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SJWiki is a wiki written from a viewpoint of social justice. Its name is a portmanteau of SJW and wiki.

SJWiki is yet another pet wiki project that was probably created in response to RationalWiki, by a group of people whom some would call "SJWs", due to their extensive focus on social justice-related issues. Its heavily-biased articles and oversensitive leaders are not unlike those of Conservapedia. However, SJWiki has not gained nearly as much public attention as CP.

How it all started[edit]

One day, a few of our very own users were fed-up with how RationalWiki does not focus enough on "social justice" issues enough. We do cover social justice issues quite extensively, as indicated in the articles in Category:Social justice. Here is a statement from one of the future SJWikians from June 1, 2014:[1]

Come on, if you’re editing something called RationalWiki, or more broadly engage with the “rationalist” and “skeptical” movements, it’s because you self declare yourself to be a “rationalist” or a “skeptic”. That can mean whatever the hell you want it to mean, but if it’s not going to be about making the world a better place then what is your fucking point of existing?

If you want to throw off the shackles of doctrine, dogma and religion, then why do so just so you can become more of an asshole?

So yes, I want to make the world a less toxic place for people who have been sidelined in the past. I’m not always successful, I’m not perfect, but that’s my aim, and I listen to the kind of people who might be able to guide me towards that intention. What the hell is wrong with that? These “gender issues” still impact on the world very much, and are areas where we – as the self-appointed intellectual superiors of the planet, it seems – can actually make a real difference.

The good[edit]

  • SJWiki has some articles that do have a point, like their one on TERFs.[2] (and this one has actually been copied and pasted into our TERF article cited by us.)
  • SJWiki holds a pro-feminist stance, although this often tends to go out of hand, e.g. defining the term "man/woman" as a "coercive patriarchal grouping".[3]
  • They also seem to hold an extremely pro-transgender stance (and in fact, quite a few of their sysops are trans themselves), but again, this often does go bad, devolving into just plain cisphobia[4].

The bad[edit]

  • They also frequently mention "scientism", especially when talking about "new atheism"[6] (but oddly enough, for some reason they have banned creating an article on new atheism.)
"if [he] could wave a magic wand and get rid of rape or religion, [he] would not hesitate to get rid of of religion." This quote demonstrates his deeply problematic beliefs on rape culture and kyriarchy.


Now now SJWiki, not specifically commenting on something bad is not necessarily an endorsement of it.

Almost no articles[edit]

SJWiki has very few articles, with the wiki littered with red links probably remaining to be filled for quite some time. Just look at all those red-links! For no reason whatsoever, most, if not all of these articles are not allowed to be created at all- not even their article on SJWiki's (likely) parent: us.[10]

You need a registered account to not only create articles (which is not an unreasonable requirement to be fair), but to even try to look in the logs, which are vital pieces of record-keeping that lets users check what articles are created, deleted, moved, and so on.[11]

Poe's Law?[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Poe's Law

The inaccurate and extremely nutty articles on this wiki, and not to mention all of those cartoons that make childish and somewhat overgeneralizing statements about various privileged groups, especially those who try to support marginalized people (???)[12], that it's not out of the question that SJWiki might in fact have been created by antifeminist trolls trying to make feminism and the progressive left look bad.

Liberapedia 2.0?[edit]

Here's hoping it doesn't turn into another Liberapedia. Hope has been misplaced: The site garners maybe 1 edit per week, if even that much.[13]

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