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The previous version[edit]

@Darohan85, you mentioned this draft had been deleted before, and there is a shorter version which was deleted earlier this year, during a big pruning of old and short drafts. Here's a copy:

An American Conversation Podcast is an LA-based TERF podcast hosted by Rose Medina MSSW, Leland Heflin, Halona Shaw, Sandra Currie and Deborah Corday that interviews TERFs and gender critical activists from around the world.

TERFs, gender critical activists and transphobic hate groups who have appeared on the show (several times in some instances) include: Graham Linehan, LGB Alliance, WoLF, Arty Morty, Meghan Murphy, William A. Ferguson, Natasha Chart, Colin Wright, Kara Dansky, Marian Rutigliano, Sall Grover, Deep Green Resistance, Ray Blanchard, Linda Blade, Phyllis Chessler, Genspect, Debbie Hayton, Buck Angel, Kallie Fell, Exulsanic, Genevieve Gluck, Elaine Miller, Donovan Cleckley, Manuela Schon, Katrina Biggs, Suzanne Levy, etc. etc.

A trans woman named Darcy Rohan (she/her) has written extensively about her experiences with Leland Heflin, Rose Medina and An American Conversation Podcast's transphobic bigotry: https://darcyrohan.substack.com/p/transphobic-hate-podcast-an-american https://medium.com/@darcyrohan/transphobic-hate-podcast-an-american-conversation-5e5c11487ee2

--ApooftGnegiol (talk) 01:03, 14 March 2023 (UTC)


I wonder where the Republican "David Palombo" guy originally involved with this podcast, mentioned in that Daily Breeze article, ever went. The original premise of the podcast reminds me of the one behind the Krystal Ball-Saagar Enjeti duo. Is it now just a transphobe circlejerk or, how often do they bring on notable people who aren't very involved with anti-trans stuff I wonder? Chillpilled (talk) 01:39, 14 March 2023 (UTC)