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Red pill, blue pill, black pill, green pill? Nay. Take a chill pill.


I have been reading RationalWiki for years. Since about 2011 or so, if I had to guess. However, I made this account relatively recently, in June 2020, and as far as I recall I had no account prior to that. I don't think I even made any IP edits, ever (due to obvious privacy concerns).

RationalWiki has long helped me to find sources on such things as pseudoscience, religion and politics. Hopefully, my edits can help to provide this for other people!

Slowly learning German. Hopefully I can expand the pitifully low amount of Category:Deutsch article translations.

Religious background[edit]

I am atheist and Discordian. I also have experience and knowledge in both Christianity and Judaism, but don't believe in them.

Political stance[edit]

I am egoist. Some stances that, to my mind, follow as emergent from "my own true" individualist egoism: anarchism, illegalism,Wikipedia amoralism (morality is not ethics), morphological freedom,Wikipedia bodily integrity.Wikipedia I'm not strictly bound to these, they are downstream from my own individualist egoism. Individualism as a dogma is oxymoronic — I don't have to adhere to everything Max StirnerWikipedia said.

Not an "anti-civilization" or "primitivist" type, which seems to be a thing in the egoist milieu. I actually have strong anarcho-transhumanist sympathies, though acknowledging that transhumanists veer too much into the fiction side of science-fiction sometimes (take nanoscience for instance).

I also strongly recognize the amazing benefits that "Big Pharma" has brought... while acknowledging the pitfalls of their profiteering. Mainstream medical institutions, while flawed, must be defended against the even more profit-driven encroachment of pseudomedicine. No matter who you are, it's in your self-interest to at least disbelieve in pseudomedicine.

Quotes from random Reddit users explaining egoism in brief terms that I feel speak to me:

Egoism is recognizing yourself as the most important person in your life without any kind of shame[,] realising all external factors that are controlling your mind (spooks), and cleaning your mind of them.
Okay so like we're all completely nonconceptual beings, right? Like we're real, tangible people that don't exist in the conceptual world, but that absence of concept is more like a blank canvas than a literal void. Thus, as non-conceptual beings, concepts are ours to control, but some people paint their canvases in a way that places concepts like god, morality, the state, etc. above themselves. A conscious egoist refuses to forget that concepts are, and always have been, their property
A (conscious) egoist is a person who consciously tries to avoid things put on them by society, conventional morality, the opinions of others in general etc. if it gets in the way of their interests and happiness. They live or aspire to live in accordance to what feels personally true to them and don't let external expectations impose on their unique state of being. I'd also say that an egoist is someone who tries to do away with labels that try to box anything in objectively, especially in terms of their identity.


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