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Conservapedia:What is going on at CP?/October 2008

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5Once again Hsmom has a misplaced good idea, as she suggests to Andyimg a resource for information such as proper citations. You know, for all those research papers his students write. I wonder if the book tells how to properly cite online lectures from an idiot man-child?
29Hitler Youthimg won't vote for Obama. Conservapedians asked to comply.
57"I'm going to try to work this article back to a more accurate definition over the next few gays."img - Foxtrot
13Set your phasers on "stupid." Joaquin is simultaneously editing separate articles on "Renaissance"img and "The Renaissance"img. Because you have to be specific about these things.
22Schlafly blocks two usersimg for calling obvious parodist Saxplayer an obviousimg parodistimg, and for violating the 90/10 rule. Guess who isn't breaking the rule? Saxplayer!img UPDATE: Once the Assfly has deemed you untouchable, you can get away with anything.img Absolutely anything.img UPDATE: Apparently not UPDATE: You can even rise from the deadimg. LATE UPDATE: Wait a minute.... is PJR... defying the words of the great leader and forming an independent opinion?img
75Pro wandalism: Counterexamples to Evolution gets a Rodgers & Hammerstein remix.img
27How does Andy explain Obama's crushing advantage? Simple: he's a super-villain.img Let the lulzimg commence. Wow, either JeremyM was a parodist, or one of Andy's dedicated followers. Either way Andy's crucified himimg and reverted himimg.
11Phil's creedimg: The Bible's all true (except the lies. Oh! and the metaphors. Oh! of course there's the figures of speech. Oops! forgot the parables. There might be some other stuff as well) Yes, it's all true.
15Bugler is watchingimg us (for the good of CP). Hello Bugler, why not join us in the briefing room for a civilised chat, old chum?
34If you agree with evolutionary theory, you're "destined to a life without real beauty."img Does that mean since chemistry doesn't talk about autumn leaves either, that chemists are likewise doomed?
25I used to think copying someone else's words and claiming they were my own was deceitful, but I changed my mindimg when I realized it was easier than doing the work myself.
5Behold, another encyclopedic masterpiece! It's Andy's Memo To Self!img
34IanG: "If you hack my computer to steal my cookies, I will prosecute."img Andy: *gasp* "You threaten meimg with your sillyimg comments!"
8Who cares if the committee don't like the suggested Featured Articleimg? If Joaquin "wrote" it, then Joaquin can make sure it gets featured.
68Andy adds some much needed "logic"img to an entry. MOAR It would also seem that Andy thinks the only reason that leaves turn brown in autumn is to impress us humans with their beautyimg UPDATE Andy defends his position.img Update PatWills: Beauty is subjective, I prefer green leavesimg Andy: Stop denying beauty!img
2Obviously Conservatives never sit in on philosophical discussions...img in most Ethics and International Relations classes, they don't stop at 25 million. It's called a thought experiment.
13It's official: Barack Obama IS a socialist!img And this article in WorldNetDaily proves it! But why is Obama's head bigger than the heads of the other New Party members in the photo?
20Big Brother Andy is watching you.img Thankfully he has no idea how computers work.
12No matter what the facts are, Barack Obama (at least in Andylandimg) will always, always, ALWAYS be a Muslim who got into Harvard because of affirmative action. Telling the truth will get you blockedimg. UPDATE: An editor named "Womenforpalin" is now taking a hardline anti-Obama will the Conservapedia Cops react?
17There's paranoia and demonizing, and then there's paranoia and demonizingimg.
37A startling admissionimg from Andy: "I routinely make judgements on matters I have no experience with, based entirely on my prejudices. Moreover, you can never prove me wrong." Then: Philip (almost) tellsimg him he's wrong!
-7MurkL inserts a spelling errorimg as his one contributionimg to CP. Result: a 5 year blockimg.
2Conservapedia: Objective referenceimg or the Schlafly brothers' personal blog? Well just look what RSchlafly requested over at Wikipedia to decide...but at least another CP editor knows betterimg.
2Bouncing Bugler: If it's trueimg, remove itimg. If it's falseimg, defend itimg.
26How dare those atheists continue to push their hatred of Godimg by telling us to enjoy our lives!
9The great thing about Andy is that in spite of all the evidence, he WILL NOT.img accept any obvious conclusions.img
8"A controversy is erupting regarding Obama's citizenship and therefore his eligibility to be president of the United States."img Because of course we can't tolerate a candidate who wasn't born in the United States.
19An articleimg that has long been missing at Conservapedia.
15That pesky aggressive North, always starting wars of aggression! They even angered Southerners, which was very bad for black people. It caused whitefolk to be bitter and, er, cling to, er, where was I? Oh yes. Why, North, why?img MOAR The KKK wasn't really about racism at all!img
20Hmm. BrianW catchesimg Bugler fibbing about his degree study, but the response comes from Andy, telling Brian to "Stop playing with my Bugle"img.UPDATE: Stop teasing my Bugle, you naughty girl, or I'll have to punish you, tooimg... UPDATE Bugler admitsimg the lie, but still says he is a 'trained counsellor', so it's 'not a wild fib'. UPDATE Bugler makes sure everyone knows.img
42Schlafly Debating in action: All Hollywood films promote rampant drug use.img Reply: Can you please name some?img Andy Reply: I haven't seen any that don't.img I WIN!!!!! MOAR Andy sets himself upimg for pwning. Even MOAR?! Has he dug too deepimg? MOAR MOAR SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!img Stop making me look wrong!. There will be noimg moreimg denialimg allowedimg, shut UP!img
3PJR, ever the voice of reason, asksimg what on earth Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, and Ted Haggard could possibly have in common. Could it be... Evangelist values?
29From the man who brought you Schlafly Statistics, his new theory that the word countimg of his American History Lectures makes it comparable to books by actual, qualified historians.
20Charles Darwin is dead.img Update: When exactly?img Update: You see, Ken, this is why articles shouldn't be locked: 17 months elapsed between the time the error was madeimg and the time you, the owner of the article, fixed it.img
34Actor, who had a minor role in one episode of Power Rangers, kills due to Hollywood Values.img Every day more and more people fall victim.img UPDATE NateE: "Andy, you're not making any sense".img Andy: "No it isn't".img MOAR PJR weighs inimg with a burst of logic. All hands brace for non-sequitur... MOAR MOAR I'm as surprised as you are.img
16Andrew, your remarks are far from bothering. Indeed, they cause great amusement.img
5More than four months of editing go poofimg as Andy undoesimg all attempts to bring the Gun Control article a bit closer to reality.
25The home-schooled Thomas Edison agnostic? He says so? Not clear enough!img We'll wait for something quote-minable...
10BHarlan's edit summary is more telling than he realizesimg. Update: and againimg.
11It might be foreign, but it's still a rude wordimg to JPrattimg.
19Those pesky blacks — why do they want liberals in office? Don't they like paying high taxes, having sucky health care, and giving all their money to rich carpetbaggers?img And, no, thisimg is not an acceptable answer.
23Andy: "The Chicago Tribute is a left-wing newspaper."img [sic] Okay, Andy, when you write the inevitable "Left-Wing Newspaper Values" article, remember to include "Limited Government", "Individual Responsibility", "Free Markets" and other Liberal Claptrap
16One was founded in a cave on the Arabian peninsula in the seventh century. One was founded in Detroit in the 1930s. In Andy-land they're the exact same thing.img
24Obama, former terrorists and nuclear weapons:img a match made in CP heaven...(note that unlike most stuff on the right side of the mainpage, this isn't a link to a news-blog story--just a random brain fart from Andy)... Update: Let's make sureimg everyone who sees the Obama article sees the most important sentence... Update: I won't complain about one single illiteracy in your commentimg, since you are as insane as me (wait, the editor might be right!) When I was a boy, all we were scared of were "atom bombs", so bugger off with your high tech, non-biblical terms. PS. Thanks anyway and go fuck yourself, or my wife, at least. She's whining again.
13Ken, still giddy from his latest operation, adds a new Popular article to the mainpage. Problem is, though, it hasn't been written yet.img (linkimg for time comparisons, and just two sentences long) Update - Jallen saw right through him.img
-9This is what happensimg when you loseimg yourimg temperimg over Obama smears
28Alexander Graham Bell, born in Scotland and living in Canada, would no doubt be surprised to find he was a Yankee.img
9Ken, irony meter, you know the drillimg.
14Oh, for...I know it's more than five words long, Andy, but do I really need to read it for youimg? Okay, basically what he's saying is, YOUR ARTICLE IS UNREADABLE BECAUSE IT'S FULL OF LIES AND WRITTEN LIKE A FIVE YEAR OLD DID IT.img You're welcome.
17Andy: "Most of mankind's greatest works, writings, insights, discoveries, proofs, etc., were by teenagers."img I guess if they spent less time on Facebook we'd have had that cure for homosexualityimg by now...
8You wish,img Jpatt. Update: Bugler delivers an inspiring oration.img
77Fencing.gif En garde!img Riposte Philip J. Rayment lays it down!img Critical Hit: HelpJazz fires his lazorsimg! Defeated - Bugler plays Tapsimg.
19Turn of the tide: Now, there are more editors at CP blocked than allowed to comment. [1]
8Really,img Philip? Are you absolutely sureimg?
16Another person wades into the statistics debate, with a predictable response by Bugler going.....going.....img, and then one more classic statement by Bugler, who does seem to slip further down the greasy pole of sanity everytime he makes an edit nope, still hanging in there by the fingernails, Bugler seems a tad shy about blocking since CharlieRCDimg. Still hanging in there, despite a ludicrous threat by Schlaflyimg. Schlafly hasn't found any reason for reverting DavyJones, who is obviously playing by the letter of CP rules, but does so anywayimg. UPDATE: Askimg and ye shall receiveimg. Latest: DavyJones is still playing by CP rules. Andy and Bugler have nothing to sayimgbut say it anywayimg.
18Parody or not, this is just funnyimg
3HSMom applies some critical thinking in math:img "Of the 37 students ..., 3% were self-employed." (Hint: How many is 3% of 37?)
25Understanding the subtleties of the lawimg is "liberal garbard." (garbage?)
25Here's how homeschoolersimg are better than knuckledragging public school kids. The Reference section gives us a preview of Andy's latest mystery. Plus Andy's never seen any animosityimg towards public schoolers...even when he has criticized them.
7An ever-vigilant HelpJazzimg cautiously removes something that may possibly be parody...(hint: check out the edit comment, and the date of the possibly fraudulent Jewish holiday...)
21Ok, considering this user had made 0 edits I am wondering what type of person Bugler thinks he is?img. Aha, the mystery is solved, it turns out that Charlie is another name for that bad white powderimg, after all, CharlieRCD couldn't be somebody's attempt to comply with the first name/last name naming policy. You have to wonder what Bugler gets up to at night, given that when he sees the name Charlie he immediately thinks 'coke' and not 'bloke'.
5Why?!img Well, "Use your real name and last initial"img, that's why.
15Conservapedia has gained inside information about what Obama was really doing in Kenya when he claimed to be finding facts. The sources are perfect, unless you happen to notice that the cite really brings you to the edit main page screenimg
13...but since we always assume good faith, we decided not to ban you.img
-10Sorry Andy, quick question, what the fuck are you talking about?img And BrianCo, perhaps you could explain your position on classroom prayer?
31Bugler counts img. His count is questionedimg. The master countsimg, too. This count is also wrongimg. We can't have thisimg.
42And in a booming voice from the heavensimg, Andy commanded his followers, and Andy told them what they must do, and it was soimg. UPDATE: That "allegedlyimg" happened, regardless of evidence.
9DeanS knows exactly how to improve reader comprehension: Wikilink every freaking wordimg in the headline
15One would think that the teacher of the largest American history class everTM would know the Democratic party of 1865img is nothing like the Democratic party of 2008
34Now hold on there, Philip. How does blaming Darwinismimg (WTF?) for lack of regulation and the acts of robber barons in the late 1800's/early 1900's square with Andy's praising the "absence of stifling regulation"img for the success of the exact same robber barons?
1Wait, if we've got people suggesting news itemsimg, and now people rewriting headlinesimg for those news items, what happens to Crocoite DeanS' job of just posting headlines from right-wing blogs without any changes?
40LongStop: Andy, your analysis is all wrongimg. Andy: La la la la. I can't hearimg you. UPDATE: Oh and please conform to our naming convention.img It should be obvious that I want to refer to you by name when I dismiss your points out of hand. Now fuck off. LongStop: You didn't address my pointimg. Andy: This time stay fucked offimg.
-14As we approach halloween ghosts from the pastimg raise their ugly head.
29Something that hasn't happened yet, and might not for months, involving sites I won't tell you the name of, who are somehow associated with someone else I won't reveal either, and involving a vague collection of concepts, might or might not happen eventually! Stay tuned for details!img
26Thanks so muchimg, for finding and cleaning up plagiarismimg. Godspeed!
34Because, y'know, George Washington might'a been a brothaimg.
35Andy ideology: Sarah Palin abusing power to fire a commissioner? Sillyimg. Obama a secret Muslim? Fact!img
35"Unless you agree with me before we startimg, there's no point having a discussion." UPDATE: Az: "Actually, I admit that I agree with you.img" Andy: "Aha! So you deny it!img Discussion over. I win!"
8Sports? But this is an educational site. No thanks!img ( = F*** off!)
20Mrs. Doubtfire wades in. Cue JM hissyfit in 3...2...1...img Here it is: Joaquin'simg response (he doesn't agree, by the way - no surprise there!). Hsmom rebutsimg
13Hey Koward, instead of just sitting on your ass while Hsmom does all the workimg, why don't you be a man for once and do some of it yourselfimg? Especially since you added a lot of that plagiarism yourself.
-3Hey, class, Bethany doesn't know the election of 1800 from the War of 1812!img No, wait, Bethany didn't write that for #1.img So, what's going on? Is this Andy finally getting back at Bethany for her refusal to stay in the kitchen?img UPDATE: "Bethany, you dope, Veronikaimg got it right... What's wrong with you?"
10"What time is now from where you edit?" - Andy found a measurement for greatnessimg he excels in! (But not the English language).
6Wait, does Andy think that the stock market is tied to gay marriage?img Oh, he was trying to make a joke. Stick to your day job Andy, whatever that may be.
14Andy is now using irrelevant personal recollectionsimg, or lack thereof, in his hatchet job.
13Don't tell Andy that the NFL requires all prospective draftees to take a standardized IQ test, he may not handle it wellimg
23Forrest Gump is unquestionably a liberal movie.img Read the whole discussion; no one diff covers its inanity.
24Looks like Andy doesn't agree that Barack Obama is black.img
11Cheap Joke of the Day: Funny how--when the subject of gender differences comes up--Andy's mindimg immediately goes to something long and hard, that goes in dry and comes out wet, and is full of seamen.
16The first name plus last initial policy is explainedimg, at last... UPDATE: Hey, I found a loophole!img
141Holy. Shitimg. Andy's deep ridden misogyny on display for the world. UPDATE: Our heroine, Li'l Bethany, weighs inimg. Andy's response: That's cute, now why don't you run along and bake us some cupcakes?img UPDATE: There's a good girl.img Now, you've learned something. UPDATE: Point takenimg. But is Andy considering adding a physical component to the history test?
14Andy the educator: Explain the motivation behind this totally unreadable cartoonimg. Here, let me give you a hintimg.
9Sex with a woman during her menstrual period is a sin, and we need to cite a fundamentalist crackpot web site about that. No we don'timg. Yes we doimg.
26Could Andy be anticipating the outcome of the election by addingimg "Inappropriate edit to Obama entry" as a drop-down option when blocking users?
63Thisimg is what happens when a person who hasn't seen a movie decides to write not just a summary of that movie, but an analysis of the inner message. Ebert's been going to a lot of unnecessary trouble all these years, it seems.
18So to paraphrase PJR's rock solid argument - "The earth is 6000 years old because the Bible says so"img. Thats some convincing argument there Big Phil
27After reading TWIGO the Jinx hi Jinx! "fixes"img the featured Mexico article. "Hey, everybody look at meimg, look at meimg,

look at meimg, look at meimg, look at meimg, look at meimg!"

14Would you care to back up your accusations of liberal denial with facts?img No, I'd rather not.img
22Less is more.img
37When confronted about rampant grade inflation in his classimg, Andy has a novel response: 1. My kids don't steal from one another, which is more important than learning history in a history class, and 2. don't worry, you're just looking at homework, when it comes time for them to take the test they'll all failimg. UPDATE: Also, you know you don't have to answer questions from people you don't like, don't you?img
22In the middle of the night, when no one is watching, Hitler makes his returnimg. Ooh, if I drag thingsimg back out of the archive to make the right sideimg a bit longer, maybe no one will notice?
17With the nation bracing for the financial storm of the century, what is Conservapedia worried about? The fact that Representative Barney Frankimg is gay.img Way to focus on the issues, guys.
3Birth of the Bugler EffectTM? Now vociferously defendingimg Andy is a punishableimg offence.
46Conservative on his knees in front of the entire country of Finlandimg. Update: A Finn respondsimg and Andy censorsimg
9Hey Andy, there's this new user and I'd like to vouch for themimg. Oh. You know what, forget itimg.
8Dear Horace!img What part of tabula rasaimg didn't you understandimg? UPDATE: Tabula rasa? damnatio memoriae!img
15Ken's got himself a sockimg.
3The careful observer will note that Karajou is even aboveimg causalityimg.
-25Have you stopped beatingimg your wifeimg Andy?
45Uh, what the fuck, Andy?img.
9We know it's bad form to give too much attention to Ken, but this editimg raises the ToE article to such heights of absurd self-parody that even William Shatner would say "Dude, too much."
16What better way of spinning the debate between VP candidates than stating Biden's mistakesimg from YOUR OWN BLOG. Extra lulz for Roger's ending "(Joe) Biden just proved that he is doofus." Those Schlaflys sure can write English good can't they?
24Nothing says "Welcome to our community, thanks for makingimg many small, yet constructive edits" like "BillyR inserted a disfavored spelling; check his other edits".img
23We're in ur homskolls, lowerin' ur standardsimg.
10Call to you so clearlyimg / But you don’t want to hear meimg / Told you everything loud and clear / But nobody’s listeningimg...
I am listening.img STFUimg
5Someone should remind Dean that the MPAA hasn't used the X rating for mainstream films for 18 years.img UPDATE:oh look, someone did.img It's been nice knowing you kid. UPDATE: Insisting on accuracy is Liberal trollingimg.
6We know Karajou mostly from his copy-paste fests for country articles and from his banhammer orgies. But what happens when another sysop questionsimg the factual accuracy of something apparently first addedimg by him?
-12 How long will thisimg stay up on the main page?
16This poor bastard goes on Wikipedia to beg Ed for help in removing a grossly unfair ban. He'll learn the truth soon enough. Update It appears Wikipedia is indeed a cesspit of liberals given the disdain with which Conservapedia is viewed over there.
21"Andy, Bugler is making throughly inappropriate remarks". "IanG, add something of value or you will be blocked"img. Way to go on the oversight Andy. You fucking nitwit. UPDATE: "Now look here, my good manimg.
14Bugler displays his muscular debating techniquesimg
11Left hand: "There is no policy to lock featured articles."img - Right hand: "Whatimg areimg youimg talkingimg about,img dude?"img
15Obama's confusion about which concentration camp his great-uncle liberated is exactly like dropping the n-bombimg
46While there is just so much wrong with Andy's new entry on "Obama Syndromeimg," the best part is the bit about "wikis like Conservapedia." Like there's more than one. UPDATE: Thanks Andy, that cite really clears things up.img
42PJR to Andy: You'reimg an idiot.img
18You've gotta hand it to the kid, he has balls.img
30Good, harmless, bigoted funimg
6Conservapedia the pantomime: "Is Bugler an insulting little sh*t?" "Oh yes he is!"img "Oh no he isn't!"img
32Question: Andy, how can you block someone for 90/10 after one edit?img Answer: Shut up or I'll block you tooimg, once I've flexed my genius mathematical chops.
8Pay no attention to the conservative behind the curtainimg.
15Andy casts doubtimg on Kathleen Parker's conserv-a-cred, presumably because she was critical of Ice Princess Palin. Small wonder, given the raving liberal site she regularly contributes to.
9"The MSM is evil and lies about everything!" "It's great you're here to say that; where'd you find us?" "The MSM.img" Pop!
14Will Andy respond and use his executive oversight? Or will Bugler wake from his sleep of the dead and produce a rash of Banhammerings?img
9Whoah, hey there, JM. Make sure to read your quotesimg first and ensure that they're family friendly.img
24It is not a hatchet job on Obamaimg, it is a great insightimg. UPDATE - Andy just won't let it goimg.
16It's official, moronic vandalism, while similar to, is not the same as liberal vandalism.img Whew!