes papers about how relativity is a liberal conspiracy?img It must be because it is being censored.


Doctor Babyshakes!!! Paging Doctor Babyshakes!!!img


FINALLY!! Straight from the horse's mouth. If you ain't a conservative, you must be a liberal.img Yes, it's all black and white in Andy's world.


Andyimg: "It's easy to search for "general relativity" and "conservative field" on the internet and see how little has been written about this. That is telling in itself." (It sure is. The reason so little has been written about the juxtaposition of these two terms is that they have almost nothing to do with each other, as had just been explained to youimg.) Nice attempt at Douche Physik.


The Assfly finally gets round to reading his talkpage, and upon finding it filled with Ken's pleas for attention, deletes the lot.img He also oversights the more embarrassing stuffimg for good measure.


No doubt about it, Ken That's what professional debt collectors do when faced with a non-work-related problem. They run off to the nearest churchimg to ask for funding for spamming the internet.


Andy: "Finding the best new conservative words is like drilling for oil." end up spewing shit all over the place


Counterexamples to the Bible? There are none!img