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Fun:Coulter Coefficient

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Too irrational to measure

The Coulter Coefficient is a notional measurement of the degree of intolerance/hostility a community has towards outsiders or deviants. The Coefficient is measured in "milliCoulters" (mČ), this being the largest unit suitable for everyday use.

  • Ann Coulter's own books: 1000 milliCoulters, or 1 Coulter
This is the defining standard. If Coulter gets better/worse, then the scale adjusts accordingly.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meeting: 230 milliCoulters
  • RationalWiki in headless chicken mode: 57 milliCoulters ± a binful of vandals
  • Typical group of sports fans: 120 milliCoulters
  • The popular kids at school: 145 milliCoulters
  • Typical group of sports fans, at a bar: 200 milliCoulters
  • The average 4chan Anon towards "newfags": 370 milliCoulters
  • Typical group of sports fans, at a live game: 500 milliCoulters
  • The average 4chan Anon towards "tripfags/namefags": 580 milliCoulters
  • Conservapedia sysops: 640 milliCoulters
  • The average 4chan Anon towards "SJWs": 930 milliCoulters
  • Michael Savage's radio show: 1100 milliCoulters
  • The average 8chan Anon towards "SJWs": 1500 milliCoulters
  • The Spanish Inquisition: 25000 milliCoulters