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26Conservapedia reaches new heights of idiocy, as Dean discusses "the Obama Caliphate"img. Just got harder to tell reality from parody... and now TK calls Tim a "liberal"img for changing it.img
-24Ominous signs... America gets a black President, and Conservapedia gets an articleimg on who succeeds him when he's assassinated dies in office.
11"Conservapedia: We rip off your balls and then wish you a nice day!" Case in point: ChrisC gets bannedimg and then welcomed.img
25 Ed's writing class lasted a little over oneimg week.img In other words, it didn't happen.
17TK: "Don't question the admins.img Unless you're me."img
11Why is TK trying toimg deleteimg the "donut" article? Answer: because CP's donut article was a "prop" in a mock edit warimg staged in 2007 to satirize Conservapedia's ideological blocking policy.
19Ed Poor slips in a Parthian shot against Fox... by turning his user page into a piece of revisionist history.img Fox didn't block himself & retire:, no, he was "blocked repeatedly for violating Conservapedia's mild and tolerant policies." Wow, Ed. Just wow. Update: Helpjazz tries, futiley, to get Ed to stop slandering the departedimg. Update 2: guess where TK standsimg on the issue? Update 3: We'll never know now, because CPAdmin1 has done a deep burnimg.
3Ken has decidedimg that on CP, Creation Ministries International (2,500+ views) is now more popular than that bloke who once wanted to win some election (550,000+ views). Update: False alarm, Ken just still doesn't knowimg what the Preview button is there for. (Cue two dozen more edits...)
12Per Bungler:img not only is Phil Rayment a lib'rul, he's a lonely lib'rul. And so are the other admins...?
5Liberalism is so evil it's got to be recognized as a cultimg.
18"Fundamentalism" is only an anti-Christian pejorative termimg. Not only that; shouldn't the "lie-for-all" media also use that term for Islam[1][2], right?
21Leave it to Bohdan to ruin our fun. After Bungler launches in to a tirade about "liberal admins,"img Bohdan just has to call him out.img Has Bungler gone too far? Only time will tell. Nota bene: Bohdan invoked MexMax as a tale of what could come to pass if the parodists go unchallenged. But MexMax is very different from Bungler. For one, MexMax was not a douche. He was just well-acted. More: LowKey calls Bugler's bluffimg, and promptly receives a 3 month blockimg, to which HenryS promptly unblocksimg him.
16Foxtrot emulatesimg Ed Poor. Twoimg editorsimg down... AlanS takes it to the abuse deskimg, receiving a 2-hour blockimg which is shortly undone. Danger: Andy now talks about maths, too, not a prettyimg sightimg... Update: As the talk pageimg turns into a fittingly weird discussion (Foxtrot insists that removing wrong information is bad), Andy actually agrees to unblockimg one of the editors with some knowledge! Update: To make up for one of his blocks being reverted, Foxtrot finally blocksimg AlanS.
7Ed starts liveblog #3,img on a movie about race relations! I wonder what insights the Glorious Leader of the Moonie Church, speaking through Ed, can add to the problem of racism in America?
18A Hitler for All Seasons!!!img Ken's apparently treating his front-page Hitler picture like a dress up doll. Today's the Harvest Festival costume!
-2Pretending to be a teenage boy so you can drive your daughter's depressed-and-suicidal rival towards hanging herself? Creating a sock to argue with Andy? Same thing!img You have been warned...
13Crivvens! Ed displays sensitivity to Scottish popular cultureimg. Whit would P.C. Murdoch have tae say?
46Ed revertsimg NeilEG's only contribution and blocks himimg for inserting nonsense. After the unblock the user stayed away. Can you blame him/her? Should be very amusing to Brits. Neil's edit was 100% accurate More: Ed reverts the editimg that tells him of his mistake.
32Fox: "I'm packingimg my bagsimg and never coming backimg. I've had enough of your anti-semtismimg". WARNING: Disable irony meter now! Ed: "Good riddance, ya poor little jewboy.img We don't memory hole talk pagesimg."
10Armageddon must be at hand: Ken's removedimg a Hitler pic.
64Step right up folks! All your favorite Schlaflyisms in one place!img. Hear the "You're Clueless!", Gasp at the denigration of Obama, laugh at the hilarious typos, be shocked at the offensive anti-British sign off!!
9Dean joins Conservativeimg in Godwin 101.
18Just another day at the office: Proving Andy wrong and mentioning his brother; A fairly run of the mill revert and block follows...
21Liberals are obsessed with Homosexuality! so are conservativesimg! Oh no they're notimg! Oh yes they areimg! Oh no they're notimg! ...
14Uh-oh... Eight months after stripping TK of his rights, Andy (who clearly has the attention span of a gnat) startsimg giving 'em back.
26That's how it always is with the Sith: One masterimg, one apprenticeimg. Feelimg theimg powerimg of the Dark Side!
74Bigger.img BIGGER!img BIGGER!!!!imgBIGGER!!!!!!11!!1img Oh, God, yes---BIGGER!!1!11!!11img
12Oh, I get it Ed. Silo had sex with a female, so he's eximg-gay. No doubt the result of penguin reparative therapy.
8Nowimg it's EDitor in chief Poor!
13Conservapedia: Ideological blockingimg? Thisimg, thisimg, thisimg, thisimg, and this oneimg is especially valid, since the user was unblocked all three times. This will be fun to watch. Irony: After making the article, this block tooimg, which is 80/20 and not 90/10. More: Ed unblocks Dinsdaleimg... coincidence?
18Only biased liberalsimg think that it's bigoted & wrong to bomb abortion clinics.
4More logic from Conservapedia: If someone says "n****r"img on the radio and the censors jump on them, they are politically-correct moonbats bent on the destruction of American culture. But if someone says "f***"img on the radio and the censors don't jump, they are politically-correct moonbats, etc.
37Andy finally replies to Phil's glove slapimg... by referring to his "inappropriate bolding,"img and making the same damn arguments for the 18th time. Phil may be learning that you can't argue with a brick wall. Update: TK insists, Phil is a liberal.img Maybe Phil could've won this fight if it were just him against Andy - but throw in Bungler, and TK in Super-Mecha-Brown-Nosing Mode, and it's a hopeless fight. Update #2: TK accuses Phil of "lib'rul deceit," in almost as many words,img while calling Andy a "trusted friend" with whom he has only healthy disagreements (forget that whole SDG thing).
55I know your name can't be "Lisa"img because, um...well...never mind. Banned. Soimg muchimg stupid,img soimg littleimg time. (Note: (account creation disabled) blocks the user's IP, so she can't recreate anyway)
7Remember how Ed claimed to consider himself a Muslim?img He's still working on it.img
40MOAR ED: Classic needless information removal.img And the ignorance shall set you free!
16Liveblog #2: My Girl!img Get your popcorn...UPDATE: She hemorrhagingimg.
11Distort D'Newsa's scientific method: Find a couple of "scientists" who think God is on the other end of the proverbial telephone, make a lot of noise about how science has admitted there's a Godimg, watch your cheerleading squad go berserk!
-7Bugler about to out himselfimg...? "Entryism" indeed! We watch with baited breath...
50Phil rushes towards a constitutional crisisimg by yelling at Andy. Who's excited? Tomorrow we get to see whether Andy's need to be debilitatingly douchey trumps his need for productive editors. Barkeep - $5,000 on "yes." Update: Andy made over 100 edits - including three reverts of Phil's comments - since this moronic commentimg which made Phil to ask for an apology. But the great leader didn't answer to one of Phil's pleas for more than three days - and counting...
25Operation Bugler Über Alles proceeds apace: Calling Bugler a cancer on Conservapedia gets you a three-month forced sabbaticalimg and a snarky edit to your user page.img Seriously, if Bugler is a parodist bent on destroying CP by setting editor against editor, he could scarcely be doing a better job of it. Update: Foxtrot regrets his snark,img and blocks himself for an hourimg, which is totally on par with the three-month block he gave Ferno for using Bugler's own words against him. Totally fair.
48The Australian Revolution explodes! Philip reverts teh Assfly on the Obama nonsenseimg... and the Assfly counterattacksimg. But the Australians are tough people.img Go Philip, go!!!!1Update: That information is unfounded, but founded... got it?img Update 2: Phil meets TK in holy battle on Andy's talk page.img Moar Has Ed's personal protection of Bungler ever been MORE FREAKIN' OBVIOUSimg?
19Kick off twoimg articlesimg simultaneously, place the image in the wrong one, get blocked for three monthsimg - welcome to Conservapedia. Rarity! Foxtrot acts as if he didn't do the blockingimg and rectifies this injustice.
8Perfick, just perfickimg.
19Up is down. Suddenly CP is opposingimg tax cuts. Too bad they weren't so cautious earlier.
2It had to happen - after "Do as I say, not as I do" comes "Actually, don't do as I say, either": DeanS givesimg instructions, a user followsimg them... and is revertedimg and blocked.img
25The Conservapedia Day Awardsimg roll out... and Ken thinks it's all about him and whatever he did yesterday. Update Ed, you already won the Biggest Idiot award, you can stop campaigningimg now.
14Conservative loves Richard Dawkins so much, he put the same Dawkins quote in twoimg placesimg on the home page: "What’s to prevent us from saying Hitler wasn’t right? I mean, that is a genuinely difficult question." He thinks Dawkins is saying that Hitler was right. Obviously he never bothered to read the rest of the quote: "But whatever [defines morality], it’s not the Bible. If it was, we’d be stoning people for breaking the Sabbath." If we point out the mistake, d'you think  K e n  D o l l  will issue a retraction? MOAR: Conservative decides he's giving the Dawkins article a little too much publicity, and decides to dewikifyimg one of the links to it.
14What do those abused women know, it could just be a syndromeimg for all we know. Oh, thatimg explains it...
29It's a fine line between parody and serious nutjob: While Andy implicitly approvedimg of this essay, Fox saysimg it's parody. This one might be fun... OH YES! It's deletedimg - and undeleted! And Fox is blox'dimg by, of course, the serial anti-Semite himself, Uncy Ed! Fox rox: Bam, bitch!img
29If Unca Ed dislikes your subjectimg, you'd best not write about her. Update: AlanS wasn'timg too happyimg with Ed nuking his contribs (twice)img - with predictableimg consequences. Injury, meet Insult: The protest posts vanishimg into the memoryhole.img Update: Jpatt (the guy who wrote the other half of the article) is alsoimg slightly pissed off. Updater Gee, Ed, your casual attitudeimg would be a lot more convincing if you hadn't already blocked a guy for suggesting the same damn thing. - Not that that prevents Ed from vaping half the articleimg again...
17Andy's contributions to the great non-event which was Conservapedia Day: five reverts and one thank you.
42Displaying his stunning insight in to people of other cultures, Andy blocks a user with a relatively common Indian nameimg telling him to come back with his real first name and last initial. After all, all those Indian guys on the end of the phone are called Dave and Bob....
5Say what? Uncle Ed offers TK a nice, hot cup of STFU!img
0Yeah, ask a legal question from a Schlaflyimg that might actually know what the hell he's talking about.
12Oh myimg. In a blistering stream of consciousness, TK reclaims the right to ad hom for American conservatism! Worse yet, DeanS suggestsimg that TK use his new insights to expand CP's ad hom article!
14I'm sure thisimg has something to do with homosexuality. Right? Update: Ahh, now it does.img
35Well what do you know - "Major developments" did happen in relation to Conservapedia's evolution article, as I.D. leader William Dembski actually shows some intelligence and removes his former recommendation for it. Happy Conservapedia Day, Ken! Update: Ken clarifies that Uncommon Descent only featured the CP articles because he asked Dembski nicely and that the new guy in charge is apparently trying to avoid linking to his idiotic rants./vote> <vote closed="yes" poll=wigo710 img="on">Wow.img Thatimg wasimg soimg incrediblyimg predictableimg!
8Winds of Change, activate! After months of presenting McCain as the best American ever and one election gone horribly wrong for Republicans, Croco and Phyllis figureimg that he wasn't that great after all.
55A great post by Andy on gun control: "You disagree with me, you are not a conservative."img (simultaneously demonstrating that his knowledge of other countries is greater than natives of those countries). Also, ungrammatical ode to guns of the day: "Conservatives (and anyone who realizes that the overwhelmingly defensive use of guns) oppose gun control..." Update: "What dictionary says that your definition is correct?"img - "The one I wrote, duh."img (More lulz: the article Andy points to doesn't actually prove his point anyway). UPDATE "PJR, you're not a proper conservative like me"img, says Andy. The dialogue continues as Andy and his wordview is ripped to shreds by, well, everyone.
39Tomorrow's Conservapedia Day... Let the party parody begin!img (Bugler, you're my idol!) Update: What tribute to Conservapedia Day could possibly be complete without MOAR HITLERimg?! Moar: It doesn't matter if "educationalist" is a real word or not.img The point is the brushstroke it adds to the sentence...
-7A little good, old-fashioned Mormon bashing!img
2Taking away property rights for a "good cause" is nasty.img Unless, of course, you don't agree with the victims' politicsimg or don't like what theyimg do in the sack!img
3It's a rare thing when the Koward is funny on purpose, but thisimg combinationimg made me smile. Uh, it was supposed to be funny, wasn't it?
47PJR makes a stand on the Obama article: ""Liberal" is an ad hominem...when it's said without any grounds other than disagreeing with a single point of view, then I'd classify as abusive.img" Then, he calls Andy a liarimg! Update: Even Kenservative thinks it's bogusimg.
12Andy explainsimg why he's been a bit crazy lately.
2Ed's insights on Holywood just keep comin'! The latest: "Didn't I just write this article about a teen girl movie? No, it must have been at Wikipediaimg." Except it wasn't.
6Looks like Ken's getting a bit impatientimg (to say nothing of sarcastic) about the writing assignmentimg he gave PJR.
11A parodyimg, or unpublished version of Ed's autobiography?
21Ed Poor, master debater: "Ed, this reference isn't credible, the guy was kicked out of the APA for his repugnant views."img - "Nuh uh, he quit before they kicked him out so it doesn't count."img - "But he still holds horrible views"img - "I'm not talking to you until you say I'm right"img - "Fine, you were right"img - "Good, now what do you have against bias motivated conclusions perfectly innocent surveys?"img (Oh, and the mandatory conclusion of any debate with Ed: A fancyimg block)
-3JM's Famous American Artistsimg: writer Herman Melville, photographer Richard Avedon, musician John Coltrane? No! Writer Chuck Palahniuk, photographer Charlie White, musician Ethelbert Nevin? Absolutely!
21Ed the writing teacher unveils his daily gem.img MOAR: Please, Ed, keep it coming!img
13Deborah really doesn't likeimg Messianic Judaism. I hope Fox has been taking his hypertension meds. Update: Deb ups the anteimg. Update: Catch it while you can.img
6In the midst of turmoil an old friend (Fox) pops in to crow over the misfortunes of the BNPimg.
24No words. No words...img Update: JeanJacques removes itimg, BHarlan puts it right back upimg.
10After tons of items about the ongoing Bugler/Andy/Ed/TK/Jpatt/etc. orgy, here's a CP Unicorn Chaser moment in the form of oldskool Lulz: Joaquín Martínez insistsimg on adding random images, much to the frustrationimg of people who actually try to do some good.
17Most definitely should've compared notes before speaking up: TK defendsimg Aziraphale against 90/10 abuse, saying that "one has to look at more than the here and now in judging others, otherwise we become 'what have you done for me lately' thinkers" - and 25 minutes later, Aziraphale gets a 90/10 blockimg by Andy. Oops.
27Quality wandalismimg
7Maybe they should have compared their notes before addressing the crowd: "We don't goimg by what the majority wants! Especially notimg when that majority is a minority!" Or maybe that was just a subtle swipeimg at Andy?
13What do you do when people constantly break the rules? You ban them. What do you do when trolls like Bugler constantly break the rules? You change the rules.img
8Make sure you have your irony meter safety-buffered as Conservativeimg schools Andy on how to write a coherent and informative article.
9Andy reminds all that A, we don't know that Obama is the first black president and B, "By now our society is long past judging people by their race"img Only liberals say otherwise. That's why the secret service was called in earlier than any candidate in history and why they've already broken up three assassination plots you schmuck
10Ed on how to collaborateimg: I insert things everyone agrees about, Schlafly reverts them, I kiss his ass anyway. It's that simple, people!
9Ed: "Bugler, for attacking sysop PJR, I blockimg you for one whole day!"
Jpatt: "Have mercy!img We need him!"
Ed: "Oh, all right...img but just this once..." *unblocks*
(And in the meantime, Jazz sendsimg himself into an 81-hourimg exile, but almost nobody gives a shit.)
6At 138 words, Ed's transcription of this interview snippet is at 4.6 words per minuteimg
15"Uncle Ed" has a little advice for HelpJazz You obviously can't handle the power you've been given.img You should lose all your rights and shut the fuck up. Thanks Ed. This advice of course comes after removingimg both the section where it was established that Jazz used his powers properly and the one where Jazz showedimg why he had blocked TK.
7The new teen pregnancyimg article: Bugler's apparently never heard of Sarah Palin's daughter. Ed "Send me your childrenimg" Poor wants to clarifyimg something.
4Not only is Ed making shit up again,img but the writing teacher doesn't seem to understand the concept of proper comma use, complete sentences or redundancy. UPDATE: He can't seem to make out inherent irony eitherimg
6Ed threatensimg to go to Andy if the bickering doesn't stop (again). Here is a hint Ed: If Andy had any intention of keeping his blog from being a playground for whiny wingnuts and parodists, he would have done something about it by now. MOER Now Ed tells Bugler to itimg.
8Two hours block for calling PJR a liar? Isn't that a little bit harsh on poor Bugler? Oh yes, it is: 27 min will be sufficientimg. UPDATE: LEAVE BRITNEY PHILIPimg ALONE!
11Tim speaks the the truth to powerimg about the 90/10 rule.
9It's been said many times before, but never gets old. CP's version of tolerance: ostracize the students who don't want to participate in classroom prayerimg.
8TK copies his argumentsimg from TexasDarlin, one of the affirmatively WORST sites on the internet (read about them on YesToDemocracy and Submitted to a Candid World). Seriously. They're a batshit crazy mix of xenophobic fake Democrats and conspiracy theorists.
18Jallen and PJR come in to put a muzzleimg on Bugler's blocking for non-vandalism. Update Bugler tells PJR what he thinksimg of him, and then creates what is obviously a totally unrelated new articleimg.
5Transparency: Conservapedia Styleimg. Surprisingly, no block is issued, yet.
31Obama supporters surprised! There is a 20%! 60%! 90%! likelihood their candidate is a Muslimimg. But not 0%. Oh no. THIS JUST IN: PJR has rejoined the fray with a vengeance!img MOAR: PJR starts making changesimg, but Andy's cavalry regains the battlefieldimg.
4Andrew Schlafly: Wikimaster extraordinaireimg.
30Holy crap, Philip Rayment drops the W-Bomb on Schlafly!img Which means, comparing him to Wikipedia... Update: Andy's non sequiturimg: Why does an Australian care about an encyclopedia's accuracy?!
22So HelpJazz can't block TK for douchebaggeryimg because non-sysop block rights are only for combatting vandalism.img Somebody points out that HelpJazz was given block rights before this policy was written.img Bugler walks in and treats us to some irony.img Update: "Screw you, Jallen, everything is vandalismimg if I say so!"
26 Andy only wants articles on educational subjects.img Really Andy? did you get your doctorate in Liberal Friendship?img Or maybe Gays in sports?img Well it obviously wasn't Statisticsimg
6Smilin' Uncle Ed hopes to talk about church choirs and Boy Scout Troops. Hmm. After entries like this, I have to wonder, what will he have to say about those organizations...
26Andy: I used to read The Economist but I got so tired of the simplistic view. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to add some improvements to my Professor Values and Obama Mind-Control articles...
21If Leader believes it, We believe it, too.img Cited results are easy to find. For instance, "Leader believes" (Leader, 2008)img
19Karajou didn't come from no apes or monkeys!img Moar Karajou fails at scienceimg. But we knew that. Keep it coming: Scientists' *Beliefs* are so strong that they will actually scrutinize themimg.
24TK gets blockedimg after being back on site less than 48 hours, for calling BrianCo a fraudimg, while referring to BrianCo as "Genghis"! Huh? Ahhh good old TK drama. Update: Bugler comes to the rescueimg, while Jallen destroysimg Helpjazz's chance for Sysopship edit rights being treated as a normal editor not being called a dirty liberal hippie.
13We all thought that Bugler and the other really notorious bullies at CP did what they did because of some kind of power trip, or perhaps just as recreation. No. It turns out that, in Bugler's case, it's a religious practiceimg! What church does he go to?
27Bugler vs. HelpJazz. Ready? Fight!img Update Ken and HSmom, you're next!img Ed: Bugler, please stop, or I'll email someoneimg who will deliberately ignore this whole situation like the coward he is.
16Ah, a deep questionimg indeed...
19Sign of the apocalypse: Conservative being . . . reasonableimg?!?!?!
8No, Foxtrot, I think HelpJazz described it quite accuratelyimg.
14Somebody directly asksimg Andy to take a position on Bugler's douchery. Banhammer in 3... 2...
12Ah, 'tis Sunday, so Philosopher Andy ponders why we ageimg. Er... actually no he doesn't... I have no idea what he's pondering, except there's another dig at Obama in there
6PJR reverts a guy because he used evolutionist argumentsimg in the YEC that PJR claims are discredited (although scientists agree they're not). Perhaps he was taking the example of your fine evolutionimg page, which is nothing but discredited arguments against the title subject, Phil.
23JArneal: "Don't call me a liberal. I am waiting for an apology."img

Aschlafly: "what's your position on abortion, same-sex marriage, and allowing classroom prayer in public school?"img

UPDATE Still waitingimg!
11TK pulls his non-existent "rank"img on a poor European.
5Fundie philosophy in a nutshellimg.
16You have to love the reasons people have for blockingimg on CP. We still love you, Bohdan.
26Bungler getsimg nastyimg. He does realize Tim is one of the longest-serving sysops at CP, right? Don't expect Andy to back him up though, he's off hiding under the covers until the trouble goes away. Update No matter how bad things are, Creepy Ed can make it worseimg. Can it be? Is Ed picking on Bugler?img
13Alright, that's it. After yet another great entry from Ed Poor, it's getting tiresome to report so many of his edits. Just refresh this pageimg from now on. Update: Tim vapesimg it.
17"Obama seems to have learned nothing from Schlafly."img What a coincidence, neither have the homeschoolers.
3 A compromise! Half way between Atheists giving less to charityimg than Godophiles and Atheists mass murderingimg millions of their subjects is... Atheists mutilating each other for sexual pleasure!img
5Andy holds the lineimg against notorious Liberal...Ed Poorimg ?
5No, REALLY?img Now why would they do a weird thing like that?
10WTF Moment: informing people that Andy worked under Obamaimg for the Harvard Law Review is pushing liberal biasimg?
14TK returnsimg.
-1Think KenDoll is Conservapedia's worst writer? He's got some stiff competitionimg. MOAR: Jesus had sisters?img Odd thing for a bishop to be claiming. Huh?img
10How to become an Administrator: Being against these icky homosexualsimg, for starters. Changing some convictions? Checked!img And of course, collecting some Brownie points at the expense of your fellow editors: All right!img (Update: A little bit overzealous...img) Way to go, Foxtrot, way to go...
16 CP now has an article on Homosexual obsessionimg. Good. A topic they are experts on. But it doesn't have a picture of KenDoll!
20Classic example of CP's good old double standards:
Alan: "Fox News saidimg Palin didn't know Africa is a continent..."
Bugler: "This is unsubstantiated, sneering tittle-tattle!"img *hammers*img
Ed Poor: "Hey, Fox News said Palin didn't know Africa is a continent..." *puts it on the Main Page*img UPDATE: Fox News is liberal.img
7Thanks, Ed, I was hoping to vomit up my lunch.img
19Tim makes Ed his bitchimg. Awaiting ensuing hilarity. UPDATE Moron!img
12Ed, you're making it too easy, please stop,img No really, stopimg For god sake man, stop talkingimg
19OMG, Obama's a Muslim, he chose a secret service code derived from a Spanish word that means converted Islamimg except that 1, he didn't choose the name, the secret service chose it for him 2, Renegado hasn't meant apostate for many years, as popular usage took the word over and 3, Does anyone really think that the archaic meaning of a Spanish word takes precedence over the modern English meaning?
13Wasn't the first rule of the secret groupimg not to talk about it? UPDATE: Yes.img
8Idiot.img Updateimg
15Ed "Educator" Poor to potential student: "Your writing is chatty and vapid, yet it says nothing of interest.img"
4Best reason yet to conclude Obama is a Muslim: "Friends with known Muslims"img. Not that there's anything wrong with that!img
7Ed Poor: "despite being a Christian I consider myself a Muslimimg". (Actually, Ed, you're neither. You're a Moonie.)
16So long as we're on teh gays, Ed claims they "make it hard to be friendsimg". No Ed, they just don't want to be friends with a bigot like you. (for extra points, note the "gays can't love" meme)
8In a lengthyimg post, PJR explains "how religion has nothing to do" with the opposition to homosexual marriage. No, that opposition stems instead from what Christians "understand to be the facts", which in his own words derives... from religious beliefs. Can someone explain it to me?
15Professor valuesimg: exposition of supposed connection between higher education and criminality... four paragraphs, dozens of examples, more than fifty citations. The My Lai massacreimg: infamous mass murder of hundreds of civilians... two sentences, no citations. Conservative priorities at work.
18Help! Help! A liberal's gotten loose! Quick, call the guys in white coats!img
22 Conservapedia is not Biasedimg! Why in the world might one think that? Its not in the domain nameimg by chance is it?
4What is more facepalm-inducing: The fact that Ed "I was on Wikipedia since Day One and know the code inside out" Poor thinksimg that you can create tables with MediaWiki markup or that he generously offers to create a table if everybody else does all the content work?
19BRichtigen's block logimg has become some sort of running gag. Really, how many block reasons does Ed have to make up before the other sysops realize that opposing him is a waste of time? Though at least Philip triesimg to convince him of letting go.
6Ed has run out of targets and starts snipingimg at old classics like the (factually correct) "Gay Bomb" entry... again (see the other entries in the log). This of course completely ignores things like the factimg (if we recall correctly) that a sysop created this page or the fact that RobSmith once even added itimg to the Bill Clinton page (which cued thisimg hilarious discussion we turned into a play).
15Another sysopimg points out how far out the Obama article is, gets blockedimg for it, and asks the obvious, "How can we claim to be trustworthy if we delete and block any debate?img" Bugler, who forgot ChrisS was a sysop, is apparently taking a short break. Update: A fellow student points out that this is a well-worn but pointlessimg path.
10Thouimg shaltimg notimg complainimg.
14Given his recent obsession with homosexuals and his continued use of the creepy "Uncle Ed" nickname, This responseimg wherein he requests a user email him a personal phone number, is downright terrifying. Goat cleanings begin in ten minutes Skin-crawling addition This one'simg every bit as horrifying.
23Ed's "Homosexuality + Nazi = Win" spree continues in "Homosexuality in Nazi Germany"img which, despite its title, is not about Nazi Germany at all.UPDATE Ed makes the entry more haz conciseimg UPDATE Ourimg "evidence!" (Note: The author have a very strong anti-homosexual platform. Now THAT'S "credible")
35Ed's idea of the day: a twelve step program to "cure" gay peopleimg of their Homosexuality Addiction. Mandatory Drama: KaraMel points outimg that Ed is an idiot, gets into an editimg warimg with a sysop, asksimg him to stop - and is banhammeredimg by Ed, who then thanksimg the wrong person. "Oops"img indeed. Read what you quote: Ed quotesimg from his source that "if sexual experiences happen repeatedly with members of the same sex, a homosexual addiction will result", but claimsimg he didn't notice that the source doesn't say that homosexuality itself is an addiction. Riiight. Don't revert; use the talk pageimg except when I say the opposite; then do that instead.img
14Ken decides that a plug for one of his articles deserves a victory lapimg as the top News story. Is a "News Story of the Year" proclamation far behind?
4The Wall Street Journal said something bad about a liberal. I better cite a Newsmax insteadimg!
36The witnesses to the school knife attack could have apprehended the perpetrator with magic chivalry powersimg.
34Another tragic incident in a public school? Exactly what I needed to make a snarky comment about Bibles.img
27Ed's lulz just never stops! He thinks that "AshleyS"img is an anagram of "ASchlafly". How's the writing class going, Ed?
7Ed's at it again. Here he blocks user SamuelAimg for 90/10, despite his being way under the threshold.img Enquiring minds want to know, does his ban have anything to do with this reversionimg of known parodist JPatt? Ed is so gone he is now defending obvious parody.
9Ed Poor: Nobody on Conservapedia has any rightsimg - only obligations.
36BRichtigen: Why did you block this guy?img Ed Poor: Same reason I'm blocking you. Goodbye!img Finally, the 90/10 rule is shown it's real purpose: to block whoever we want.img Massive Irony: Ed the math teacher: I try to be careful.img Unaware: Phil is rightimg. O RLY? 90/10!img But wait, it's 50/50img. UPDATE: Roger returns from the mountain to unblock the parodist the contributor because "he is doing good work."img
51ED BLOCKS PHIL!!!!img. Gives reason on Phil's talk pageimg. Phil unblocks himselfimg. Side dish of minor lulz: Ed's editimg removes BRichtigen's, which basically says Bugler's mistakes are covered up, proving his statement in just one minute!
17PJR sez - "Creationists see the Loch Ness Monster et al as "evidence". But I am confused? I thought only atheists believed that stuff?
10Interiotimg: From Ed Poor's heroimg to ASchlafly's pariahimg in just one week... Update: not a hero, an office hand: give him the stapler of honorimg
18Schlafly Deceit on display for all to see. "Proper Perspective" = misquotingimg and "Format" = removing any trace of the actual quoteimg
61PJR takes on Andy & Ed in direct Konfrontationimg. It'll end in tears! It appears that PJR is taking a stand: removingimg the Muslim crap from Obama's page and now rewritingimg Ken's Mainpage bragging! (see entry 3 below) FIGHT! MOAR Andy reverts Philipimg and removes some comments that highlight Andy's tortured logic.img
6Better 17 hours lateimg than never.
8Ed Poor tries to be nice: When are we all going to realize that in God's eyes there are no races? All people are His beloved children.img What about your eyes, Ed? And what about "niggers"? Or how about explaining the faux black accent and urban speakimg
6For the umpteenth time, Ken announces "Major Developments" regarding his Evolution article,img after some wacko recommends it. (WIGOed below hours ago, Ken - you're behind the times) And remember: Stay tuned for details!!!!!!!!!1 (and it only took him eight nine edits to do the entry!)
20All of a sudden, the President's powers are very limited.img When did that happen?
14Yet another priceless Andy-ism. "I do teaching writing!"img
14A new CP user has posted an intelligent, thoughtful refutation of the Obama-is-a-Muslim nonsenseimg. Any bets on how long s/he (or the article) will last...?
15The CLEP is way better. It's, you know, multiple choiceimg.
13Ed Poor - so dumb, he blocks himself as punishment for ebil wrongdoingimg. (Note: he blocks himself for a fraction of the time he blocks others for the same offense)
25Stupid, bigoted homosimg, using their rights to protest. This is proof they're threatening us after we stripped them of their marriages!
33What we're worried about is MOAR HITLER!img
3Selfish Ed bites off more than he can chewimg. If you want to start an argument Eddy boy, be sure that you can win it, or at least have something intelligent to say.
5Kenny's not bragging very well. He's not told us about this little bit of Dembski butt licking. Is this a "Grassroot" or a "Fortress"?
42Liberace wasn't gay,img he was just a victim of the homosexual agenda. Wandal magnet: So were Robin Hoodimg and John Schlafly.img
16Brossa: Dear Ed, here are five examplesimg that completely negate your new "article".img
Bugler: 90/10!img
Ed: Dear Brossa, "Then put them in the article"img while I take a subtle swipe at HelpJazz.
22Update to a slightly older item: During Ed's last burst of activity, he made up some numbersimg and then wanted to banhammer BRichtigen, who added "fact" tags to them. Well, now he's back, and he just hammeredimg BRichtigen for not acceptingimg his Writing Assignment.img And what was the Writing Assignment? "Find sources for my made-up numbers." Update: 90img/10img = MYOBimg Update: Ups, the numbers I made up were wrongimg BRichtigen will get an apology, won't he?
20Ed is so misunderstood. Can't people see that he's trying to help the gaysimg? Of course, we all know what sort of "help" he offersimg. Update Fucking whiners.img MORE UPDATE:Having single handedly destroyed the myth of the Gay Hero,img Ed now sets his sights on... The idea that the Gays would ever help non gaysimg
32Andy pretends he knows what he’s talking about by continually referringimg to a paper by Michael Whitlock. Is he right? Would an emailimg help? That depends on whoimg the email is from. One from Michael Whitlock?img Update: Aaand block!img
12An emailimg makes it true. Awesome, Ed. Did he forget he just made this guidelineimg less than a week ago?
12Not only is this site so infamous, just referencingimg a blog merely associatedimg with it is still verbotenimg.
27What do you do when you want to sway public opinion with evidence that's quite likely made-up without facing charges of gossip? Easy: Innocently askimg people to read it to see if they think it's legit and only later admitimg that you don't actually think it's authentic. Doesn't quiteimg work, of course. Maybe Andy should have waited for Bugler and Co. to be online first... (In the meantime, it's still absolutely forbidden to link to negative FOX News reports about Palin on her talk page because of the "no gossip" rule. Right, right.) Update: Andy, not one to admit defeat, spins itimg to say he suspected it too!
18How dare you believe the commandments are there to be followedimg? A six month blockimg for your silly assumption.
21NEVERimg try to refute the "Muslim Obama" myth. Seriously. Just don't.
-31Andy the uber-teacher is at it again. Apparently there is"No penalty for wrong answers"img in the exams he sets.
24What's the easiest way to win an election? By having an apparent disabilityimg of course.
11Once moreimg, are you sureimg? (And it only took two minutes.)
23And there it is. How could I have been so blindimg in the voting booth?
21"This parent probably doesn't teach her children about Hell either."img
12Koward seems to think that "drunks (always) speak that which they would normally think when they're sober."img He obviously doesn't understand how alcohol works.
11Did someone sane just hackimg Kendoll's account?
13Not pwned, just busyimg.
16A blunt parodyimg on the similarities between CP and a common household object.
6The Sarah Palin Rearguardimg is nothing if not thorough - even talking about people who talk about people who anonymously talk about Palin is verboten frowned uponimg.
24Did you know that not Nazis, but socialists, came up with the idea for the Hitler Youthimg? And now Barack Obamaimg wants to do the same thing? UPDATE Not really an update but more of a, "Andy talks a whole lot of bullshit"img sort of thing. Stay tuned everyone.Update: Phil takes on Andyimg. again!img
20Wait, did Andy just pass upimg a chance to smear Obama? Is he not feeling well?. It gets better, apparently the bombing campaigns carried out by the IRA and other dissident groups don't count as terrorism.img Wouldn't want to be in Andy's shoes when the Irish and Brits read that.
23 A Brit amendsimg the bit about British media in "Conservative"; Aschlafly (who knows more about everything than anyone) revertsimg "predictable liberal denials about the media being liberal". What's even funnier is that Sky News gets some of its news from Fox.
4The Irony Meter overloads: Andy "Boy/Girlimg competition is bad"img Schlafly praisesimg a school that sees... healthy competition between boys and girls! (This also completely disproves him here,img btw.) In addition, he claims that this is about "separate testing" (with the apparent implication that this is similar to his "different tests for girls and boys" suggestion), but the cited article doesn't mention different tests - only that the test scores went up due to having separate classes.
13Conservative repeatedly points outimg that it's okay to reject traditional standardsimg (such as quality, respectability and credibility, apparently) when it's convenient. However, keep in mind that only liberalsimg reject traditional standards...
9As of November 8, the left-hand side of Conservapedia's main page still refuses to announce that Barack Obama was the winner of the 2008 US presidential elections.img
22Always eager to emulate Andy "My dinner conversationsimg are reliable sources" Schlafly and Ken "I know things, but I won't say more" DeMeyer, Learn Together adds interesting claimsimg and then insists that he doesn't need sources because he knows those people,img but any further information or evidence would tip off the Gay Assassins. Yep, makes perfect sense. LearnTogether elsewhere goes on to state People already understand that anonymous sources talking without any backup is wrong.img Point of Interest Andy is on record that such things are not acceptableimg...if you're a liberal that is.
4"No surprise": A sleazy Democrat avoids chargesimg for doing sleazy things. Surprise: the nasty liberally-biased New York Times, known for hushing up scandals about "deceitful" liberals, was the paper that blew his cover!
14Another insight: Obama has an Arabic lineageimg. But is this consistent with conservapedian logicimg?
6Well, Assfly... former Clinton advisors to run President Obama's Adminstration img are definitely a change from the current incompetence at the White House.
13In the News: Someone on the internet links to Conservapediaimg!
-7Weapon of Gun, meet Much of Money.img I'm sure you two will have a lot to talk about.
5More fun with AlanS and Palin: Learn Together fails at life and everything by first re-insertingimg a deleted imageimg (which had been removedimg from the article by the now blocked AlanS) and then protectingimg the article to make sure that the image redlink stays.
25When not even FOX News is good enough: Pointing outimg Palin's reported lack of knowledge on a talk page and emphasizing that he won't insert this info into the article = Revertimg and two week block.img Update: Learn Together proves he is a Good CP Sysop: "We only allow news showing how awesome Palin is, so expect your talk page post to vanish soon."img Yep: Whitewashed.img
85Andy's latest conservative insight - Obama's a Muslim because he's not seen dancing much, and Muslims disfavor dancingimg. Unlike this devout Christian. UPDATE:BEST PARODY.img EVER!!!!! Update 2: More parodyimg. & More!img and even MORE!img
14Hi jinx? more like "Bye, Jinx."img. Update: And the tributesimg start rolling in, with a special thank youimg.
16Concentration camps: not as bad as you might think!img
24Like teaching a stupid dog new tricks. Aug. '07: "Please use the preview button." "Yeah, OK."img Sept. '07: "Please use the preview button." "Yeah, OK."img Apr. '08: "Please use the preview button." "Yeah, OK."img Nov. '08: "Please use the preview button." "Dammit all! Haven't you figured out I'm an attention whore already?"img
24Conservatives never gloatimg. Nope, never, noway nohow, doesn't happen, not even a little bitimg...
-17The Internets have been saved from conservative deceit - late in the 4PM hour (Pacific Time) CP has a message for us all. Update: They came back around 5:15 PM (PT)
19Pointing out that some conservatives cloak their politics in Christianityimg makes one an Al Qaeda supporter.img
3Again the librul media deceits the public: no one acknowledges Michele BachmanN's win.img
12Bugler explains that government censorship of an opinion is OK as long as you know for sure that it's wrongimg.
5Andy may be disturbed by the increasing outbreaks of reasonablenessimg from CP nutjobs like Jinx The Pinx.
30That darn liberal Al Franken refuses to concedeimg in a race for senator. Andy The Lawyer forgets something that should be obvious in the article: Minnesota law mandates "a recount any time the margin between the top two candidates is less than one-half of one percent."
13Breaking news: Obama wins the election! But not yet in CPimg--even minutes after the networks (and Wikipedia) call the election! Update: Two hours after Obama's victory speech, finally he winsimg (but his article still hasn't been updated...). Updater: Hurrah for Karajou, who updates the Obama articleimg...15 hours after the 270th electoral vote. But[t]?! The "weekly featured article" summaryimg still ain't been updated as of the morning of Nov. 5!]
4Jpatt, literate as ever,img blasphemesimg the goat.
7Poor Ed claims "We do not know that the planets and comets will continue to move along elliptical paths; it's just that we haven't found a counterexample yet, so the smart money is betting on the ellipse! :-)"img. He of course fails to realize this is based on a math proof rather than observation. It isn't a bet at all on an ellipse any more than 1+1=2 is a gamble, and the smart money is on Ed not understanding math or astronomy.
36Conservative: "Go, Hitler Image Megazord!img Attack the Dawkins article! ...oh snap, peopleimg noticedimg and might de-Hitlerize my work! *locksimg article for all eternity* Lulz." Update: It was just a warningimg shot, but it servedimg its purpose.img Toldja: Braveimg as a Lion, er, Liam, and even Ed tries to aimimg for a compromise... but nope, NONEimg SHALL PASS!img Oh, and the compromise? Agreeimg with Conservative after a brief meetingimg in the Secret Court!
15Trusworthy (adj): Linking sources is much too easy. Readers should find the hints that were droppedimg, and then guess which search result is the correct one. If that seems strange to you, you're the one who's wasting people's timeimg.
35Ed hits the Overdrive Button: After pointing outimg that Ed defined "Addition"img as the "operation which produces the sum" while "Sum"img is "the result of addition", Jonsen gets a 1-month hammerimg for "misuse of fact tags"... even though he hasn't used that tagimg at all. And having possible backup sock Jenson pointing that outimg also doesn't help.img Update: BRichtigen makes it clearimg that Ed confused Jonsen with himself and adds that his own use of fact tags was appropriate, so any block would be "just plain wrong". Of course "just plain wrong" is Bugler's cue: Ed will haveimg to think of another excuse to banhammer Jonsen, and 3 weeksimg for BRichtigen (1 week less because he "confessed to this offence"). Ed again: "Blocking is not punishment."img Oh God: "Collaboration means that I make claims and you look up the sources. This discussion uses more time than it would have taken you to look up the source, thus the block was justified."img Bwuh? Update: PJR chimes inimg with a little diplomacy.img
18Classic Ed: When stuck, Make up some numbers.img When questionedimg, try to shift the onusimg.
17Don't lose hopes!img DRamon explains that sampling only uses a sample, so it is probably useless. See also: Schlafly Statistics.
10You know you've arrived when Andy does your whitewashingimg for you.
11Ema principles Obama Christ is not. Why no you understand?img
32Bethany, one of Andy's own students, pwns both Andy and parodist Saxman in one fell swoop.img
14Sorry, Ed. You won't get awayimg from the darkies that easily.
14Uh, Koward, hate speech doesn't work that wayimg.
39Andy can't help butimg demonstrateimg aspects of liberal styleimg. See "#55: silly demands for apologies." Also, take note of Andy's hilarious misuse of English in confusing "fusillade" and "fuselage".
28Chivalry looks set to become the next classroom prayer.img
35You're smarter than me, actually know what chivalry means, and know more about homeschooling. I demand an apologyimg!
9Conservapedia's most concise entry ever!img
6That's funny, Andy put something about Obamaimg talking to the SF Chronicle on the main page about coal, but why did he link to Newsbusters instead of the SF Chronicle? Maybe because there's nothing there? Whew, good thing CP doesn't allow gossipimg the way WP does.
29Andy Schlafly wants Conservapedia to be taken as seriously as Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia. That's why he added a parody of a tub of butterimg to the front page.
25While "anonymous claims of expertise are not allowed, for obvious reasons"img, they're still totally okayimg when they are made in anonymous articles about Obama's Evil Mind Control Powers
16Shorter Andy: I appreciate your extensive, well thought out answer, now allow me to make a totally unfounded assumptionimg before I completely ignore it.
4Yes, these two editsimg make perfect sense, perfect senseimg.
26Domestic violence is like a coed sport for liberalsimg. Also, "real life" only includes your workplace if you are a soldier.
25People who don't go to church but do believe in fairies are probably rationalists[3]img.
21You know you've reached a whole new level of condescending when you tell a strict creationist to go back and re-read Genesisimg. Also, apparently competing for grades in a Schlafly course entails beatings.
14Conservative cites a stunning blow against evolution: A poll that shows that the "majority of all doctors (78%) accept evolution rather than reject it" - uh... wait... ah yeah, you have to tell yourself that theistic evolution of course completely rejects whatever this Darwin guy wrote. Then it all lines upimg nicely again.
4Heavens to Betsy! Don't tell Joaquín but Bugler has deletedimg one of his "irrelevant imagesimg"
-1Andrew Yodaimg Schlafly.
3Conservatism954 exposes the parodies by User Handels584 (and others) on Andrew Schlafly's talk page.img It is reported that there is a spoof article titled "Cantonese independence" that the sysops failed to catch (at the time the comment was made) despite numerous links to it. The spoof article can be found hereimg UPDATE: Hmmm... TerryH revertsimg the comments but it seems that the spoof article might stay (article was deleted a few hours later). This might just affirm yet again "the chaotic farce that is Conservapedia". UPDATE: To add insult to injury, this revisionimg clearly shows that the sysops can't handle vandalism very well. There is still a statement that affirms the superiority of British English over American English. I think the sysops missed that one too! Update - Koward reminds us that he reads WIGO.img (but there is still a statement claiming that British English is superior compared to American English)
25This is a cute one.  K e n  D o l l  mysteriously deletes and re-creates this pageimg, for no stated reason. However, looking at the talk pageimg, there was some disagreement with the guy who wrote the blogs hiding the fact that he was the sole author of all of them. So obviously, Ken burned the page in order to hide the history where it happened. But Conservatives don't do deceit, mm'kay? Update At least he's able to jokeimg about it. Updater Having had his bluff called, Ken burnsimg, restores and locksimg all of the Mariano blog articles, presumably to hide the fact that they're all grade-Z blogs made by a single crank who made an advertising deal with Ken. It's impressive how easily deceit comes to him, like breathing.
19Natureimg is liberal. This update is brought to you by Left Hand - for all those times when you have no clue what Right Hand is doing: However, the editor who suggestedimg it for the News Section and who Andy thankedimg has been declared a parodistimg now.
26It's boring when it's asleep. Let's poke it with a stick!img UPDATE: It just rolled over and went back to sleep.img
3Do as i say, not as I do. Speelling things wrngo is badimg.
27Whatever stupid thing you're debating, if your opponent fails to mention the Bible, their position is wrongimg.
94Chivalry may not be dead, but Andy's "chivalryimg"-motivated decision to give the girls in his American History class shorter, easier tests is proving deadly to moraleimg, even among his biggest supportersimg. UPDATE: If you don't like it, you can leaveimg, so our class will then be left with those who "may not speak up as much" - err, I mean, "do want more chivalry". Update: Phil's a troublemakerimg. MOAR: Bethany ups the ante by stating that her mother objects to his policy, and suggests that Andy asks the other parents how they feel about it tooimg. UPDATE: I'll ask them, but they are probably ill informed.img Also, I don't understand the meaning of the word "equality." MOAR MOAR People warnimg BethanyS of the nature of the beast and show their support.img Andy doesn'timg disappoint.img EVEN MOAR POOL'S CLOSEDimg. Sorry, Beth, chivalry demands I don't ask your opinion or permission. Final (?) Update Class? Sensitivity? Leadership ability? I don't know what those strange words meanimg.
29It would appear that the preoccupations of real cowboys' thoughts when they are not in the presence of women is other cowboys' backsidesimg UPDATE: Karajou removed the imageimg
10AlanS AlanE inserts parody,img then lashes outimg at editors who pursue their own "petty ideologies"... You know how this one ends.img Update - And, unblockedimg by PJR
12Churchgoers tend to date secular people. The number one reason? Their peers aren't behaving traditionally enough.img
8I think we've gone waaaaaay beyond worrying about clutterimg there, bucko.
21At least he's more up front about it than Andy: Ken gives sound adviceimg to all editors - "Don't say bad things about my pet articles. I'm in charge and nothing will ever change, suckers!"
8DeanS decidesimg that even mentioning RationalWiki by name is a prohibited ad.img Good thing that pimping your own work on Visual Thesaurusimg isn't any sort of advert, huh? Update: Andy agrees and adds that CP doesn't "allow links to cites(sic) that smear people and/or incite vandalism"img - even though there was no link in the post. Wouldn't that mean all of CP barring itself?
16"This discussion is non-encyclopedia and will be deleted soon. I hope nobody saved a local copy or anything." UPDATE: Hey, disaffected CPers! Conservapedia:Debate:Do we put enough emphasis on homosexuality is open for business!
9Tough, questioning reportersimg for the win! As the linked page says: "If you’re going to shut everybody out who asks you an 'impertinent' question, then that’s not good for anybody and mostly not good for the American people." That's right! No legitimate organization would ever shut anyone out for being impertinent!img
38Jennifer Hudson's seven-year-old nephew is found dead of a gunshot to his head. This must be a gang killing because typical murderers would not harm a child in such a manner.img And Obama was one of only three Illinois senatorsimg (how many Senators does Illinois have?) to vote against barring convicts on bail or probation from having contact with a street gang! (H.B. 1812, which passed anyway, but then was vetoed by Republican governor George Ryan before he was convicted on federal corruption charges.) Not that Obama has anything to do with the death of a kid, but, just sayin'. UPDATE: Obama probably secretly made the bill useless.img
37Conservative seems to have an obsession with improving PageRank no matter the costimg. He's even threatening liberals with cow-tipping and cat-shoeingimg. UPDATE Newcomer AlanS gives Kendoll something to mull overimgand Sideways gets in on the act.img Will anyone come to Ken's aid? UPDATE AlanS smacks down Kendoll!img MOAR Andy wins the debate.img With extreme prejudice.img