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Dennis Lee (a.k.a. Josiah David[1])is a practicing pseudoscientist, and head of a company called Better World Technologies. His company markets practically every false technology that one can think of, from healing devices that use zero-point energy to an over-unity motor. Lee claims that corporate America is doing everything in their power to suppress him. He claims that God dictates instructions to him, which lures thousands of the faithful into his scam[2] and paranoia.

Internet skeptic Eric Krieg, who has done an excellent job in refuting Lee, was said to be "CIA sponsored" by Lee's wife.[3] Lee's followers are told that they are not allowed to even look at Krieg's website.

A few people have suggested that his behavior in running his company is similar to that of cult leaders.[4]

Dennis Lee's 1993 portrait

Perry DeAngelis has detailed quite a few run-ins with the law that Lee has had during the 1970s-1990s:[5]:337[6]

  • Arrested 8 times between 1974-197 in New Jersey on fraud, forgery and drug charges
  • Pleaded guilty to 5 counts of passing checks in 1975 in New Jersey
  • Was able to dupe fellow-charlatan Pat Robertson out of $150,000 in 1978
  • Arrested for passing bad checks in New York in 1982
  • Accused by the Washington state attorney general of violating the Consumer Protection Act
  • Pleaded guilty to two felony counts of consumer fraud in California in 1990
  • Was served a cease-and-desist order by Washington State for allegedly marketing unregistered securities
  • One of his employees, an electrical engineer named Jim Murray resigned rather than rigging a piece of equipment to make it appear to be 200% efficient.

Continuing with Lee's life story after the 1990s:[1]

  • Arrested in Kentucky for violating consumer protection laws in 2001
  • Temporary restraining order against Lee in New Mexico in 2001
  • Summary judgement against Lee in a Washington court case in 2002

In May 2021, the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges against him for "fraudulently raising nearly $4 million from over 130 investors nationwide through the sale of membership units in [The Premier Healthcare Solution, LLC]."[7][8]

All of which, one wouldn't know if one only read Lee's auto-hagiography, in which he claims:[9]

  • Top speaker on Free Electricity
  • Founder of Better World Technologies
  • Has own research lab with world class scientists
  • Spokeman[sic] for the top inventors of Free Electricity Technologies
  • Member of the International Inventors Hall of Fame

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