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December 2011[edit]


Ken can't help but notice yet another trait of atheists: they're not just obese, they're ... SHORT!img


We hold our breath in anticipation of the announcement of The Conservative of the Year!img An award equal in stature to the Conservamaths award.


Ken comes out in favor of geocentrism.img


Andy: "Gingrich most likely to win!"img
Andy, the next day: *creates article all about Gingrich's inevitable presidency*img
Andy, two weeks later: "Romney most likely to win!"img
ScottDG: "Well I guess this Gingrich article is a bit contradictory to Conservapedia's prediction then"img
Andy (exact quote): "Wikis are not blogs or books. Wikis are written by many people at different times. Not every entry should be expected to be completely consistent with every other entry."img


Catholic official compares the "gay liberation movement" to the KKK. Guess whose side Ed poor is on.img


Add "bias" to the list of words Jpratt doesn't understand.img


Andy somehow thinks that Obama and Chavez are or were ever political alliesimg and just now it's falling apart.


Fox News fails Andy's idiotideological purity test.img


What Andy tells us: North Korea's evil new leader Kim Jong Un played video games!img
What Andy doesn't tell us: World of Warcraft? Modern Warfare 3? Duke Nukem? Er, no. NBA Basketball.


What's the most important thing to note about Kim Jong-Il? He was a fat atheist!img


A multiple choice question which provides four out of four wrong answers?img Andy: No problem, only three answers are clearly wrongimg. Good to knowimg.


Ken: "'New Zealand business confidence slips as global 'storm' looms on the horizon.' But that's nothing compared to how New Zealand's atheists feel about the storm of the Question Evolution campaign!"img


Chimps can't get driver's licenses so evolution didn't happen.img


Conservapedia continues to grow as newspapers fade away,img coincidence?


Andy: "Tebowing is mockery of Christian prayer!"img
Jpatt: (less than two months later) "How terrible, students are suspended for Tebowing PRAYER!"img
Andy: "Huh? Wha? I mean... Tebowing means giving glory to God!"img


Ragelessness of your day got you down? Captain non-sequitur to the rescueimg


Jpatt: Labor unions and Professors agree that exposing yourself to young childrenimg is just the tops.


The influence of Grand Theft Auto V is so insidiously evil that it is permeating backwards in time!img


Andy on World History Study Guides: "Winston Churchill - but is he noteworthy enough?"img


And with zero percent of the precincts reporting, at 10:47 AM on 11 December, 2011, Conservapedia predicts that the winner of the presidential election is Newt Gingrich.img There is even an impossible conservative wet-dream team lined up,img including Sarah Palin as Secretary of State. UPDATE: There's also a <capture>listimg of when the other candidates will pull out, and who'll they'll support.


Senseless tragedy at Virginia Tech?img Must be atheism!


Lenski 2: Electric Boogalooimg


The school dropout rate in Tulsa is up. Why? Atheism!img Note that the cited article says nothing of the kind.


Just because Breaking Bad is the best show on TV, that does not make running a meth labimg a professor value.


Another day, another conspiracy theory.img


Apparently atheists never make good football players because they are so cowardly and effeminateimg, instead they have to settle for being the leaders in math, science, philosophy, technology, medicine and pretty much any profession that requires a brain... what a bunch of losers.


Ken: I recently had a bit of sleeplessness due to temporary medical conditionimg No kidding! But only recently?