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November 2011[edit]


By a margin of two percentage points in a poll with a margin of error of three percentage points, taken eleven months before the election, Conservapedia is proven right "again"img.


Ken's failure to understand "true and verifiable"img is, well, true and verifiable.


It begins: The Andy-approvedimg Languages ranked by conservatismimg.


Andy: Let's all laugh at those public schools for not keeping up with private schools in an activity unrelated to academics!img


Greatest Conservative Sports Stars!img


Andy on wisdom teeth: "Wisdom teeth are removed for aesthetic purposes because they make the front teeth look crooked on televisionimg


And this week on Dancing On Graves: Young athlete dies because of an undiagnosed heart disease that could have killed him pretty much at any time. But he was last seen playing video games,img so...

89Ken: "We all know evolutionists are utterly powerless when it comes to the 15 questions that evolutionists cannot satisfactorily answer. Please see the video: 15 Questions Evolutionists STILL can't answer!"img

User: "As I pointed out in the essay, the questions have already been answered on this very site. But you sought to hide them by archiving the talk page unnecessarily. Who exactly do you think you are fooling?"img
Ken: 15 "Questions Evolutionists STILL can't answer!"img

Sometimes these wigos write themselves.


The peasants are revolting! Oh no, they created an essayimg pointing out the silliness that is Ken's QE! hype! Quick, Ken, show them your debating skills! ...oh, crap.img Time to win this debate the CP way: Block,img censor,img ban.img


If you think obscene gestures by TV anchors are inappropriate, you're a liberal!img If you say the word that the gesture represents, you're a liberal!img


Andy:Having different standards for completely different and unrelated traits? Democratic double standard!img


Andy is on to Obama as he tries to impose freedom of speech like a liberalimg on that bastion of conservatism known as Russia.
Ken: somehow managed to top Andy and amplify the the bigoted idiocyimg
UPDATE: But giving somebody the finger on national television is completely O.K.!img


Ed: *quotes movie review, calls it an article*img
Naive user: I think this topic deserves a proper article.img
Naive user, the next day: And let's get rid of that quote.img
Ed: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!img *kicks and screams*img


A gay teen is tragically gunned down in a school shooting, and it's the schools fault, for not making him straightimg


...And atheists the world over tremble in fearimg


Andy: "Did a video game cause the tragic death of a star college football player on a top-ranked team?img He was last seen, in apparent good health, playing a video game at 10:15am Sunday. About an hour later, he was found dead without any suspicious circumstances."


The trusworthy encyclopaedia celebrates "five years of settining liberals straight!"img Update: As per tradition, Andy has deleted that edit from the database.


Andy gets absolutely, definitively, positively pwned by AugustO over his statement in the history class that the Congress of Vienna was a meeting of 6 nations. Which six nations did you have in mind?img After Andy's day-long Libya freeze, AugustO lays out the five major nationsimg. Finally Andy, without naming the six, says that this is "a level of trivia that can become a distraction at some point."img


Andy: I'm Conservapedia proven right!img CP predicted "Palin not being the Republican nominee, after seeing how Facebook lost out in the Academy Awards"img [yes, that's a quote]. CP also predicted that these Conservative Rocks will keep away tigers. Do you see any tigers? Bonus: Palin still listed at CP as potential Republican nomineeimg.


Andy: Boys competing with girls?img Outrageous! It's all the feminist Democrats' fault; if only they didn't believe in stupid shit like 'gender equality'.


Ed: "I don't recall Galileo ever claiming CONSTANT acceleration for falling bodies: rather, that their speed kept increasing with time"img


Jpatt: Seems those pesky faster-than-light neutrinos are back again.img Andy: Let's make the headline about me! ME! Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Oh, and those dumb liberals...img


Gambling is bad!img and you're a Muslim if you say so!


Scott Walker is facing a recall, because he isn't Pro-Life enough.img I'm sure it has nothing to do with him taking away collective bargaining rights.


Ken: The sun gives evolutionists a problem.img
ScottDG: Why should it?img
Ken: Check out the links I'm throwing at you.img
ScottDG: And what do the American experts say?img
Ken: Nevermind the American experts. They are idiots.img Angry quote-rant that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.img
Scott: Nothingimg aboutimg theimg sun?img
‪Ken: I see you have stopped bringing up American experts, that means you lost this debate.img


Is this an invitation for us gentlemen?img


Terry threatens to "Go Galt" when Obama gets reelected.img One can only hope.


Conservatives: Obamacare goes to the Supreme Court Yay! Conservapediatives: No wait, you're bringing the wrong case!img. Why? Because "where's the Birth Certificate!". Nation facepalms.


Example #364891 of Conservapedia's lack of understandingimg of ironyimg


It's official: Andy doesn't know what a logical fallacy isimg.


Andy may actually be onto something here...img


Sundrew Tschlaflu's Art of Wiki-War:

Upcoming steps:

  • his flanks get attacked and surrounded (sysops)
  • he gets decimated (banned again)


Andy: If it wasn't for God, we would have been hit by an asteroid by now!imgI think. Even by Andy standards, it makes no sense.


The conservative definition of spamming external linksimg is referencesimg


Andy asks for suggestion on how he can improve the World History mid term exam, but some suggestions aren't welcome....img


Andy's taking on the corrupt (and reliably Republican) FOP?img Wow ...


The populist Tea-Party Class of 2010 increased the net worth of Congress by 25%. This proves that Obama's Washington is corrupt.img