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Automatons led by a lunatic
Charlie Chaplin imitator

Icon nazi.svg
First as tragedy
Then as farce
Metapedia should not be confused with the Wikimedia Meta-Wiki, which is not racist, just boring, or with Matapédia,Wikipedia's W.svg which is mostly not racist, and is also boring.
Just stay away from it!
They obviously waited for me to show up before announcing this.
Mike Godwin[1]
Let's say you are a 13-year-old middle school student trying to write a paper on, let's say, Armenia. So you Google and stumble across Metapedia, where you find a concise, straightforward little summary without even a hint of bigotry. Then you follow the link to Armenian Genocide, and skim right over the passing reference to "Negress Condaleeza Rice." You paste that passage right into Microsoft Word and declare your homework finished. Meetings with school officials ensue. Social workers show up at your house. Dad is shouting, Mom is crying. Thanks, Internet Nazis!

Metapedia is a website which describes itself as "an electronic encyclopedia about culture, art, science, philosophy and politics." The site's stated focus is "on topics that usually are not covered in — i.e. that fall outside of — mainstream encyclopedias." It has been described as "an 'internet love site', dedicated to the love of European people and culture."[3]

In reality, however, Metapedia is little more than thinly-veiled neo-Nazi propaganda, with a generous helping of Holocaust denial. The site is awash in anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. A key trope is blaming the Jews for undermining the West via cultural Marxism.


Metapedia has its origins with the founders of the far-right Swedish web community Nordisk.nu. In 2006.[4] the original Swedish Metapedia was created by Anders Lagerström, from Linköping, Sweden. Lagerström is a neo-Nazi activist who has been convicted for violent offenses, including assaulting a police officer:

Anders Lagerström has long been involved in extreme right-wing organizations. In 2000, he was sentenced for having sprayed tear gas in the face of a police officer. In 2002 he started the Nordic publishing house, which specializes in issuing and selling Nazi literature and white power music. Lagerström is also a prominent figure in the Nordic Association. The Nazi organization wants it to form a 'Nordic nation'. On the organization's website it says the following about how this imaginary nation should look like: 'It means a society populated by a people and a government and the media are completely under Nordic control.[5]

In 2007, Hungarian and English Metapedia wiki sites appeared[6][7]. In 2008, a violent and manipulative psychiatric patient[8][9] and leading Croatian aryanist[10] named Andrija-Željko Lovrić, who falsely claims his birth name is Zyelimēr Yoshamÿa[11], started the Croatian version of Metapedia[12][13]. Metapedia has since expanded to 16 language versions.

Atlantid and Rightpedia[edit]

For more information, see: Rightpedia

In November 2013, an admin on the English Metapedia "Atlantid" criticized Metapedia's articles on racialism and Holocaust denial; he wanted Metapedia to abandon these views for a populist direction such as the Front National. In sharp contrast, several other Metapedia admins ("Mikemikev", "Hu1" and "Wyatt Man") wanted Metapedia to become even more anti-Semitic and racist, which a year later led to the creation of Rightpedia after these admins were banned after complaints were left on the Nordisk web community portal concerning posts about Jews.[14] Currently Metapedia is run by an admin named "Upplysning" (which is Swedish for "Enlightenment" or "Illumination") and still promotes Holocaust revisionism, white nationalism, Kevin MacDonald's anti-Semitic theories and the "hereditarianism" of J. P. Rushton such as blacks have lower IQ's, but presents it all in a less crude way than Rightpedia does. Since 2015, Rightpedia and Metapedia have written articles attacking each other.[15][16]

Rightpedia's page entry on Metapedia accuses "Upplysning" of being a "Zionist shill", despite the fact that "Upplysning"'s edits show he denies the Holocaust and he supports the anti-Semitic views of Kevin MacDonald. Amusingly, both Rightpedia and Metapedia call each other controlled-opposition, or run by Mossad agents, when they are both as dumb as each other and obsessed with the same crazy conspiracy theories involving Jews. Both sites have also attacked former Metapedia admin "Atlantid" as a Marxist, or left-wing infiltrator (when he is not), who later became a sysop on Rationalwiki ("Krom") to debunk racialist pseudo-science. In 2016, "Atlantid"/"Krom" appeared on Nordisk to criticize "Upplysning" promoting John Fuerst's paper on race as peer-reviewed, when it was published in a pseudo-journal and Fuerst is not a qualified scientist.[17]


Metapedia occasionally runs public fundraisers. In 2012, Nick Griffin donated 50 euros.[18]


As of 2016, the main English Metapedia has only 2 active editors:

  • "Upplysning" a Swedish Holocaust denier crackpot whose edits are mostly on Holocaust related entries
  • "NatAll75", a former member of the white nationalist National Alliance

Much content is copied from Wikipedia under the GFDL and then edited to remove any critical POV on sensitive topics including: Nazi and fascist politics and history; World War II history (especially Nazi military tactics and equipment); and individuals and concepts specific to the political far-right. Hilariously, it refers to articles largely copied from Wikipedia as "articles in need of neutralization". The articles' perspectives on science and history — for example, their explanation of Holocaust denial — are twisted in order to bolster their ridiculous premises. The writing on topics related to race or racialism are copy-pastes by "Upplysning" (see below).

Race, arguments for race[edit]

The Metapedia entry on race written by "Upplysning" consists of copy-pasting large chunks of text from John Fuerst's book The Nature of Race; the book is falsely described as peer-reviewed when it was published in a pseudo-journal. Fuerst's lies and distortions include claiming there is historical consistency in racial classification e.g. "all of the classifications include some version of the big three: Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid" when it was actually common for 18th physical anthropologists to not recognize these. For example, Christoph MeinersWikipedia's W.svg divided humans into just two races:

Of all the foundations and observations I have made, no other seems to be based on so many testimonies and facts, and none so rich in scientific deductions as this: the present human race exists of two main branches (Stamm), the Tartar or Caucasian and the Mongolian.
Outline of the History of Humanity (1785)

The tripartite "Mongoloid"/"Negroid"/"Caucasoid" racial division only became popular after Georges Cuvier (1817). It has its origin with Noah's three son's; Cuvier was a creationist who thought the world was repopulated after the flood by Ham, Shem and Japheth. The name "Caucasoid" itself has biblical connotations, the Caucasus was the region thought to be where the Ark landed. Needless to say, modern racialism which defends this tripartite racial classification has creationist baggage and is pseudo-science. Fuerst is also quoted on Metapedia as saying: "there is a coherent, operationalizable concept of race which has been remarkably stable across time since it was developed in the 1700s and which underlies and integrates a plethora of local definitions". However, this claim is contradicted by the modern evolutionary synthesis; from the mid-20th century biologists re-defined race (subspecies) in terms of population genetics, having abandoned race typology which was discredited. So it makes no sense to talk of a stable race concept going back to the 1700s. There is no single coherent concept of race that has been always in use; Metapedia actually agrees it is problematic to even define race.

A major mistake "Upplysning" repeatedly makes is confusing the philosophical race debate with that of science. This leads him to assert a straw man has been made, when it actually hasn't; e.g., "all the members of these races share certain traits and tendencies with each other that they do not share with members of any other race. These traits and tendencies characteristic of a race constitute, on the racialist view, a sort of racial essence". This philosophical argument isn't a straw man, since it is ontological ("natural kinds"). The people making these arguments are not biologists, but philosophers. Again, it appears that "Upplysning" copy-pastes sources he's never read. It should also be noted that virtually all the cited racialists on Metapedia's race entry are not biologists; e.g. Richard Lynn (psychologist), Frank Miele (psychologist), Nicholas Wade (journalist), Nevin Sesardic (philosopher,) etc. Sarah A. Tishkoff and L. L. Cavalli-Sforza are geneticists, but they deny the utility of race so its unclear why they are even cited. A similar entry titled 'arguments for race' on Metapedia created by "Upplysning" copy & pastes more quotes from John Fuerst's race book while repeating the same fallacies over and over.

Jews, Holocaust and anti-Semitism[edit]

Metapedia formerly posted a yellow Star of David tag next to anyone of Jewish heritage (reminiscent of the one-drop rule, this includes people who had Jewish ancestors but were not themselves fully or religiously Jewish, such as Vladimir Lenin[19]).One person who notably isn't marked in this manner, however, is Jesus Christ, and his nationality is listed only as "Roman citizen".[20] Hmm... The stars have since been removed (although they are left up on Rightpedia), but the same anti-Semitic content remains on Metapedia pages such as wacky conspiracy theories regarding Zionists, an obsession with Jews being behind cultural Marxism, and support for Holocaust revisionism. Although "Upplysning" attempts to portray himself as more moderate than the overt Neo-Nazi stance of Rightpedia, his edits and sources show he's in the same boat; e.g. the sort of odious and crank literature he references on the Holocaust entry includes former KKK leader David Duke, and the Institute for Historical Review.


There was once a page on Metapedia dedicated to "Reactionary defences of Islam", which "refers to attempts to defend the religion of Islam as a viable option for ethnic Europeans, following the degeneration of Christianity into liberalism and the unconvincing nature of attempts at reviving paganism".[21] Some Metapedia admin apparently at one stage were prepared to ally with extremist Muslims against Jews, however this tactic appears to have been dropped. There are some Islamophobic postings on Metapedia, but one gets the impression its admin hate Jews more than Muslims.

Sample comments[edit]

Readers will note that the English language, as it is used by the majority of its speakers, is frequently reinterpreted to match the editors' philosophy.

On themselves
"As a website, Metapedia is strongly opposed to Jewish supremacism and its slave army of beast-men of the demiurge. In the battle between good and evil, Metapedia is strongly in favour of the Aryan race — descendants of the god-men of Hyperborea and Ultima Thule."[22]
On "race"
"From the Tower of Babel to the later 20th century this was an accepted fact of reality... [t]he races of men are an easily observable fact of nature and a product of common sense. They are part and parcel of what makes up the Natural order."[23]
On racism
"Racism is the recognition that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race... [R]acism can range from mere recognition of skin deep differences between races to the acknowledgement that humanity contains a downward spiral, with the White race at the top and the lesser races — such as the Indigenous Australians, Bushmen and Hottentots — at the bottom."[24]
On anti-racism
"Anti-racism is the Marxist ideology of opposition to 'racism'. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term 'racist' was coined by Leon Davidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky). Anti-racism is a major focus of Cultural Marxism."[25]
On "Negroids"
"Even in the scarce cases of the Negroid showing some small spark of genius it has been with those having a great deal of white or arabic ancestry... decreased intelligence and increased animal sex drive... allowing for more efficient and brutal rape of children."[26]
On "Mongoloids"
"Only few of human discoveries were done by mongoloid people ... [they] especially are known for subtle art of tortures they apply on other people."[27]
On "Sodomites"
"See also Pedophiles, a similar form of illness."[28]
On "Jewish ritual murder"
"It is believed by some that the Jewish religion led in the past to the murder of Gentile children in order to use their blood for ritual dinners."[29]
On hate speech
"Hate Speech is a term used by governments and governing élites to refer to any opposition to official doctrine — for example, any political opposition to immigration or miscegenetion."[30]
On "Purim"
"The righteous Haman did as many of us have done today. Declared that all jews should be exterminated for their crimes against our peoples...","...was stopped and beaten to death with fire extinguishers. This is how all jews should be dealt with.","Whatever they “pray” to is a dark, demonic force of evil energy, to which they also sacrifice human babies to[sic]."[31]
On "American Indians"
"...one of the most violent races on earth."[32]
On "Native Americans"
"...in its historical meaning was a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant born in the United States of America."[33]
On African Americans
"...generally African Americans have around 20-30% White blood. This accounts for their higher intelligence and lower crime rates than pure-blooded Negroes."[34]
On "Gypsies"
"They are well known for mistreating their children... [b]eing their ancestors selected among criminals, they have a genetic inheritage that makes them more inclined to steal and commit violence against other people."[35]
On Globalism
"is an international movement, driven primarily by Trotskyism, Zionism and free-market liberalism, which is working to establish a one world government."
On Conspiracy theory
is an epithet invented by Jewish polemicist Karl Popper, Since that time the phrase has been used most commonly to describe members of the Truth movement and alternative media, or in a more general sense people who hold opinions on historical events disliked by the ruling establishment. What are once described as "conspiracy theories" as an epithet are later admitted to be true history by the "powers that be" when it is political convenient to do so and the lie is no longer useful"
On Alex Jones
The scope of material covered by Jones is broad and generally regarding the New World Order. Some of his "theories" are unusual, including FEMA concentration camps, HAARP weather modification, chemtrails, etc. Jones believes that 9/11 was an "inside job". Some of the information covered by Jones is factual, but he splices his material with deceptive shepherding. The most controversial aspect of Jones is his alleged gatekeeping for the Jewish criminal network; particularly Zionism.
On the United Kingdom Independence Party
"In recent years they have tried to portray themselves as a multiple-issue "patriotic" party, and regularly try to steal British National Party votes by claiming to oppose mass-immigration."[36]
On Wikipedia
"A far-left and Judeocentric, multilingual wiki project, censured by an internal bureaucracy of tribal editing clans to conform to a largely neo-Marxist and Zionist viewpoint."[37]
On Conservapedia
"Despite purporting to be a conservative website, Conservapedia is rife with Marxist phraseology. It describes Metapedia as a "racist" website; a term devised by Leon Trotsky founder of the Red Army."
On RationalWiki
"The website fraudulently portrays itself as being "rational," and opposed to "pseudoscience," yet promotes exactly the thing that they claim to oppose: the irrational spiritual pseudosciences of genetic egalitarianism and race denialism."
On Hitler
"Adolf Hitler remains one of the preeminent individuals in human history. In his personal life Hitler was a vegetarian, supported animal welfare, sympathized with the poor, was a fine artist and enjoyed classical music."
"ISIS tends to have unclear aims. ... ISIS also quickly lost focus on stopping jews/Israel and at one point did not like the Yazadi people, and a week later announced it would reconquer Spain. It has done no action in conquering Spain and it might just be talk that they forget about a week later."[38]
On Winston Churchill
"A Freemason Zionist race-traitor."
On Ayn Rand
"A scheming Russian Jewess."
On Léon Degrelle
After World War II, he was a prominent figure in promoting National Socialism and Historical Revisionism.
He continued publishing and polemicizing, voicing his support for national solutions and refused to accept the holocaust lie. [39]

You can find a few more examples of their antics archived on our "What is going on in the Fourth Reich?" page. Some users of Metapedia take delight in vandalising this article when they visit RationalWiki.[22] There is also a Wordpress blog known as "metadave" with similar content, though its relationship with the wiki is unclear.

Metapedian neologisms[edit]

"Volkenhass" (ungrammatical and bastardized German for "people-hate," apparently[40]) is a word which does not exist in any sane version of the English or German languages. Nevertheless, it is used by Metapedia – and wikinfo – to pretend that "racism" means something nice. The German term "Völkerhaß" means literally "hatred of other nations" and isn't a real German word, either.

Links with the British National Party[edit]

A post on the British National Party (BNP) website from the user Atlantid complained that the Wikipedia entry on the British National Party was "leftist orientated" and "smear[ed]" the group, griped that it was patrolled by individuals who were "heavily biased" against the BNP, and alleged that they were "affiliated with Unite Against Fascism", among other anti-fascist organizations. Additionally, Atlantid indicated that Metapedia's entry on the British National Party was, by contrast, "positive", and asserted that it aimed to surpass the hits on Wikipedia's BNP entry.[41]

However, not all have been impressed by Atlantid's works. "Atlantid" was considered a "race denialist vandal from RationalWiki" who had infiltrated the site as a troll, during a spat between Atlantid and Mikemikev following a deletion of content from Metapedia.[42]

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The links here marked "screenshot" are images of pages at Metapedia rather than direct links. They should all be considered NSFW.
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