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September 2011[edit]


Kenny shits on Andy's MPR post with some nonsense.img Just another day at CP


Jpatt is outraged at the death of another Al Qaeda leader who was killed " without rights or due process."img


Ken pens an ode to himself.img


Ken, stick to things you know,img like bestiality. No, really.img


And now the $20,000 question: Is User:Conservative a coward?img (spoiler, the answer is yesimg)
Update:"lastly Iimg[ am a coward]"img


Title of Ken's newest article: Denmark, Sweden, evolutionary belief and bestialityimg. (Comment not necessary)


Random User: Pfft. Shlockofgoat is popular? Thunderf00t has thousands and thousands more subscribersimg.
Kendoll: Ah, but Thunderf00t's subscribers are all uncharitable mass murderersimg. Jebus said so.


How things get done: Um, Andy, helloimg? Helloimg? HELLOimg?! Andy's reply to all this madness? Thanks for archiving!img Update: A rather special archive too, by the looks of thisimg


Finally, Andy introduces faster-than-light neutrinos as a 37th counterexample to relativity.img


Conservapedia loses all hope and credibility as bestiality makes the mainpage.img Well done Ken!
Update: Ken himself removesimg the bit after 5 hours and 48 minutes (making bestiality's moment of triumph 2 hours and 12 minutes shorter than the reign of the Flying Kitty).


Has Ken gone too far ? Conservative has been blocked twice and keeps unblocking himselfimg


Andy on Ken and Karajou: "Meritorious edits, of which (they) have tens of thousands, obviate the need for a first name and last initial."img


The liberal media covers up earthquakes because they prove a Young Earthimg


Andy: Let's quantify metaphysics!!img
Brought to you by the quantificator of faith, idolatry, openmindedness, mental strength, order, vulnerability to atheism, and censorability.


User: Andy, why aren't you reporting these suicides resulting from homophobic bullying?img Andy: Why not read our very own example of homophobic bullying...img


Straight from the Pony's assimg: Do evolutionists lack MA-CHEESE-MO? No.img


Clearly Steve Carell was snubbed for the 6th year in a row because he was involved in making one of the greatest conservative shows ever!img Lousy liberals!


Ken: "We silenced the heathens!img they sat timidly as we dribbled 15 questions on them!
User:I was there, you silenced everyone with the mute button.img
Ken (in only 4 edits):Nuh uhhhh...img
User:You need to stay on subject, you're not going to convince me that I'm lying about thisimg
Ken (in only 6 edits):continues to gibberimg
User:Remember when we had a topic?img
Ken:well just tell me when Penn will debateimg
User:What does this matter?img
New user:back on point, why not take the problem head on?img
Ken goes to his corner to celebrate another victorious debate!img


"September 17 is Constitution Day. Think any liberals pay attention to it?" says Andy... On September 18thimg.


Ken: "Fat people are atheists and are dumb" SharonW: "I'm not an atheist, but I am fat, smart and a Christian.img You're the master debater, so let's debate about it. Ken: (panicking) " think I will decline at this time.img


A vandal hits 50 articles.img
Loyal sysops Ken and Hurlbut continue to edit their pet articles, completely ignoring the attack. Vigilance!
JPatt signs in and blocks the offender, then reverts 6 articlesimg before calling it a day. Dedication!
An hour passes before Andy signs in and silently cleans up the mess himself.img Leadership!


Andy: WND quotes Conservapedia's definition of the Tea Party Movement!"img Question is, where did Conservapedia get their definition from?


Blah blah blah something about floodsimg again.


Andy on pedagogy: "For your homework, please complete the revision guide without which you can't do your homework."img


Four references for two sentencesimg. Karajou makes up for CP's lack of sourced statements all in one go!


Clearly consistency isn't Ed's strong suitimg. If Casino Royale had been about a football coach with an eleven-year old daughter on the other hand...


Andy, September 3rd: "A "hate crime" is a liberal invention to try to criminalize politically incorrect attitudes, by making some crimes "worse" than others based on the views of the person committing the crime."img
Andy, September 7th: HAAAATE CRIIIIIIIME!img


Andy on teaching: "For your homework, please tell me what I should have taught you"img


TerryH: "Dead man declares war on astroturf movement!"img


How dare Obama use jobs as political pawns!...says Conservative, moments after using jobs as political pawns.img


User "I'd like to add some facts to the atheism page, can it be unlocked?"img
Andy "I suggest that you echo number of edits in last $ww times 10 seconds = $y. Thanks."
User WTF?img


ANDY: "Liberals don't use the word "Flood" because it's a Biblical term.img"
REALITY: His source used the word "flood" or variants 16 times.


Foolish Liberals frequently use ad hominem to attack their opponents, in lieu of their ideas.img Fat,img suicidal,img mass murdering,img depressive,img uncharitableimg Liberals.


Andy: "Awesome news for those of us who care about Family Valuesimg, folks! You can now kill teh gayz and don't have to worry about doing no time in pokey!img"


Terry seems to be intent on makingimg MPR into Stormfront.img


USER ANDY, LOOK AT ME, I found out we broke the August 2008 record for page viewsimg
ANDY Good Jobimg
Ken Yeah, great, go away.img
Jealous Ken?


Behold: the Schlafly-approvedimg Conservative Dictionary Projectimg. George Orwell facepalms in his grave. Update: Andy announces the birth to the world...img and still nobody's fixed the glaring spelling mistake. Just another day on CP.