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June 2011[edit]


In the Good Old Days, summer was a welcome respite from Andy's anecdotal global warming counterexamples. No such luck this year.img Update: Global warming meet your matchimg ...a four-bullet listimg of snowstorms and temperatures with two references and an anecdote. been served!


1 Samuel 16:7 Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
Man, this Samuel-guy hadn't heard of Ken!img


Thomas Edison: objectivelyimg the greatest bestest inventor in the whole wide world, sayeth His Andiness.


Ken's challenge to Penn takes on a decidedly creepy and vaguely threatening tone.img


Andy: 'Awful liberal bias in this article because it doesn't mention dirty Blagojevich is a Democrat, making sure everyone knows how awful liberals are.img' Reality: The article does mention he's a Democrat, but it also mentions Blago's predecessor, George Ryan, who is serving 6 1/2 years in a federal prison for extraordinary corruption, but it doesn't mention that he's a Republican.


The problem with nuking the Middle East would not be the horrific loss of human life but rather the effect on gas pricesimg


The fishimg must not be biting today.img


Emboldened by his recent victories over RobS Ken takes on the recently departed TK, describing him as a "Ridiculous blowhard"img Update Andy "cleans up" Ken's faeces.


Ken, sick of having his cowardice and idiocy pointed out to him on a daily basis, has decided that the 90/10 rule allows for too much talk and promotes a rule stipulating that 30% of all edits should be to articlesimg.
UPDATE: RobS: How about a rule that you stop immediately reverting and deleting everything?img


Ken: I have opened my Talk pageimg Ken: I don't want a talk page so let's delete and protect it so I can't be accountable for my own actionsimg


Andy: A remarkable insight! Liberalness is creeping in linearly, but conservative word growth is geometricimg. Hence, conservatism will win in the end. This simplistic graphimg cannot lie. UPDATE: User: There's a whole lot of problem with this. And what predictions does this graph make?img. Jcw: It predicts conservatism will go off to infinity and be "something quite outside our experience".img Andy: Well...uh... no one "had a problem with Al Gore trying to predict the weather".img User: @Andy Do you mean 'climate'? And yes people did. @Jcw WTF?img Andy: Here's what infinite conservatism might look like.img


Ken challenges Penn to a debateimg and takes 16img 35+ revisions to do so.img Doesn't he still owe RW a debate?


Deja vu? - User: What's that you say, Andy? May June broke all records for number of unique viewers? How many were there?img ...


Standing up for Sarah Palin (pronounced like "failin'")? That's wonderfulimg. Thanks for that.img See you in five years!img


Aschlafly: ..No other explanation is as plausible, at least not to an open mind.img


That liberal elitist Barack Obamaimg now talks to normal people via Twitterimg—shame on him!


Add "double entendre" and "innuendo" to the list of things Andy doesn't understand.img ("innuendo"... Village People... geddit?)


Conservative Trivia of the Day: Robin Hood, that guy that took from the rich and gave to the poor, was a teabagger!img.


Mike127: "The intelligence of humans is rapidly declining"? You're using that to argue for a young Earth?img
Andy: Yes, the slope of the intelligence curve is sharply negative. The YEC conclusion is clear.img
Mike127: But you can't extrapolate linearly at that slope, and if you did, you'd conclude that the Earth can't even be 6000 years old. And here's a web site showing historical SAT scores.img
Andy: It's simple logic. I'm right.img
Mike127: It's simple math. By your argument the Earth can't even be 6000 years old.img
LeonardO: By that argument, you could observe that people are getting taller, so people would have zero height 3000 years ago.img
Andy, using his favorite phrase when he has been pwned: Your objection does not withstand scrutiny. The argument about height doesn't work, because other factors are involved, like diet and medicine.img (But he doesn't recognize that there might be equivalent phenomena for intelligence.)
Mike127: So give us a graph, and do the math.img
Andy, throwing in inappropriate calculus terms: I didn't say it's linear. But it's continuous and differentiable.img
PaulHernandez, vaped by Karajou: So in 200 years our intelligence will be zero?img
Andy, now bringing in thermodynamics: You're not looking at this objectively.img
BradB: But isn't society becoming more conservative? How do you reconcile that?img
LeonardO: Show us the data.img
Sysop Jcw: I made up these graphs of y=x and y=x2. They show the triumph of conservatism.img
LeonardO: Thanks, but I still don't understand what the graphs denote.img
Sysop Jcw: Exponential. Quadratic. Conservative words. Blah blah. Hope this helps.img
BradB: Becoming more conservative while becoming less intelligent? Doesn't this bother you?img
Sysop Jcw: No, the decline in intelligence is because teachers are liberal.img
Andy: The Federalist Papers are linguistically more sophisticated than what people write today.img
JamesES: But modern people know much more about math and science.img
Andy: No, modern people don't understand math either.img (Perhaps this is because they read CP.)
Jpatt: People's brains have shrunk 10%! And obesity may be the cause!img
Mike127: You've been arguing by anecdotes. Give us the data, and we can do linear, or nonlinear, regression.img
Andy: The logic is simple and unmistakable. Read some Civil War letters.img
Mike127: Show us the math, Andy. Also, you have twice reverted my changes to the article.img
TracyS: Language changes for a lot of reasons. And there were a lot of illiterate Civil War soldiers.img
Andy: I win!img


Ken unveils his newest weapon in destroying evolution... Beauty queens.img


Earlier Andy: "Conservative terms, expressing conservative insights, originate at a faster rate, and with much higher quality, than liberal terms. This implies a conservative future and a correlation between conservatism and truth."img Current Andy: "Compare Civil War letters to today; it's clear people are becoming less intelligent."img


Ed Poor: Two people fooled by a talking snake were a lot smarter than IQ tests could possibly measureimg.


Apparently, economist John Keynes was a "paedophile". The apparent allegations of torturing boy prostitutes comes from an uncorroborated source in a single publication, with no reliable sources. The author of the publication is not well known. Even if John Keynes was a "paedophile", it would only ruin his moral character not his economical manuscripts and ideas.[1]img


User: Conservative still hasn't told us his rationale for not using the preview button. Ken: 空穴來風未必無因img (Not without reason.)


Andimg howimg longimg willimg thisimg guyimg lastimg? Bowimg toimg theimg masterimg!


As if anybody still believes that the Tea party is a separate entity from the Republican partyimg


Andy on May 27th: "Television is losing its relevancy, as people flock to Conservapedia for content. Only content-less TV shows like the Super Bowl and American Idol are holding their TV audience."img Andy today: "Record-breaking ratings for GOP debate last night: a 400% increase in viewership!"img


"It is noble to help trouble young people"img says Jpatt, apparently explaining his involvement with CP.


And what is the cause of this irritation? Why God, of courseimg


Behold Andrew Schlafly's latest masterpiece: schools named after Ronald Reagan that don't existimg


Calling Johnny Reb Sedition's girlfriend stupid and crazy is apparently "anti-American."img


Andy writes steals a story.img Any takers on whether "Daddy" sets the hounds on the son?


No.img Update: Ken must never be questioned.img


Andy Schlafly: assholeimg Update: Pre oversighted picture...really, what a fucking douche.


Jared Polis is a rich, gay, activist representative.img State? Party? Time in office? PLEASE! He's rich, gay, and an activist—that's ALL you need to know. (But if he shows up in a movie as a football coach with a teenage daughter, Uncle Ed will keep you informed!)


Rob: Ken, please stop deleting talk page comments.
Ken: *deletes commentimg, burns evidenceimg*
Rob: Ken, stop being a dick.img
Ken: But-img
Rob: I said Back. off.img
Ken: Noimg can doimg.


Andy: "at Conservapedia we don't 'dumb down' our headlines."img Quite the reverse in fact!


Somehow, we don't think thisimg will help the "pro-life" movement


Rob hasn't learned anything yet, "Obama pwned" why? because he came up #1 on a search engine that has "oo" in itimg...This is what happens when you Google your own particularly obsessive phrase. If you just Google "Barack Obama", CP gets position #39. If you Google "Ponies vs. atheism - Ponies win", every single one of the results relates to CP, usually derisively. Does that mean the whole world is pwned?


Clueless students are wasting years in college and not improving their critical thinking and complex reasoning skillsimg...says the Harvard and Princeton alumnus who thought Obama was a Muslim because he didn't dance.


Iduanimg goes on a spree liberalizing witches and warlocksimg, Elvisimg, the enlightenmentimg and the English languageimg, not to mention Junk Scienceimg and the Politics of Scienceimg. When are Unicornsimg and Evolutionimg going to receive the same treatment?


First, there were no stubsimg, because they were "stupid"; now—with a bit of gentle prodding from a likely parodist—there may be no disputed facts either.img


Jpratt takes the "don't tell them TK's dead" meme to smarmy new depths.img


Ken has plans - BIG plansimg But what are they? Ooooh, they're SECRET PLANS!
UPDATE: Deleted! Restored! Deleted! Restored again! Aaaaaaaand.....Deleted!img


Ken's newest "article": Similarities between Communism, Nazism and liberalism.img All that's missing is a list of fat jokes about Atheists.


User: What's that you say, Andy? May broke all records for number of unique viewers? How many were there?img Conservative smells a liberal and tries to confuse the enemy with his trademark brand of ... oh look a squirrel.img Other User: What da fuck?img Andy: Since the Constitution doesn't say we have to provide these statistics, we don't have to.img Karajou puts an end to the foolishness: Here's what you asked for.img It literally took me only 45 seconds to find.img Nice work. Still no number of unique viewers after 3 admins chimed in to deflect, dissemble, and bully.