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The Delicious gene is a tragic gene for an animal to inherit from its antecedents. It is found in pigs, sheep, cows, most fish, snakes, tacos, chocolate, rabbits, many birds, goats, and, oh I can't go on. Time for lunch.

Young Earth Cretinist views[edit]


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Creation Scientists (the only brand of scientist currently allowed to speak for the Almighty), acknowledge the fact that through the acts of the sin of bestiality man has sort of "cross-pollinated" the Delicious gene from chicken, Fowlus eatemupicus, to many other species of animals. This is why, according to Dr. Hermann Crocker (husband of Elizabeth "Betty"), "Everything seems to taste like chicken."

Evolution disproved; God's existence proved[edit]

As science has no current explanation consensus for the Delicious gene then there is something science cannot explain. Consequently evolution is false. If evolution is false then Young Earth creationism must be true, and the existence of God is simultaneously proved. It's all so easy really isn't it? All from the existence of the Delicious gene.

In Evolutionary Biology[edit]

Joe Staton of the Museum of Comparative Zoology released research on deliciousness and why things taste like chicken.[1]

Biologist Cori McLean made a presentation at BAHFest regarding the evolution of deliciousness. She disagreed with Joe Staton's theory of deliciousness.

Clearly, this means there is no consensus, and evolution is once again disproved.

See also[edit]


  1. Improbable Research — Tastes Like Chicken?