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Emily J. Miller (born 1970 or 1971) is a journalist, extreme right-wing writer, gun nut, and a member of the Unification Church ("Moonie") movement. She works as a "senior editor of opinion" for the Unification Church-owned Washington Times (also known as "The Moonie Times"), who consistently advocates far-right fringe views. She is a native of Baltimore.

Investigative journalism position[edit]

Miller is the chief investigative reporter for WTTG, the Fox affiliate for Washington, D.C.[note 1] Her open, partisan advocacy on gun politics puts her journalistic objectivity in question.

In 2016, Miller joined One America News Network as a "Senior Political Correspondent".[1]

Homophobia, transphobia and racism[edit]

She frequently expresses extreme homophobic and transphobic views, and she claimed that Chelsea Manning's identification as a woman and request that she be referred to as "Chelsea" was an "absurd request.".[2]

She is also frequently critical of undocumented immigrants to the United States.

Gun nut[edit]

A die-hard gun nut, she published the conspiracy theorist anti-Obama book Emily Gets Her Gun ... But Obama Wants to Take Yours in September 2013. One has to wonder why the evil Obama wanted to let her have a gun but not others. Media Matters for America challenges many claims in her book about Obama's positions on gun policy and characterizes them often as distortions.[3] She also told a tall tale about her home being robbed by 15 men as a reason why she wanted a gun.[4]

Republican press spokesperson[edit]

Before her tenure at the Times, Miller worked as a press spokesperson for several Republican politicians. She implicated her former fiancé Michael Scanlon in a political scandal after he broke off their engagement; he was subsequently convicted on federal corruption charges and sent to prison. She also had a record as an unusually brusque press person, once shouting at a reporter: "We don't know you! You don't exist! You are dead to us!"[5]


  1. WTTG has no editorial relation to Fox News Channel, even though the station is owned and operated by the Fox Broadcasting Company, whose parent company also owns Fox News.