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You are inferior - mentally, spiritually and most probably physically. You will pay a price for that when this house-of-cards comes crashing down... and soon.
—Steed addresses his detractors.[1]

Eye of Woden was an English blog that promoted Wodenism, white nationalism and various conspiracy theories. During its existence it was run by "Steed", a member of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation and Woden's Folk.[2]

Steed's main target was Zionism:

Actually, my belief is that Zionism IS the end of England – or rather, it is the single biggest threat and is very close to wiping us out without us even realising it. Debt slavery and taxation that are bleeding us dry and will make slaves of our children; mass-immigration which is endangering our race and culture; the legal system which has stolen our liberty; Consumerism which has stolen our pride and our spirit; Christianity which has severed most of us from our Gods. These aren’t accidents. They are the methods of stealth used by Zionism/the Rothschilds to destroy us.[3]

How Steed deals with dissent.

The blog claimed that Mars was once inhabited by intelligent life, and theorised that these alien beings are worshipped by Zionists and the Rothschilds. Steed described this claim as "a revelation based upon a synthesis of information taken from David Icke and Zechariah Sitchin", so you know it's got to be solid.[4]

During the ash dieback outbreak that occurred in Britain in 2012, Steed suggested that the evil Globalists caused the disease using magic in an attempt to take out a tree with symbolic significance to Germanic people.[5] He also argued against watching television[6] — which is ironic, considering his support for Woden's Folk, an organisation that lifted a large amount of its theology from the television series Robin of Sherwood.

Steed argued that 9/11, the 7 July 2005 London bombings and the massacre carried out by Anders Breivik were false flag operations.[7] Following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Steed linked to a doctored clip from Family Guy, which he claimed was predictive programming.[8] He was supported by the Anglo-Saxon Foundation owner "Seaxan", who found sinister significance in the fact that the clip was later removed from YouTube (or "Jewtube", as he referred to it).[9] That's right, Seaxan: if the creators of Family Guy objected to being implicated in a terrorist act and asked for the doctored footage to be removed, then it must be a Jewish conspiracy.

Steed also showed an interest in Holocaust revisionism, and has speculated that the killing of six million Jews may have been carried out by Zionists as a sacrifice to fulfil a prophecy.[10] We should not be surprised to find that the "recommended links" section on the blog's sidebar contained such openly pro-Nazi websites as Metapedia (described by Steed as "a righteous alternative to the heavily-controlled Wikipedia"[11]) and Celto-Germanic Culture, Myth and History.

The blog was a regular target of Fundies Say the Darndest Things, which is presumably what prompted Steed to declare that he is being watched by "a handful of jobless, Liberal, small-minded, conspiracy-denying nerds... most of whom are undoubtedly pro-Zionist and some of whom are probably on the surveillance-state-payroll."[1]

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