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In fact, i consider myself exsptionally more of a rational man than those of the likes of Rationalwikie and the Libral/Luvvie-Left Bum tart's. Rationality is not the private speciality of the Libral/Lovvie-Left Bum Tart's or the Sycophantic, but through personal experience and my own views, and nature i am a Racist, if there is such a genuine term? [sic throughout]
—Anglo-Saxon Foundation member "Teutoburg Weald"[1]
Funny website... Oppress those Celtic miscreants! Normans out of the UK! Good luck turning the clock back to 1065, lads.
FSTDT poster "nazani14"[2]

The Anglo-Saxon Foundation was a forum for people with a curious obsession with England as it (purportedly) existed between roughly 400 and 1066 CE; they liked to pretend that they represented the views of England's silent majority, even though most English people probably regarded them as completely cuckoo.[note 1]

The posters' preoccupation with their favoured historical period took many forms: they preferred the white-dragon flag to St. George's Cross, they wanted to see a revival of Woden-worship and they had a tendency to pepper their posts with Old English words, often typing "Englisc"[note 2] rather than "English", and used "níðing"[note 3] as an insult.[3] Bent on returning England to its pre-Norman state, some members even defended mass murder and terrorism as valid approaches to achieve this goal.

Rather confusingly, the forum formed part of a larger website called "Englisc Gateway"; formerly this was known as "Saxon North" and, before that as "UEPEngland" ("United English Patriots England").


The Anglophobe conspiracy[edit]

The United English Patriots of England were among the last crankish remnant of believers in an old pseudo-historical idea known as the "Norman yokeWikipedia," according to which the Saxon period in England was a utopia that was completely destroyed by Norman invaders starting with William the Conqueror. Specifically, they regard the Anglo-Saxon people and their descendants as victims of mistreatment that began in 1066[4] and manifests in the present day in the form of a vast anti-English conspiracy (Peter Hitchens plays a similar card sometimes, though without the overt racism). They were able to back this theory up largely by defining "anti-English" really, really broadly.

For example, when a comedian such as Eddie Izzard (who is English) pokes fun at English people this is taken as evidence of anti-English bigotry;[5] however, the board also has a subforum devoted largely to ethnic jokes, with a disclaimer reading "Offended? don't be. As Bernard Manning would say, 'it's just a fucking joke'".[6] The forumgoers were apparently oblivious to this blatant double standard.

Despite being critical of the culture of victimhood supposedly prevalent in today's society, the ASF crew were all too eager to get a slice of the persecution pie for themselves; as such, they're always moaning about the Norman Conquest. What's more, they apparently expected the rest of the country to be equally obsessed with the subject: a number of members clung to the downright surreal belief that their old adversary, the leftist media, is disseminating pro-Norman propaganda.

"I see the BBC are repeating the series of programes [sic] about the Normans. Nothing like repeated BBC brainwashing!", says "Woden's Child". "The Normans killed tens of thousands of our kinfolk in the aftermath of 1066", replies a chap named Steven. "They never mention it, could it be the BBC are secret holocaust deniers? They just want people to believe the Normans were a sweet bunch of friendlies who built nice churches. Wankers." "The only Norman I ever liked was Norman Wisdom", added "Guthlac".[7]

Orcs, coco pops, and prominent niggers[edit]

Member "Inboren" suggests a revision to the census. Yes, very good.

The members of the ASF forums were often contemptuous of other ethnic groups; this extended not just to non-white people, but also to Celts, such as Sweaties (Scots), Taffs (Welsh), and Bogtrotters (Irish) as well as Normans. Non-Saxons were often referred to as "orcs" by forumgoers,[8][9] leading to such unintentionally comical statements as "there were a lot less Orcs in the mid '70s when I was in primary school". They point out that the term "orc" predates Tolkien, as though this somehow made the practice any less hilarious.[10]

"[I]t is thirty years since the niggers went ape ( pardon the pun ) in Brixton and Toxteth", says member "catweazle"; "that bitch Thatcher was considering bringing in the Army to deal with the rioting coons. Why didn't you, you stupid bitch? Those barbarians should have been wiped out, either by our Troops or by issuing the police with guns to mow these animals down." He then noted that "some of the street names were named after promiinent niggers".[11]

"Im afraid i've already admitted i'm a profesed Racist," says "Teutoburg Weald". "And if your a Darkie, Libral/Lovvie-Lefty fucking Bum Tart, then in this day and age yer the most Fashionable, sheek, perfumed rag-head Bastard on the face of this fucking shit hole of a planet, and being a Muzzie, your twice the most Fashionable, Sheek, Perfumed rag-head Camel Humping Bum-Tart Bastard on the face of this fucking shit hole of a Planet." He then added that "I'm a Racist, Homaphobic, none Sycophantic and completely un-PC Ethnic Engliscman and do you know what? I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!"

Shortly afterwards, he explained that "[i]f you understand what i'm saying mate i was using that Englisc of all Comic types as Sarcasem, Tongue in cheek humour, without coming straight out with it, but i am a racist, that is fact, and i'm not ashamed of it".[12] Thanks for clarifying that, Teutoburg.

The forum's owner has said that "The BNP speaks the truth, which is why idiots brand them racist. It's the oldest trick in the book."[13] However, some members found the BNP to be too open: "fucking all inclusive celtic bnp christianised dead jew on a fucking stick bullshit", grumbles "Grendel in Esseax".[14]

Some members are okay with Jews. Not all, however: in a discussion about Jews in England, board owner "Seaxan" commented "Not going to bother debating here. Let's just say that Longshanks had the right idea."[15] This is a reference to Edward I, nicknamed Longshanks, who attempted to expel the Jews from England.Wikipedia

Interracial marriage[edit]

You'd rather listen to this, no doubt.

"[M]y sister, the youngest has married a West Indian Bling-boy, and has to coffie coloured Coco-Pops by him," complains "Teutoburg Weald", who has elsewhere argued that all mixed-race people and their parents should be deported;[16] "neither me nor our dad have seen her, both me and my dad have strong views on Race Mixing, She has no Racial nor Family Loyalty". He goes on to state that "the Silly little bitch has made her bed and can FU**ing well lie on it, neither me nor my dad, have any desire to see her, she's made her own FU** up, she can live with it.."[17]

"Jesus christ Harold, sorry for your loss", replies "uneducated1".[note 4] "I can't imagine how I'd feel if one of my family members started crossbreeding. I'd probably cut myself off from him/her so well that all memory of him/her would be erased completely." "Witnere" states that "I have never heard another 'white' person of any ethnicity tell me mixed-race people were anything but an unfortunate consequence of inability to control base urges",[18] and that "Every member, male or female, of my family knows damn well not to come near me with an ethnic beau if they're stupid enough to get involved... absolutely I would carry my warning out. I would finish with anyone in my family who took-up with an ethnic."[17] We're sure that'd be a tremendous loss for them.

"Rídend" declares that the media "are after the younger, soon to be breeding crowd to manipulate into thinking miscegenation is 'acceptable' and 'good' regardless of the consequences to other equally important matters such as cultural continuation".[19]

"What about all the mixed race who don't get jobs etc, because they don't get accepted as either white or black?" asks Youngy.[20]

The stately homos of England[edit]

Despite England's noble tradition of flaming homosexuals (Noel Coward, Quentin Crisp, Stephen Fry, David Starkey — the list goes on), the ASF crew aren't too keen on the whole same-sex scene. "After a while, children get over the 'giggly stage' and become desensitised by familiarity in the same way they no longer notice that almost all children's TV programmes are presented by a black woman and a limp-wristed 'man'",[21] observes a member named "badger" in a thread on school children being taught about homosexuality. "By the time they're 10, the sight of a parade of lipstick-wearing perverts with their shaven arses showing through specially tailored and sequinned jeans, lining up outside Canterbury Cathedral for a same-sex 'marriage' will have them reaching for their lace hankies and confetti rather than the handguns that would be a more productive response!"[22]

"Another phase of exterminating the Ethnic English and probably the entire white population of this island?", adds "Inboren". "Brainwash all the kids into batting for the other side and job done, no more whitey and plenty room for more lovely Orcs."[23]


Yup, definitely Thor's hammer. No way it could possibly be a nineteenth-century mining implement dropped in dissolved sediment that has since solidified around it.

According to statistics,[24] England is 71.74% Christian, 3.10% Muslim, 1.11% Hindu, 0.67% Sikh, 0.52% Jewish, 0.28% Buddhist, 0.29% belonging to other religions, and 14.59% nonreligious, with 7.69% not stating their religion. The ASF, despite claiming to represent the English, seems to represent them about as much as the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist Provisional Central Committee) represents British workers: most of them are in the 0.29% "other religion" category, consisting largely of worshippers of Woden and Thunor.

Some of this neopaganism takes a very strange form. "As a heathen, my code doesn't allow me to feel empathy with the scum that treated my folk with the arrogance & disdain, of a people who felt they were superior to my race & kin", says member "Forstig" of the Japanese victims of the 2011 earthquake. "Bollocks to every dead one of them".[25] "[T]he japs prattle on about the samurai spirit and honour well honour allso involes admiting when you have done wrong and trying to make amends which is two things the nips seem to be incapable of doing so as far as im concerned this is simply the gods way of punishing the japanese for there lack of honour for not only are they a race of war criminals they are unrepentant war criminals and as such there wyrd[note 5] has caught up with them" adds "wesle".[26]

Member "Sceadugenden" posts about a time he received criticism from a Catholic woman for worshipping pagan deities. "I think you handled the situation very well," says "Alfwine". "I on the other hand would have restarted the old heathen custom of killing all inside taking all the gold and silver and burning the place to the ground".[27]

In one particularly daft incident, member "Steed" dredged up the long-discredited London Hammer for a thread entitled "75-100 Million Year Old Thor's Hammer?"; "Aelfcynn" responded by suggesting that the hammer is proof that Ragnarok has already occurred. The thread eventually descended into mumbling about "sky-people" and "twisted Jewish thought".[28]

The forum is supportive of Woden's Folk, an organization that can't tell the difference between an ancient Anglo-Saxon text and a line of dialogue from an eighties ITV series. One member even appears to have had the cult's crackpot leader Wulf Ingessunu conduct his wedding.[29]

Apology for terrorism[edit]

The United English Patriots of England had mixed opinions on the murders carried out by Anders Behring Breivik. Some denounced his actions; others speculated that his attacks were actually a false flag operation to make right-wing nationalists look bad.[30][31] Additionally, the ASF also believes that the assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox was a false flag operation, citing James Delingpole on Breitbart and Katie Hopkins as evidence for their claims.[32]

As a large portion of the forumgoers liked to sit around daydreaming about a race war, some instead praised Breivik for taking a step towards this glorious goal: "this Nordic Hero, killed many son's and daughters of Islam and Orc's, casualties in an ever growing Race War" said "Teutoburg Weald",[33] with apostrophes added for emphasis. "It matters little how many Librals, Asians or any other of our enemies die, War is War,and we didn't Start it!!"[34]

"The main targets of Breiviks rampage were the sons and daughters of Norways gilded liberal elite", commented "Bane Of Dumnonia"; "These people are largely beyond redemption."[35] "The press are all lefty jew backed and financially funded so no point in trying to talk to them", said "Grendel in Esseax"; "i think Breiviks actions in July and his statements in court today and tomorrow are justified the people he shot were in their twentys and not children".[36]

"Breivik is to be admired for showing the courage of his convictions. I am sad for the deaths of the young people.....but that's war", posted "Aelfcynn". In the same message she stated that "when the time comes, I will step up to the mark and use violence", adding — with refreshing honesty — "I doubt I'll last very long".[37]

Despite views such as these, the ASF members still cling to the belief that they merely share the values of all good, honest English folk. The likely possibility that the Norwegian Breivik has Norman blood was probably lost on them.[note 6]

The Wikipedia incident[edit]

In 2010, forum regular Youngy decided to use Wikipedia to promote the obscure nationalist group English Shieldwall. He first did this by adding a new section to Wikipedia's article on shield walls (the military technique, that is):[38]

The English, in modern times, have once again formed a Shieldwall. They are gathering in defence of ill treatment, just as their forefathers did before them. Many ill's have been committed and the English Shieldwall is the name of an organisation which is focused on defending the English folk from the on going devolution of England and the English people.

The English Shieldwall is a voluntary campaign group taking lawful action in numerous ways, to raise awareness of the need to promote and protect English ethnicity and to call for home rule for England. They are committed to fighting racism and anti-English discrimination.

They hold Educational information stalls and lobby councillors, councils, M.P's, political parties, businesses etc.

They write to local & national media. They are available and wanting to speak on any T.V shows or radio shows who are willing to debate discrimination towards English ethnicity.

They construct educational information leaflets concerning the cause and issue them to the public of England with a general intention to protect the English unique History & Identity.

The English Shieldwalls work will not be done until the English folk regain the respect that they so rightfully deserve within their ancient home - England.

Understandably, this blatant piece of advertising was then removed, and Youngy was told that his edit constituted vandalism and that "Wikipedia articles are not the place for right-wing propaganda and ethnic whining."[39] He later made a full page about the group, which was then deleted on the grounds that "the article appears to be about a club, but it does not indicate how or why the subject is important or significant: that is, why an article about that subject should be included in an encyclopedia".[39] A later recreation was also deleted.[40]


Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia: Anglophobe, promoter of terrorism, and would-be Nazi. Or something.

Over at the Anglo-Saxon Foundation, Youngy pointed to Wikipedia's article on Islam4UK and concluded that "Wikipedia is pure anti-English!"[41] "Yes, Wikipedia is racist against ethnic English and it's [sic] promotes mad terrorist groups such as Islam4uk," said "Guthlac". "Any reporter worth their salt would investigate Wickipedia and find who and what are behind it and who they are linked too and their backers. I bet it would be a real eye opener." All this, of course, misinterpreted Wikipedia's guidelines on notability: a subject is considered worthy of an article if it has been covered by reliable third-party sources such as news reports. Islam4UK has been covered in the news, and so is deemed notable; English Shieldwall apparently hasn't, and so is not deemed notable. Whether or not the subject is nice is irrelevant.

Things got worse as "Seaxan" found thisWikipedia and declared it to be "a dedicated page for monitoring pages concerning England". Member "Witnere" was outraged: "that puts the tin hat on it for me. They are guilty as charged with Anglophobia. They actively monitor and delete articles designed to enhance English consciousness. GRRR!" Of course, Wikipedia has equivalent pages for just about every other country under the sun,[42] but this was conveniently ignored by the forumgoers.

"Bastards!", yelled "Guthlac". "The amount of s....t they have on their sight and willingness to listen to some pc Anglophobes is is indicative that they are in the hands of the liberal media, pc brigade and EU. Fro an organisation that say sit against censorship it does a lot of agilest the ethnci English." After this bout of illiteracy he added that "the owner of it should remember that he wouldn't even be able set up Wikipedia and express his views if it wasn't for our ethnic English fathers and grandfathers and the allies freeing his country from Nazi oppression. The owner of wikipedia and those with a vested interest in it, if they were around during WWII they would probably have been Nazi collaborates.", managing to delude himself about a major fact of World War II.

Youngy stated that the article "was reported by a member called 'ladyshallom'"; the deleting admin's username was actually "LadyofShalott",[43] but the possibility of a Jewish connection was apparently too good to pass up. "That there would be people of Jewish heritage in a racist leftist concern is no suprise", said "Witnere". "Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin all shared Jewish heritage in common. And Communism has always seen the Anglo-Saxon world with it's insistence on personal freedoms as it's biggest enemy."[44][45] "Rídend", meanwhile, objected to the term "vandalism", as it "uses one our illustrious Germanic tribes’ names in a slanderous way".[46][note 7]

"Goy cabal"[edit]

From the Wikipedia user profile that spawned a conspiracy theory.

Bizarrely, Youngy blamed the deletion on a "Yiddish secret society" called "Goy cabal". He later stated that Wikipedia is "full of Jewish attempts of world domination called Goy cabal"[47] and, some time after the incident, was still complaining about "'Goy Cabal' - an underground Jewish movement".[48]

It's true that the individual who deleted the ad for English Shieldwall did, at the time, have an infobox in his profile identifying himself as "part of the Goy cabal aiming for world-dominance".[49] However, what Youngy failed to realise is that, like many other infoboxes made for Wikipedia profiles, this is a joke. A "goy", of course, is a non-Jew; the idea of a "goy cabal" is an obvious parody of antisemitic conspiracy theories regarding Jewish cabals. And members of a secret society plotting world domination would be unlikely to announce their intentions in their flippin' Wikipedia profiles, would they, Youngy? (The "cabal" reference itself is a Wikipedia in-joke, referring to the "there's no cabal"Wikipedia reassurance given to paranoid newbies which has spawned a numberWikipedia of jokes.)

Incidentally, the fellow also identifies himself as "a proud and yummy member of the Bacon Cabal". Rather disappointingly, the ASF did not devise a conspiracy of bacon farmers trying to take over the world.

The RationalWiki incident[edit]

In 2011, this article was posted at the ASF board by "wesle" in a subforum entitled "anti-English/anti-White racism and prejudice", as though criticism of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation constitutes criticism of all English people.[50] He then summed up his love for English in an epic 190 word sentence with elementary spelling and grammar errors and no capitalization to speak of:

i just found this oh so though discection of us here i was at first tempted to post it in the humour section because there inept amaturish attempt at a hatchet job on the ASF is at best comically inept but in the end i decided this was the right place for these smug self satisfied antienglish pillocks due to there unthinking automatic knee jerk reaction to anyone showing pride in being english and actually doing the research as many have on here and coming to the conclusions that we have come to on many subject(and even there we agree to disagree on many matters unlike most "liberal" groups)based on a thoughtfull consideration on the evidence they blithely dismiss us as neo nazi tin foil hat wearing paranoid conspiracy theorists not having the courage of there convictions to come on here and get our side of things or heavens forbid try to debate the point rationally rather then doing the usual psuedo[sic] liberal trick of starting from a confrontational openly biased position and then accusing everyone else of being "racists"when they inevitably start to lose the debate

"Behold the deed of a true níðing", said "Rídend". "The twerp who penned this piece of childishness best be careful for he has now crossed the line where libel laws come into play". Don't worry, love, we're sure the lawyers of England will be rushing to the defense of that beloved national institution, the Englisc Gateway forum.

"This site is obviously some left-wing liberal site as they clearly have problems with any site that doesn't promote their anal ideals", concludes administrator "Seaxan", a man who objects when he sees a children's Flash game with a black guy in it.[51]

"Anyone English and reading that would automatically want to join", said Youngy of the article.[48] Er, yes, of course, love. Just keep on telling yourself that.

RationalWiki's anti-English agenda[edit]

"Seaxan" argued that the site has too little coverage of non-white racists: "What about the Black Panthers? where are they?", he asks.[50] Er, they're here, Mr. Seaxan. Do try to keep up.

"I wonder how many non English 'hate sites' (seeing as they regard us as a hate site) do they visit and then make their 'rational' deliberation in regard to them, including quotes, screen grabs, etc?", asks "Woden's Child".[10] "It's been pointed out that their 'hate sites' have a rather obvious bias to them. There's nothing rational about ranting on about our supposed hatred but conveniently ignoring that of others. Well that's easy enough to figure out - it's called a 'hidden agenda'."

"I'd also take a guess that there is no rationalwiki page referring to or condemning Islamic extremism, or any other 'ism' unless it has a connection to white people", he continues. "[I]t's the idea of an English ethnic identity and its promotion that seem to be their particular bugbear".

"Let's see them mock the Islamic faith", challenged "Seaxan". One need only read our articles criticizing Islamic extremism to know that we are not light on proper criticism of Islamic, we are merely critical of unwarranted bigotry against Muslims.

The Wiki conspiracy[edit]

Wiki in action.

The encounters with Wikipedia and RationalWiki fed a rather curious belief which seems to have been held by a number of ASF members, namely, that a sinister left-wing organisation named "Wiki" is performing nefarious deeds online and may even be planning world domination.

We can see a rudimentary form of this theory in the thread on Wikipedia. "It is blatant bigotry, then again this is the lot that just shat on troops in Afghanistan by releasing classified material", commented "Guthlac".[46] The organisation that released classified material about Afghanistan was Wikileaks, not Wikipedia; either "Guthlac" was simply too ignorant of current affairs to distinguish between them, or he honestly believed that the two sites are in cahoots.

The misconception solidified in the thread about RationalWiki, where people in the discussion had trouble wrapping their brains around the fact that Wikipedia and RationalWiki are different sites run by different people. "It simply proves what an unreliable source Wikipedia is", says "Wada". "Wikipedia is hardly neutral if it has to make personal attacks," commented "Woden's Child". He then curiously added that "having the freedom to believe in something that Rationalwiki doesn't comes at a price - the price being that they'll openly use the internet and the visibility they have to ridicule us because they don't agree with our concepts. Some freedom."

From here, members began referring to something called "Wiki", apparently in the belief that it is the name of an organisation that controls both Wikipedia and RationalWiki. "Anything to do with Wiki is dubious", says "Rídend". "Woden's Child", meanwhile, expressed his distaste for "Wiki (or should I say 'Thicki') who are so obvious in their bias that no explanation for their bile against us is needed".

"The more they attack and insult a group, the more they are in fear of that group", said "Teutoburg Weald" in one of the more colourful comments. "So with the continuious attack's and overt insults from the likes of Wikie, and other Leftist/Marxist Libral Lovvie wirdos, then its them showing their FEAR of us as Ethnic Englisc Nationalists... we have them craping themselves, so anything they say or do against us, is good, good for us, we grow stronger, while they are growing weaker, and more and more afraid of us, and that is also good for us, and bad for them". He concludes that "it shows that our cause is growing, and the Ethnic Englisc are increasingly becoming a threat to everything the Leftist Marxists have dreamed of and strived for eg. Global Domination, you attack that which you fear, and they fear us big time..."

The truth, of course, is that "wiki" is simply a generic term for a website that can be edited by its readers. While it's true that a number of prominent wikis, including Wikipedia, are operated by a single organisation (the Wikimedia Foundation), there are many more that are completely independent - RationalWiki being amongst them.

The Metapedia incident[edit]

The ASFers were pleased to find that at least one wiki has a favourable word for them: Metapedia.[52] Metapedia's article about the forum was created by a member named "Basileus",[53] a look through his other edits to the site will reveal him to be a Nazi sympathiser[54] and anti-semite[55][56][57] who wants European men to become "virile fascistic alphas".[58] Further investigation revealed that Basileus was a Wikipedian known as Yorkshirian.[59][60]

The members of the ASF claim to be anti-Nazi, but they clearly had no trouble throwing this principle to the wind when a Nazi said something nice about them.

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  1. However, similar nationalist obsessions with ancient history exist in Eastern Europe that enjoy somewhat more support.
  2. Pronounced by the Anglo-Saxons roughly the same way as it is now, but with a short <e> as in the word *end*.
  3. Pronounced *neething*, a word meaning "coward" or "wretch", but also linked to unmanliness and queerness; compare alt-right use of "cuck".
  4. A fitting username indeed…
  5. The Old English word for fate.
  6. Norman is derived from a contraction of "North man", as the founders of Normandy were from Norway.
  7. The Vandals themselves could not be reached for comment, since they have been extinct for well over a thousand years.


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