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The crockus (of shit) is a non-existent brain structure fabricated by one Dan Hodgins, some sort of education expert hack. Hodgins claims the crockus is four times bigger in girls than in boys, causing girls to "see the details" and boys to "see the big picture." This is then used to justify some bogus educational woo. Mark Liberman of Language Log contacted Hodgins in an attempt to track down the origin of this myth. Hodgins wrote:

Thanks for asking....The Crockus was actually just recently named by Dr. Alfred Crockus. It is the detailed section of the brain, a part of the frontal lope.[1] It is the detailed section of the brain. You are right, it is four times larger in females then males from birth. This part of the brain supports the Corpus Callosum (the part of the brain that connects the right and left hemisphere. The larger the crockus the more details are percieved by the two sides of the brain.

For boys, usually they only view and analyze the whole picture, not the sum of its details. Girls brains are wired to look at the details first, which then leads them to the whole picture.

Look at the work by Moir.

Apparently, Dr. Crockus also has a problem with a lack of existence (and apostrophes).

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  1. No relation to the cantaloupe.