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Fun:Drinking Game

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A collection of items to take a drink on for the community of RationalWiki. You will need a soft alcoholic drink (beer, wine, sake), a hard shot drink (mixed drinks work) and bottles of scotch.

  • When someone mentions the biased perspective of RationalWiki, such as it being in league with feminism, take a drink.
  • When someone says that RationalWiki is not rational, take a drink.
    • And another for every instance of {{RATIONALWiki}} that is transcluded in under it.
    • Double for instances of the above two that are presented on article pages rather than talk pages. Quadruple instead if it's in the style of a mock disclaimer.
  • When somebody says it's more like Irrationalwiki, take a drink.
  • When someone edits an article to give it a completely different meaning, take two drinks.
    • Add a shot if the editor attempts to defend the edit.
      • Add two more shots if the page becomes protected for said editor trying to reinsert their changes.
  • When someone edits an article to add hysteria, take a drink.
  • When someone mistakes this for Wikipedia, take a drink.
  • When Trent says he's had another legal threat, crack open the scotch.
  • If someone notices that RW is a place on the internet where there actually are women, replace your drink with a martini.
  • If someone says RW is just as bad as Encyclopædia Dramatica or Conservapedia, take a drink.
  • When someone calls it a wiki ruled by "SJW"s or suggests the wiki to be renamed "SJW Wiki" or other similar names, take a drink.
  • Take a drink for every upvote in our entry in the Urban Dictionary.
  • Whenever a goat is praised, take a celebratory drink.