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Metapedia should not be confused with the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki, which is not racist, just boring. Or with Matapédia,Wikipedia which is mostly not racist, and is also boring. Or with Meta, the re-branded corporate name for Facebook, which supports its racism-spouting users with far more advertisements and creepy Orwellian tracking.
They obviously waited for me to show up before announcing this.
Mike Godwin[1]
Let's say you are a 13-year-old middle school student trying to write a paper on, let's say, Armenia. So you Google and stumble across Metapedia, where you find a concise, straightforward little summary without even a hint of bigotry. Then you follow the link to Armenian Genocide, and skim right over the passing reference to "Negress Condaleeza Rice." You paste that passage right into Microsoft Word and declare your homework finished. Meetings with school officials ensue. Social workers show up at your house. Dad is shouting, Mom is crying. Thanks, Internet Nazis!

Metapedia is a barely active[3] wiki which describes itself as "an electronic encyclopedia about culture, art, science, philosophy and politics." In reality, however, Metapedia is little more than thinly-veiled white nationalist and neo-Nazi propaganda, with a generous helping of Holocaust denial. The site is awash in anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. A key trope is blaming the Jews for undermining the West via cultural Marxism.


Metapedia has its origins with the founders of the far-right Swedish web community In 2006.[4] the original Swedish Metapedia was created by Anders Lagerström, from Linköping, Sweden. Lagerström is a neo-Nazi activist who has been convicted for violent offenses, including assaulting a police officer:

Anders Lagerström has long been involved in extreme right-wing organizations. In 2000, he was sentenced for having sprayed tear gas in the face of a police officer. In 2002 he started the Nordic publishing house, which specializes in issuing and selling Nazi literature and white power music. Lagerström is also a prominent figure in the Nordic Association. The Nazi organization wants it to form a 'Nordic nation'. On the organization's website it says the following about how this imaginary nation should look like: 'It means a society populated by a people and a government and the media are completely under Nordic control.[5]

In 2007, Hungarian and English Metapedia wiki sites appeared[6][7]. In 2008, a Croatian version of Metapedia was started[8][9]. Metapedia has since expanded to 16 language versions.


For more information, see: Rightpedia

There was a dispute between admins on Metapedia in 2013 and 2014 about the direction of the website and its content. One admin ("Atlantid") left after arguing Metapedia should abandon white nationalism, racialism and Holocaust denial for right-wing populism, others however argued Metapedia should turn more anti-Semitic and become openly neo-Nazi. This led to several Metapedia admins ("Mikemikev", "Hu1" and "Wyatt Man") creating Rightpedia, a more extreme version of Metapedia. Both moderate and extreme factions ended up being banned/expelled from Metapedia and the current admin "Upplysning" maintains a status-quo of the old Metapedia content: still promoting white nationalism and Holocaust denial, albeit in a less crude way than Rightpedia does. Since 2015, Rightpedia and Metapedia have written articles attacking each other.[10][11] However, Metapedia criticized Rightpedia for legitimate reasons, including promoting the moon hoax and Chemtrails conspiracy theories[12][13] and claiming that Blacks are more closely related to apes than to other humans.[14]


Metapedia occasionally runs public fundraisers. In 2012, Nick Griffin donated 50 euros.[15]


As of 2019, the main English Metapedia has only 3 regular editors who are admins:


Much content is copied from Wikipedia under the GFDL and then edited to remove any critical POV on sensitive topics including: Nazi and fascist politics and history; World War II history (especially Nazi military tactics and equipment); and individuals and concepts specific to the political far-right. Hilariously, it refers to articles largely copied from Wikipedia as "articles in need of neutralization". The articles' perspectives on science and history — for example, their explanation of Holocaust denial — are twisted in order to bolster their ridiculous premises; the writing on topics related to racialism are mostly also copy-pastes.


Metapedia promotes white nationalism in a pan-European sense, rather than individual ethno-cultural nationalisms by country (i.e. civic nationalism). This has led to some previous disputes on on the site, as "Upplysning" seems to be hostile to Brexit (a bit like Richard Spencer) and has also criticized past editors for making anti-Slavic statements. It is a well known fact the Nazis didn't like Slavs[citation NOT needed], but "Upplysning" argues this is Bolshevik propaganda.

"Upplysning" was also troubled by Metapedia's article on the British National Party, in which it was mentioned that the BNP opposes mass immigration to the UK from Eastern Europe, such as Poland. He then re-wrote the whole article, removing this detail in the process.

Finally, instead of discussing culture in terms of nationality, like "French" or "German", Metapedia only promotes a singular "European people and culture" as well as a "white European race".[16]


For more information, see: Racialism

The Metapedia entries on racialism written by "Upplysning" consist of repeating PRATTS (points refuted a thousand times), spamming "Lewontin's fallacy" over and over, while copy-pasting large chunks of text from John Fuerst's book The Nature of Race; the book was published in a pseudo-journal, externally reviewed by a white nationalist, Kevin MacDonald. In other words it's not science, but shoddy politics. Amusingly though "Upplysning" accuses anti-racialists as being politically motivated or Marxists.

Jews, Holocaust and anti-Semitism[edit]

Metapedia formerly posted a yellow Star of David tag next to anyone of Jewish heritage (reminiscent of the one-drop rule, this includes people who had Jewish ancestors but were not themselves fully or religiously Jewish, such as Vladimir Lenin[17]).One person who notably isn't marked in this manner, however, is Jesus Christ, and his nationality is listed only as "Roman citizen".[18] Hmm... The stars have since been removed (although they are left up on Rightpedia), but the same anti-Semitic content remains on Metapedia pages such as wacky conspiracy theories regarding Zionists, an obsession with Jews being behind cultural Marxism, and support for Holocaust revisionism. Although "Upplysning" attempts to portray himself as more reasonable than the overt Neo-Nazi stance of Rightpedia, his edits and sources show he's in the same boat; e.g. the sort of odious and crank literature he references on the Holocaust entry includes former KKK leader David Duke, and the Institute for Historical Review.


There was once a page on Metapedia dedicated to "Reactionary defences of Islam", which "refers to attempts to defend the religion of Islam as a viable option for ethnic Europeans, following the degeneration of Christianity into liberalism and the unconvincing nature of attempts at reviving paganism".[19] Some Metapedia admin apparently at one stage were prepared to ally with extremist Muslims against Jews, however this tactic appears to have been dropped. There are some Islamophobic postings on Metapedia, but one gets the impression its admins hate Jews more than Muslims.

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Metapedian neologisms[edit]

"Volkenhass" (ungrammatical and bastardized German for "people-hate," apparently[39]) is a word which does not exist in any sane version of the English or German languages. Nevertheless, it is used by Metapedia – and wikinfo – to pretend that "racism" means something nice. The German term "Völkerhaß" means literally "hatred of other nations" and isn't a real German word, either.

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