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Instapundit is a blog by Glenn Reynolds, professor at the University of Tennessee College of Law. It became popular immediately after 9/11 due to his hawkish stance on the War on Terror. For a couple of years his was the most popular blog on the internet. He claims to be a libertarian but his point of view is much closer to that of Neal Boortz or Eric S. Raymond: libertarian only when convenient (he supports same sex marriage and the legalization of drugs), but otherwise strictly a conservative Republican who is short on public policy analysis, long on war cheerleading, and with a sizable hate-on for liberals.

Original content? Original schmontent![edit]

Instapundit has very little original content. Much like the Drudge Report, it is less a weblog than a news aggregator site sending traffic to real articles on other sites. Original content appears to be limited to a few words:

  • Heh
  • Indeed
  • Read the whole thing

Instapundit was a big booster of Glenn Beck's 2009 campaign against Obama, the Going Galt nonsense, and some "Tea Party" protests apparently cut from the same stuff.

On the plus side, he does have good taste in music. But since when was that an excuse?

Stopped Clock[edit]

Aside from the aforementioned pro-drug legalization stance, he is strongly opposed to the abuse of eminent domain, and he supports reforming the criminal justice system as well. He rarely talks about this on Instapundit, though. He also mocked the controversy surrounding Janet Jackson's nipples at the 2004 Superbowl Halftime show.

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