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July 2011[edit]


Discussion, CP styleimg:
Karajou: *blocks Rob* You're blocked for incivility.
Rob: *unblocks himself*
Karajou: Lemme try that again. *blocks Rob*
Rob: *unblocks himself*
Karajou: Third time's the charm. *blocks Rob*
Iduan: *unblocks Rob*
Rob: *blocks Karajou* Cease your trolling.
Iduan: Stop it, both you! *unblocks Karajou*
Karajou: *blocks Rob* "You are ceasing your actions". [Yes, that's a quote]
Iduan: *unblocks Rob* No, seriously. Stop.


Ken: "I have so muchimg support! So muchimg support! Anythingimg is possible with my limitless support!"
Rob: *clears throat*img
Ken: "Oh. Um. BRB."img


Kaboom! Rob blocks Ken for 5 years!img Totally Pointless of courseimg.


Gentlemen officers! We are gathered here today to cashier one of our number. First, the epaulettesimg.


Ken: Concerning RobS I am moving on and attending to more important matters'img', No, really. I am.img I am definitely moving on.img Oh, just one more thing.img


Andy Schlafly: Some atheists actually think God exists.img Note: the term Andy is looking for is misotheism.


For only the 7th time this year, Conservapedia has shattered its monthly recordimg for traffic and continues its dominance over newspapers and television in the world of information media.


No Ken, the reaction is more like "Aah! It's crap! It's crap! What semi-literate baboon wrote this? And why is it on the main page of a "trustworthy" encyclopaedia?"img


No WIGO, just the question: Vote UP for Team Rob, vote DOWN for Team Ken.


The Rob v. Ken showdown heats up as Ken runs to Mommy Andy and tells him that Rob is "at heart an unstable egotist" and a "useful idiot" for an "atheist website"img. What website is he talking about? Update Ken's paranoia ramps up a notch as he accuses RationalWiki of converting RobS to atheismimg


More gud grammer from Andy the educator: You don't need permission to add edit here!img


Daniel1212: The reason we do not stone rebellious teenagers to death is not because we do not think it is wrong to be so, but only because, like ceremonial laws, a change in covenant does not necessitate or allow that the church keep the civil capital penalties.img Sadly, Daniel1212 is not a parodist.


SharonW: "Let's make the blocking policy more democratic and transparent, and stop people from inserting pure gibberish in our project."img
Ken: "I'm against dialogue, but if we have to have it, I want my enemies excluded from that committee!"img
Ed: "I see no evil, I hear no evil, I speak no evil, I do no evil. Thus the problem doesn't exist."img


User 188 gives us his clearest insight yet on why he has no clue how an encyclopaedia works.img


Smileimg and the world smiles with you you make Karajou angry.img


Now the shootings in Norway are because of evolution.img


Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were glamorized by wikipediaimg


Andy dances on yet another grave.img It's been a busy ol' weekend for him.


Not to be outdone by the raging insanity over the Norwegian tragedy, RobSmith, in a colossally bitch moveimg, paints noted dictator Moamar Gaddafi as the good guy faced with imperialistic American designs on his country's oil.


Andyimg: The media is blaming the Norway massacre on fundamentalist Christianity without adequate evidence, perhaps for some bizarre political purpose.
Andyimg (15 minutes later): The Norway killer liked to play violent video games! Video games!img Video games! (And Facebook!)img Video games!img The "dark fantasy violent video game "World of Warcraft""img!1!!1


Shameless: 92 people are dead and Andrew Schlafly wants to use this to shoehorn in yet anotherimg "lamestream media" pun.


Newark Star-Ledger: Home-schoolers are nuts! Just look at Andrew Schlafly!
Conservapedia: Biased liberals!img
Weekly Standard: Home-schoolers are alright! Only Andrew Schlafly is nuts!
Conservapedia: Excellent!img


TerryH engagesimg in a little bit of cryptozoology. DouglasA says "show a little class.img. Andy sides with the living dinosaurimg.


Counseling psychology and Dumbo's feather: Ken appears to have converted to Scientology.img


Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other peopleimg.


Andy:img "[The starlight problem is] a bigger problem for atheistic views, because those views cannot accommodate the explanation that some of the light in the sky is show [sic] for people on earth." UPDATE: Andyimg: "I don't find anything implausible about some distance artwork being included."


Return of the prodigal sons: Sid 3050img, WesleySimg, and MarkGallimg.


Letters pour into the Newark Star-Ledger criticizing its smear piece about Conservapedia!img. Among the criticisms: "... [S]he took an extreme example to try to prejudice your readership against all of us. ... What I will not tolerate was her use of the inflammatory comments made by the subject of the article and his ignorant students about Islam. I don’t know a single home schooling family that views Islam this way." (emphasis added)


Andy thinks that some country began as a rebellion against liberalism in Englandimg. What? What country is he talking about? Certainly not the United States of America.


Andy "trims" the last vestiges of that failed experiment.img


A new Schlafly mystery!img


Andy makes major improvements to an articleimg.


Andy: 'Dumpster diving', rummaging through garbage for food, is a conservative termimg. And remember, Jesus says not to wash your hands before you eatimg what you find!


Welcome to Bizarro Conservapedia,img which may be more neutral than Wikipedia and shouldn't add any kind of bias to its articles!


Ahh, more proof that science makes predictionsimg and then waits for the evidence to emerge="befuddles evolutionists"?


Andy argues that a headline about a legislator pointing a gun at a reporter is "liberally biased" by stating that the legislator pointed the gun at the reporter.img


TerryB displays his Christian values of forgiveness and love for his fellow manimg.


Sensible Jury: Shooting an incapacitated man five times is not self-defense." Andy on Sensible Jury: "That's a gross miscarriage of justice, and worse than letting a toddler-killer go freeimg!"


Ever posted on the community portal? Ken's gotimg yourimg numberimg. Nice community you have there.


Once again the outside world takes a look into CP and is dismayed at what they seeimg. Expecting company, Andy sends Kenimg to the atticimg. Ken doesn'timg get the hintimg.


Collect all 12 33 41 52!img
Strangely missing: Obesity Card


Andy: Laugh tracks make people stupid and are liberal.img It's just "self-evident."img




Of all of Obama's crimes,img who would have thought following the constitutionimg would be one of them.


A certain public service is now to be financed more by those who use it and less by taxpayers. Andy, for some reason or other, pronounces this measure a "liberal gimmick from la-la land."img


Schlafly Statistics 101: If something has a 1% chance of happening, then it will never happen. When the odds reach 2%, it is a certaintyimg and one can make a blanket statement like "Fourth of July turns kids into Republicans,"


The Democrat governor of Minnesota hates fun, which is why he personally chained closed the entrance to the Minnesota Zoo and started stealing candy from babies. Fortunately the heroic Ramsey County Chief Judge Kathleen Gearinimg stepped in and made fun legal again.


Andy: Hugo Chavez, having wrecked the health care system in Venezuela with his dictatorial communist policies, seeks health care abroadimgin a communist dictatorship.


Andy: When it comes to same-sex marriage, churches have rights, "too."img It seems he has already forgotten that churches and gays cannot both have rights.img


Andy: CONSERVATIVES stand up to liberalsimg, forcing Minnesota to shutdown instead of bowing to their demands. Reality: Democratic governor vetoes Republican temporary spending bill that would allow parks to remain open this weekend, and the Republicans lack majority to override .


Knowledge of fireworks was brought to the West by Marco Polo. Who actually invented fireworks and where Polo learned of them remains lost to the mists of historyimg


Andy, just put on a sweaterimg, for God's sake!


That's right, Terry. Liberals don't like barbecue or fireworks.img