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An American Conversation Podcast is a transphobic podcast owned and co-hosted by social worker and unhinged TERF crybully Rose Medina MSW / Rose Medina MSSW, a self-described public figure with a loyal following of "gender-critical" creeps, and her bigot sidekick Leland Heflin, who says she's "not a TERF." Despite being an outspoken transphobe who frequently misgenders trans people, repeats TERF rhetoric and makes transphobic comments in nearly every episode, the show's self-summary condescendingly instructs the audience that Leland is "pro-trans."

The podcast features regular appearances by TERF Sandra Currie and their friend Halona Patrick Shaw LCSW, an attorney. Animal rights activist Deborah Corday and Republican Trump supporter David Palombo used to make frequent appearances as well. The primary focus is interviewing TERFs, "gender-criticals," outspoken transphobes and anti-transgender activists. Interviews are titled with generic descriptors such as "TV writer" (Graham Linehan), "journalist," "author," etc. etc. to avoid drawing attention to the fact that pretty much every single guest is active in the "gender-critical" movement. They also plug Stella O'Malley's controversial Genspect program in a 5-part series of videos titled "Parents Despair;" it wouldn't be the first time someone described the TERFs at Genspect as conversion therapists. The show describes itself as "friends with opposing views" who get together to "fight political division in the US." It is worth noting that occasionally guests aren't visibly involved in anti-trans activism. One has to wonder why they are on a show like this to begin with.

In 2022 Rose Medina MSSW, Leland Heflin and Sandra Currie read screenshots of transphobic abuse from trans woman Darcy Rohan's Facebook wall, claimed to be reading messages written about An American Conversation Podcast, claimed to have called the police, discussed suing Darcy Rohan, and alleged that Darcy Rohan is a "male predator posing as a transwoman" (trans woman), on numerous platforms including LinkedIn, consistently misgendering and deadnaming. After misgendering, deadnaming and treating Darcy Rohan to a severe amount of transphobic abuse in a still-live Youtube video which attributes quotes Darcy Rohan never wrote, Leland Heflin then took to the comments section to proclaim that "her trans friends have her back." Rose Medina MSW later alleged that Darcy Rohan had caused their show financial damages, claimed to have "called the FBI," claimed that Darcy Rohan was completely fabricating everything and attempted to have Darcy Rohan's writing about her experiences with An American Conversation Podcast removed from the internet. Leland Heflin proceeded to spend then next several months gaslighting, gloating and playing the victim of a slander campaign; telling Graham Linehan, LGB Alliance Canada, several other well-known TERFs and seemingly anyone who'd listen about her experiences with an unspecified "one bully" who "got confused" and falsely accused her of transphobia, "because he doesn't listen to the show or else he'd know better." In March of 2023, nearly a year later, Leland confided to New Zealand anti-trans campaigner Renee Gerlich that she was being "attacked" by "one bully" who "doesn't understand" that she's "for their rights," and predicted that the "one bully" who's attacking her "won't stop until he dies."

Their Twitter account can be inspected here. It is obsessively updated daily by Rose Medina MSW with a barrage of TERF memes, quotes, articles and anti-trans rhetoric, with occasional hints of non-transphobic feminism.


Previous "gender-critical" guests of the show include (but are not limited to):

  • Anti-trans activist and infamous bigot Graham Linehan
  • Tucker Carlson guest Kara Dansky from Women's Liberation Front, author of TERF book How The "Transgender" Agenda Harms Women and Girls
  • Natasha Chart and Lierre Keith from TERF group Women's Liberation Front
  • LGB Alliance USA and Canada branch, including Graham Linehan's sidekick Arty Morty
  • Transphobic sexologist Ray Blanchard
  • Max Wilbert from transphobic environmentalist group Deep Green ResistanceWikipedia
  • Reduxx co-founder Genevieve Gluck
  • Transphobic "Giggle" developer Sall Grover
  • Buck AngelWikipedia
  • TERF trans woman Debbie Hayton
  • Transphobic journalist Lisa Selin Davis
  • "Keep Prisons Single Sex" campaigner Heather Mason
  • Anti-trans sports campaigner Linda Blade
  • Transphobic author Phyllis Chesler
  • Transphobic author Simon Edge
  • Transphobic cyberbully and "Gender Heretics" co-founder William A. Ferguson
  • Center for Bioethics and Culture founder and Reduxx author Kallie Fell
  • TERF Yasmine Mohammed - Reduxx author
  • Graham Linehan follower Elaine Miller
  • Gender Dissent founder Felicia Rembrandt
  • Speak Up For Women founders Katrina Biggs and Suzanne Levy - Suzanne Levy is Posie Parker's spokeswoman
  • Transphobic activist Rosa Alvarez
  • Transphobic writer Cherry Smiley
  • Anti-trans campaigner Renee Gerlich
  • TERF author Isadora Sanger
  • Transphobic biologist Colin Wright.

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