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The appropriately named Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. (1962–) is a nondenominational televangelist from Georgia who teaches that Jesus wants you to be rich. He, along with wife Taffi (yes, Taffi), is prominent in the "Word of Faith" or "name it and claim it" movement. Among other things, he teaches that there is a set of "Believer's Rights" promised in the Bible that includes the same abilities Jesus had, such as the power to raise the dead from the grave. Believe it or not, Dollar is his real name.

Financial history[edit]

Dollar's ministry, as well as that of Benny Hinn, was the subject of a feeble Senatorial probe started in November of 2007 by Sen. Chuck Grassley, who alleged financial mismanagement and unjust enrichment.[1] In March 2015, Dollar begged asked his followers for a $65 million jet so he could jaunt about in style, asking for yet more money. His old jet is broken; maybe there's a nut missing? Dollar is estimated to be only worth $27 million, so it seems he can't afford it on his own.[2]

Possible repentance[edit]

Recently, Dollar has been claiming to have renounced his views about tithing.

Abuse allegations[edit]

In June 2012, Dollar was arrested in an alleged choking and punching attack on his 15-year-old daughter.[3] Dollar denied doing anything more than spanking her, after she became disrespectful, and blamed the incident on Satan. Quoting from Psalm 35:11 ("False witnesses did rise up; they laid to my charge things that I knew not"), he told his congregation, "The devil knows in order to discredit the message, you have to first of all discredit the messenger."[4] The charges were dropped after he attended anger management classes.[5]

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