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October 2011[edit]


Andy: Loss of powerimg due to a snow storm (which disproves climate change) is a liberal plot to ration energy. Why? Because liberals.


Spreading Christianity and Creationism, Ken Style: "We will swing the axe,img kill you dead,img burn down your house,img and finally bomb the shit out of you!"img


...then an irony singularity was formedimg.


Andy digs up an inspirational storyimg from two years ago, but forgets to do the followup. What's that called again? Due dilligence?


Ken asks the hard-hitting questionimg that everyone else is too smart to ask.


These "fiscally insane" San Franciscans built a wheelchair ramp for half a million dollarsimg in a historic building just because they don't want to get sued by a woman that couldn't get to work any other way! Pah, equality!


Ken: You should know Greek and Hebrew to translate the Bible!img
Andy: No, I've got Google!img
Ken: Andy, "you once said on this wiki that you hate to admit to being wrong. That is not a good characteristic to have.img
Andy: <capture>What matters more? Worrying about my nonexistent expertise or keeping the Bible in line with our politics?img
Ken: Your World History lecture is a good example that you can't admit being wrong.img


Massive earthquake hits Turkey; His Andyness dancesimg on 432 graves.


Those Libyan rebels, they should treat murderous despots with more kindnessimg


Userimg: Mr. Schlafly, I can't help but notice you equate weather and climate. This is an egregious error on a basic distinction of concepts.
Andyimg (exact quote): "Colder weather is evidence that the Democratic claims of a crisis of global warming are false."
Karajouimg: BANNED!


The Article Matrix is becoming impossible to manageimg.


Article: MSNBC is losing viewers, probably to Current TV. Andy:img MSNBC is losing viewers to Conservapedia!


How Andy writes Conservapedia: 1.Know nothing at all about a subject. 2. make up something that is politically expedient.img 3. ??? 4. Profit.


Here at Conservapedia, there are only two types of people, mutts and purebredsimg.


Student Rep: Sir, we have concerns of your grading...img
Andy: You're just nitpicking.img
Student Rep: You still haven't answered us. You're being unprofessional and your competency is questionable.img
Student#2: I also wish you would address the issues.img
Andy: Here's my answer: TRIM.img
Student#2 Put that back!img
Student Rep: Why are you burning the evidence, Sir? Isn't it your job to teach?img
Andy: I'll run my own course, thank you. Godspeed.img
Student Rep: Why are you such a terrible teacher, Sir?img
Student#3: Here's some more wrong answers you gave full marks, Andy...img
Andy: Thanks for your concerns, I am deeply gratef- Hah, kidding! Fuck you, TRIM.img
Student Rep: Why do you delete our concerns rather than answering them?img
Andy: TRIMimg and BLOCKimg


Andyimg (exact quote): "The colorful beauty in autumn foliage cannot be appreciated by things that cannot see, such as trees as well as most mammals. The theory of evolution cannot explain it, and indeed denies that it could exist. Yet it does."


A Muslim woman is paid $75,000 in a settlement because the school district denied her unpaid leave to attend Hajj. Do you know whose fault this is? That's right, it's Barack Obama's faultimg


MPR in August: "You wouldn't believe these newsimg about Obama's uncle! Please think bad things about Obama himself now!"
MPR in October: "Emilio Estevez,img what a great guy!"
User: "And what a great familyimg he has!"
Andy: "Gossip!img
Taj: "In my opinion, it doesn't really matterimg who his brother or father are, he cannot be held responsible for their actions, any more than any of us can control what our adult relatives chose to do."
Andy: "Exactly!img Only a complete jerk would try to hurt somebody's reputation through his relatives' issues!"


Everybody's favourite maladjusted manchild hauls out the tumbleweed again, because there's no beautiful songs about atheism.img User: What about "Imagine", that's beautiful.img Ken: "Nuh-huh! Imagine fails to mention that atheists have been the world's biggest mass murders in history..."img User: Here's some for you.img Karajou: Argh! Facts!imgDie! Die! Die!"img


Andy on homework methods: "Memorise five hundred random words and their definitions, pull some pointless percentages out of your arse, test yourself on a table I can't be bothered to even spellcheck, then fight until I declare a winner!"img


...And the other is the Occupy Wall Street movement!img *rimshot*


...As opposed toimg Andy's policy of never giving a grade of less than 8/10


Ken: Deftly proves that conservapedia was built with malice and not compassion based on the articles that it doesn't have.img


AugustO: "Andy, I'm just putting back this unanswered question, which I think you trimmed by mistake."img Andy: "No, I deliberately ran from your question,img now fuck off."img


hELL. Freezes. Over.img UPDATE: an hour later, Andy blocksimg the guy.


Suck my balls! Ken restoresimg wandal abuseimg to Karajou's talk page.


Andy: *puts fingers in ears* LAimg LAimg LAimg Iimg can'timg hearimg youimg. UPDATE: Notimg listeningimg.


Ken has a very high opinion of himselfimg


Ken lets us know that he is on to Obama for bailing out Wall Street in return for campaign contributionsimg - only problem is that the Wall Street bailout happened under Bush in the fall of 2008. UPDATE Ken tries to walk it back, while still blaming Obama.img Good luck with that.


Uncle Ed watches Starship Troopers and is compelled to write a one-sentence pieceimg about that naughty, always-smiling Denise Richards.


Andrew Schlafly: Public schools need more guns.img


Two Meters learns something new..img ..10 years late. BrentH: Please learn how to write.img Two Meters: How DARE you suggest I write something cohesive!img
Update: That'llimg show you!img
Moar update Ed is revertedimg. BY Ken Priceless: Ed says users were "dropped" for trolling, and were then "vague" about complaints!img