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June 2012[edit]


Not a WIGO, just a vote, [1]img. Up for Greg, Down for Ken.


Conservapedia STILL not wrong.img


Andy: Conservapedia goes against 85% of all experts and predicts that Obamacare will be declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Courtimg. These "experts" can't possibly be right because they deny Biblical Scientific Foreknowledgeimg.
Hours later... Obamacare upheld by Supreme Courtimg.
Andy: Let's get rid of thatimg.


Ed Poor must really be feeling the butt-hurt from AugustO's repeated requests to move an articleimg. Ed dug in his heels more and more as AugustO repeated the requests, and even blocked him. Andy finally acted on the requestimg. Ed's attempt at a face-saving response? Let's get rid of allimg articlesimg aboutimg townsimg in the Netherlandsimg.


Andy goes all Alex Jones on us: Tim Tebow was traded "in order to oust him from his leadership position in the swing state of Colorado prior to the Presidential Election 2012."img


Mr. I-have-two-Ivy-League-degrees-but-teach-children-in-a-church-basement blames liberals for "destroying the perceived value of a college degree."img


Conservapedia, where the sysops channel 8-year-olds.img


Coming soon to a youtube channel near you: a weekly series of Kendoll's "humor".img This could be one of the best things ever.


Conservapedia is unreliable and unsafe for children, CP is not trustworthy and the vendor is unreliable. Is anyone surprised? Web safety testing results for Conservapediaimg


Andy: "Hyuk! Hyuk! If liberals are so "open-minded," why do they fail myimg totally made-up and biased test?"img Extra: Don't miss Andy gradingimg open-mindedness. My favorite is "Zero credit" for imagining the earth's orbit might or might not be stable.


Andy redefines the Second Law of Thermodynamicsimg.


Ed: You're wrongimg! User: No, actually I'm rightimg... Ed: Touché.img But I'm stillimg going toimg persecuteimg you.


According to Andy, A.M. is a "best new conservative word,"img because "the popularity of A.D. could have led to the popularity of A.M.img No word yet on nasty, liberal P.M. Update Looking for the next layer of conservative words and every one of them needs to be as special as A.Mimg...which isn't actually a word.


User: This "atheist" on Yahoo seems alot like Ken.img Ken: PROVE IT!img User: Here's some proof.img Ken: Uh, ShockOfGod has loads of viewers, I bet they're just kids. FAIL!img. Also, shut up!img


According to Andy, the 2012 French Open Finals weren't suspended because of rain, but because of a liberal umpireimg intervening to prevent conservative Novak Djokovicimg from winning.


Anupam makes a bold move for the June Historical Awareness Failimg Award.


Andy: Facebook will disappear by 2020. Why? Because liberals!img


"Liberals find reality to be emotionally distressing and try to build liberal cacoons to shield themselves from reality. Within 2-10 years the liberals will feel the financial pinch when it comes to funding their programs through the federal government (like what is happening in Europe) and then the states will start asserting their rights more as the feds will no longer be holding the financial purse strings. In addition, the liberal media will keep shrinking and conservatives will keep gaining more mastery over garnishing more web traffic. Liberals, say goodbye to your liberal cacoons and say hello to emotional distress.img" Guess whose idea of liberalism in the American political system this is?


Karajou doesn't read the articlesimg