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November 2017[edit]


Roy Moore's sexual misconduct allegations and the 2017 Senate special election in Alabama
Andrew Schlafly, J.D.: Sexual assault of a minor is a "mere misdemeanor."img
Update 1: The guy who homeschools (ed?) children in a church basement, goes on the record, defending accused pedophile Roy Moore. (27:45 onward in the video).
Update 2:
"Setback for the liberal media and pro-aborts: Roy Moore leads by 6 points in latest CBS poll, indicating a potential landslide victory as a Conservapedian predicted."
... Wait, what? Doug Jones: 49.7 percent, Roy Moore: 48.6 percent?? ...
(update, trim)img imgConservapedia proven right again.


Andy actually seems to thinkimg his "Unplug the NFL" campaign is having an effect on their ratings ...