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RationalMedia Foundation (RMF)
My own opinion is enough for me, and I claim the right to have it defended against any consensus, any majority, anywhere, any place, any time. And anyone who disagrees with this can pick a number, get in line, and kiss my arse.
Christopher Hitchens, capturing the spirit of scientific snark[1]

RationalWiki tends to catch the ears of people whom it criticises, who strangely don't enjoy said criticism. Below is a list of people who are pissed at us for one reason or another, which serves as irrefutable proof that we are shills for everyone and their opposite.

Notably absent from this list is Encyclopædia Dramatica, which does have a scathingly hateful article about RW, including a guide for how to troll the site. But as ED has that for pretty much everything (and hates a lot of things), this is seen as standard and so doesn't really count. Also missing is Ripoff Report,Wikipedia which is also pissed at us and just about everyone under the sun who doesn't pay them off.Wikipedia[2][3]


I'm still waiting on my goddamn Obama propaganda money.

American Thinker[edit]

The right wing extremist website American Thinker posted an article that objected to being labelled wingnut[5] while not actually refuting any of the accusations of wingnuttery (Obama conspiracy theories, global warming denialism, creationism, Birtherism, etc.) — if anything, they ended up supporting the charges against them. At times, they just seemed to make things up, such as saying that RationalWiki doesn't go after Leftists or saying there were no arguments on the page when there were but they were apparently ignored. Their comments section wasn't fond of us either, for instance:

American Thinker is probably the most civilized web site to opine. Most other sites are no more than troll bait.

I truly appreciate this site and its members for the opportunity to learn other's [sic] opinions and comment on my own.

Civility is a dead art to liberals, and RationalWiki just proved it.

Aporia Magazine[edit]

The far-right online magazine Aporia Magazine got all hot and bothered at our treatment of alt-right wingnut Emil O. W. Kirkegaard and, without any evidence at all, called RationalWiki a "radical left website sabotaging research".

Top quote

The best way to discover the truth is to explore topics intrepidly, forwarding arguments and evidence. And this is exactly what enemies of free inquiry like RationalWiki try to prevent. They make the impersonal world of science the very personal world of ad hominem attacks and slanders.[6]

Discovery Institute[edit]


In an article entitled "Media Promoting Misinformation about the Santorum Amendment", the Discovery Institute claimed that RationalWiki were misrepresenting the Santorum Amendment by claiming it would "promote the teaching of intelligent design while questioning the academic standing of evolution".[7]

They claim the Amendment reads "It is the sense of the Senate that -- (1) good science education should prepare students to distinguish the data or testable theories of science from philosophical or religious claims that are made in the name of science; and (2) where biological evolution is taught, the curriculum should help students to understand why this subject generates so much continuing controversy, and should prepare the students to be informed participants in public discussions regarding the subject." (Ironic bits in bold.)

Top quote

The Santorum Amendment represents a successful amendment where both Houses of U.S. Congress ultimately endorsed language which supported teaching students about the scientific controversy over biological evolution.

"Teaching the controversy" being the thinking behind intelligent design in the first place.

First Things[edit]

Our article on Human exceptionalism had not even been up a day before drawing a response from Wesley J. Smith on the First Things website. Setting aside the fact that it was the work of one user and was yet to receive collaborative efforts from the RationalWiki community to improve it (in particular, the addition of information on secular and other non-creationist arguments), it is still bizarre to claim that that version of our article labels human exceptionalism as creationism.

Top quote

Well, RationalWiki—the "rationalists'" answer to Wikipedia, I guess, has sniffed out human exceptionalism and irrationally label it “creationism.”[8]

LGB Alliance[edit]

The LGB Alliance, a "gay rights" group known for its exclusion of trans people (as evidenced by even just their name alone) and its apologetics for people who oppose gay marriage, was not pleased about how we called them out for their blatant transphobia and hypocrisy. They even went so far as to submit a document to the OHCHR seminar on academic freedom whining about our "libelous" information about them:

Thus, those who Google our organization, LGB Alliance, are initially directed by Google’s algorithm to a RationalWiki page with false and defamatory information about us. In our view, this constitutes interference with the right to seek information.[9]

Manhattan Institute[edit]

City Journal, a publication of the Manhattan Institute, attacked a (banned) RationalWiki contributor:

Smith sometimes used two other Wiki sites, Encyclopedia Dramatica and RationalWiki, for further support, creating additional attack pages there about the subjects of his Metapedia articles. While Encyclopedia Dramatica has no specific ideology, RationalWiki is ideologically the opposite of Metapedia: it was founded by ex-members of Conservapedia, a conservative encyclopedia, and originated as an anti-Conservapedia site.[10]

The article appeared in City Journal a few weeks after Smith received a Twitter direct message from the account of the Cancel Watch Substack, instructing him to "refrain from continuing you[sic] malicious activities" with a threat if he did not:

You are about to get hit with a massively embarrassing article in a mainstream journal with millions of readers. We have the receipts of your neo-nazi posts. This didn't have to happen. Those of us you've attacked have no interest in you, but you forced our hand. You will be the one on the receiving end of what you've done for years. But in this case, unlike your stupid "rational wiki" posts, which no serious person pays any attention to, the article about you will be well-documented, well-sourced, and entirely true...[11]

Party for Freedom[edit]

The far-right Australian Party for Freedom made a little fuss on a talk page:[12]

The article is biased, has made numerous unsubstantiated claims and and has not cited sources for these claims. The language is gutteral, colloquial and unprofessional. Party for Freedom will complain if the author of this article persists.

When their edits were reverted, they sulked about and vandalised two pages. Soon after they had to be forced into a timeout by a Sysop.[13]


Out of all the denialism they could have written about and exposed, VDARE picked denialism of...(drumroll please)...the War on Christmas![14] RationalWiki, described as "a group of more-than-usually-obnoxious atheists", features prominently among their list of deniers. VDARE takes issue with the statement in our article, "The so-called ‘War on Xmas’ is a right wing demagogic neologism referring to secular progressives' attempts to keep the December solstice holiday shopping season culturally inclusive".

Top quote

Under the heading of “So what's a war without war profiteers”, the RationalWiki guys accuse the American Family Association of profiteering off [sic] the War On Christmas because of its Naughty or Nice Christmas List of retailers that “avoid, ban, or use the term ‘Christmas’ in their advertising.” ...Of course, it’s the retailers who are profiteering—to the tune of close to 600 billion dollars in pre-Christmas sales. The AFA, like, is supported by (tax-deductible) donations.

Internet forums[edit]

Anglo-Saxon Foundation[edit]

Members of the Anglo-Saxon Foundation forum responded to our article about them by accusing us of being "anti-English" (inevitable, really, as they seem to consider almost every site on the Internet to be "anti-English") and repeatedly complaining that we don't criticise Islam, which will doubtless come as a surprise to the members of Islamic Awakening (see below). Our article was later discovered by a seventeen-year-old idiot named Sobotnik, and RationalWiki was blamed for his subsequent trolling spree.[15]

Top quote

You have to feel sorry (NOT!) for these pissants who have nothing better to do in their pathetic lives but sit in their lonely little rooms staring at a screen, trawling for who knows what guided by their inexperience and limited points of views, so they can mock others who do not think like them (thankfully). They must also think it makes their tiny penises bigger or something. Perhaps if they got out in the real world and did something useful with their limited time on this planet instead of fabricating derision for a site nobody reads, the world would be just that much of better place. This of course does not enter their minuscule brains. We can only hope Darwin is right...[16][note 1] Official Forum[edit]

Numerous people posting on David Icke's online forums have shown antipathy toward our fine institution, with one speculating that our pages are edited by the CIA.

Top quote

Now, since I've heard that wikipedia is edited by the CIA, could it be that also rationalwiki is edited by the CIA, actually even more? It seems to me that there is nothing rational whatsoever about how rationalwiki tries to ridicule the doubts there are about 911 and all the other major false flag events and assassinations engineered by the US government. It is stupid, it is aimed at stupid people, but I think it is written by smart people with a hidden agenda (convincing the stupid people).[citation needed]

Free Republic[edit]

It seems the far-right forum Free Republic doesn't care for us either.[17] After the American Thinker wrote a piece about RationalWiki that proved... something, they paid more attention to our wiki (apparently they don't hear about something until a wingnut website mentions it). Matthew Bracken also noticed his (now-deleted) article, but oddly enough didn't seem all that bothered by it, though he did have this to say:

Rationalwiki must believe that good Republicans: equivocate; rationalize; cave on the superior knowledge of Democrats and their think-tank allies; will do anything to keep their political power as defined by their best friends, the Democrats; look the other way when a Democrat breaks the law; believes that there are moderate muslims, and praises the efforts of CAIR and other peaceful muslim groups== list continues...[note 2]

Islamic Awakening[edit]

Islamic Awakening is one of those sites where Muslim extremists, pretending to be moderate Muslims, get together to fantasize about killing people they disagree with. In 2011, they had their own awakening to RW's article on them. One user blew a few irony meters by saying "I ask Allah to grant a miserable life to everyone intentionally involved in mocking the Prophet" in reference to the article, before in the very next sentence stating that "It's very easy to go on a message board and collect random statements to blow them out of proportion or purposely misconstrue them for sensationalism..." So, quote mining and strawmanning is wrong, unless it's you doing it. Glad to have that one cleared up.

Top quote

I hope you forget your blender plugged in and on the ground, for some reason, and your illegitimate babies stumble into it - head first. Quote that please.[18]

Kiwi Farms[edit]

Kiwi Farms Logo.png

The notorious internet forum and wretched hive of whiny losers Kiwi Farms had a thread about us, describing us as a:

Whiny hugbox for spergs and a clusterfuck of neverending drama on a rapidly declining website.[19]

Later, Cynical responded to our entry:


No, you fucking morons, we find you a bunch of jokes, not worthy of even mild annoyance. Also, the quote you cited was sarcasm.[20]


The LessWrong logo

LessWrong has an up and down relationship with RW. With a small but notable overlap in userbase and Yudkowsky's one-time insistence that hardcore rationalists can be recruited from sites like RW, it still attracts ire from LW users because they claim the word "rational" as theirs, dammit. And that we are the go-to site to learn about Roko's basilisk. Apparently we're the "Sith" to their "Jedi",[21] which would be a great analogy if the Sith mostly paid the Jedi no attention at all.

Top quotes

Regarding the phase[sic] "Note for the clueless (i.e. RationalWiki)" (emphasis added)
Or, rather, whether that's what he meant to express; I don't believe he actually believes nobody other than RationalWiki is clueless. Roughly speaking, I would have taken it to be a subtle way of expressing that RationalWiki is so clueless nobody else deserves the label.[22][note 3]

Its problem is that it is an ammunition depot to aid in winning debates. Very specific kinds of debates too. This may sound harsh, but consider: How many people reading the site that aren't already atheists will change their mind on religion? How many people who follow a "crankish" belief won't do so afterwards? While I'm sure it happens the site obviously isn't optimized for this. How many people will read the wiki and try to find errors and biases in their own thinking to debug it instead of breaking if[sic] further with confirmation bias or using it as a club? How many will apply this knowledge to help them with any real world problems? Truth seeeking? As a source or community that could aid in that quest it is less useful and reliable than Wikipedia, which while a rather good and extensive encyclopaedia (despite snickering to the contrary) has a subtly but importantly different stated goal.[21]

Ludwig von Mises Institute forum[edit]

Members of the forum for the Ludwig von Mises Institute noticed our article about libertarians in January 2011. Considering the von Mises institute promotes the Austrian school of economics, developed by libertarian Ludwig von Mises, they weren't happy.[23]

Top quote

RationalWiki is a product of the Progressive Dawkinsian atheist, who is so immersed in the religion of liberal statism that he is not aware it is a religion. These people are intellectually of little value, simply repeating the tropes they learned in college, but they are representitive [sic] of the 'elite' in the United States.h [sic]



Those lovely folk at Metapedia seem to have a problem with us because... well, because we don't seem to hate everybody else. The article on RW may be a mixture of parodyWikipedia and satire, however; it previously described RW as a "genetic-egalitarian race-denialist propaganda website", which is fair enough, but stating that Richard Dawkins is RW's messiah is a bit of a leap.[24] It is also notable for attempting to create a "power structure" of RW, based on user rights logs,[24] although this has since been removed in a 2015 rewrite by Swedish Holocaust denier Upplysning ("Enlightenment"), who is one of only two active users on the site. Oh, and they've also singled out our articles on Holocaust denial[25] and race[26] for criticism (surprise, surprise!), lumping us alongside the supposedly "leftist" Wikipedia.

Top quote

The website fraudulently portrays itself as being “rational”, and opposed to “pseudoscience”, yet promotes exactly the thing that they claim to oppose: the irrational spiritual pseudosciences of genetic egalitarianism and race denialism. On top of such deceptiveness, Trent Toulouse solicits donations (on the website’s main page) under these false pretenses. That fits within the definition of criminal fraud.[24][edit]

While the blog itself did not mention us, the comments are not fond of us since they discovered our article on

Top quote

Well well. It looks like moonbats now have their own wiki site.

It looks like anyone can edit it too. This could be fun.[27]


In May 2018, our TERFs article was posted to the TERF-dominated forum Mumsnet. They weren't happy at all, accusing us of being huge men's rights activists disguised as feminists.[28]

The Rational Wiki on feminism is the future for women under the hierarchy of trans activists.


Their article crying about censorship describes us as a "vaccine propagandist" website.[29]

This effectively silenced Natural News from being able to defend itself against all the malicious attackers and pro-pharma publishers… Those sites include the Genetic Literacy Project… pharma-funded… all the vaccine propagandist websites (Rational Wiki, etc.) that have been desperately trying to silence myself and Natural News because of our efforts to protect children from mercury in vaccines.

Nordic Resistance Movement[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Nordic Resistance Movement
I undid your vandalism on Rationalwikis page on the NRM. I am currently in a meeting with members of the Danish branch of the NRM. If you can convince yourself that lying can be virtuous, take action against me. If we're bad, tell people the truth about us.
—Kristian Niss[30]

Objectivism Online[edit]

In July 2009, RW came to the attention of Objectivism Online, a forum dedicated to Randroids. A thread on this topic was closed shortly after an RW user invited them to discuss criticism on the talk page of the objectivism article.[31]

Top quote

Don't waste your time with it. The entire page is a poorly-written smear-job.


Ovarit, an off-shoot of Reddit run by and for TERFs, came to our attention in July 2021. It took them a month to find it.[32]

Top quote

The entire page (and website) is crying about the poor TIMs[note 4] that they almost forgot to paperclip the token females in their group. The "transmisandry" is pretty funny, because they love to tell TIFs to shut up, as they are "strait white men" now, and bringing up sexism is transphobic because that would admit that biological sex and sex based oppression exists.


Rightpedia, a fork of Metapedia, had an article about us as well (before it was taken down). Oddly for a website that is so devoted to hating things, they did have a few nice things to say about us, mixed in with their vitriolic spite for our refusal to acknowledge alt-right ideology as an opinion that can be held by someone who isn't a morally bankrupt and/or horribly mis-educated imbecile.

Top quote

RationalWiki (nicknamed IrrationalWiki) and Wikis on politics tend to have a certain viewpoint, such as Wikipedia is mainstream US liberalism. Conservapedia is mainstream US conservatism. For IrrationalWiki, it is pro-neo-Marxism, pro-Globalism, and the hypocritical position that conspiracy theories are hoaxes. Although the viewpoint in its articles is often too extreme, it is run professionally. They prevent doxxing and have banned members that behave crazy like traditional Communist activists. Crazy viewpoints are fine, but behaving uncivil is not allowed.[citation needed]

R. K. Hilbert Space[edit]

Whoever runs the above Twitter account (who describes himself as a "Metrosexual Tech Oligarch") took exception to our article on the Salem Hypothesis.

Salem Hypothesis … rational wiki is a KGB front organization. This article absolutely bleeds communist.[33]


The Reddit mascot

Not content with how they are covered, multiple communities on Reddit have variably become pissed at us.


/r/aznidentity is a subreddit that accused RationalWiki of being racist because... uh... we don't like pseudoscience? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[34]

Top quote

Actually, I would argue that rationalwiki is inherently racist, in that they view themselves as "rational" so that everything they oppose is "irrational." From what I've seen so far of it, they too often ignore the cultural, social, and philosophical issues that surround the issues they oppose. While they mostly focus their ire on Islam, that outlook nevertheless bleeds over into other facets of their opinion. Rationalwiki is imperialist by supporting the status quo and silencing non-western ideas as irrational or superstitious. While as far as I know they don't have a bone to pick with Asians, I don't consider them my friends.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally as a side-effect, the bottom line is that rationalwiki has a western-centric borderline imperialist view. They support New-Atheists such as Sam Harris who are known imperialists. Of course they're going to paint whites who go to Asian countries in a good light. If you want to change how they view sexpats, you're going to have to change their whole business model.

That's why it isn't worth your time. We're not just dealing with unintentional racists here, or even well-meaning fascists. The whole place is misguided from first-principles to its conclusions, and dealing with them will take more out of you than anything you can get from it.

Literal title of another post

RationalWiki liberal western SJW neckbeard basement dwelling hipsters who shop at Whole Foods lump Duterte in with Trump and racist Europeans who hate Muslims, when Duterte is pro Moro Muslim and implemented laws to stop racism by Filipinos against Moro Muslims and Lumads[35]


Our article about the Uyghur genocide drew attention from the tankies on this subreddit dedicated to left-wing youtubers.

Top quote

Wow, again with the CIA Propaganda.

It's almost as if the CIA Propaganda... criticizes itself? Plus, when you try to debunk us, please actually read our articles, dumbass. Quote mining and cherry picking won't get you anywhere.


Our racialism article drew ire from this demonstratively-named subcommunity, who take exception to our deconstruction of racism "race realism".

Top quote

The "debunking" of race is riddled with the standard parasitic bullshit logic. First off, the moronic website calls itself "rational" and has a big picture of a brain. It's like an appeal to authority over intelligentsia. The fact that name is "rational" and it has a picture of a brain does not, in fact, make its arguments any better.[citation needed]


A board for "detransitioners" run by TERFs for TERFs infamous for pushing conversion therapy has come to hate us because of exposing the truth about their community.[36]

Top quote

RationalWiki is parading as rational while actually a culty tumblresque people

Well, /r/detrans is way more cult-like than RationalWiki ever was.

Another quote

The atheist+ community (which RationalWiki started out as) have been treating detrans/desisted people like shit. A lot of prominent atheist+ people have been attacking journalists who talk about detransition (notably Jesse Singal) or cast out their own members who dare speak up against the gender narrative (Richard Dawkins).

Talking about detransition is fine, but not attacking transgender people like Richard Dawkins do.


Naturally, the angry gamers who continue to pretend that a campaign of harassing women and anyone who finds their methods disgusting is "actually about ethics in video game journalism" found the light cast on them by our Gamergate article to be unbearable.[37][38][39][40][41][42][43] RW continues to receive a steady stream of BoNs and new single-purpose accounts to cry about this site not being "Rational" and for allowing "muh esjayduhbulyooz" to "take over" the place.

Top quote

It's a wiki that purports to be the rationalist/humanist counter to Conservapedia. And is a den for SJWs and pretentious pseudo-progressives who think they're intellectual.

Another quote

As a disclaimer, I used to anonymously edit some RationalWiki pages before (until its pages became too skewered [sic] and SJW-pandering to even consider salvaging), I'm a liberal-centrist and I'm sympathetic to the conventional and moderate strains of patriotism, nationalism and cosmopolitanism.

...And I find it hard to agree with what amounts to be a one-sided polemic masked by intellectual jargon. That's not even getting to their coverage on the LWs, gamers and GamerGate.

And a quote from a BoN

The gaming community is tired of you. The internet is tired of you. The American people are tired of you. The days of your ideologie's [sic] popularity is [sic] numbered.[44]


The RationalWiki article on the law of attraction got reposted on r/lawofattraction, where, predictably, the response was a recitation of the usual escape hatches.


After RW was put on the Skeptic sub-reddit forum in 2013, it quickly gained a couple of good up-votes and some positive comments (indeed, most RW users will agree that it's biased, and should be used as a resource rather than a reference). Then a few creeps from the MRA contingent, MensRights, decided that the place was "overrun by radical feminists" (which should have come as a surprise to Cathy Brennan). The sub-reddit then decided to "invade" (or "brigade" or whatever they call it) and mass down-vote every single comment that asked them for actual evidence that RW was overrun by radical feminists.[45] 317 comments and one piss-take response[46] later, the clusterfuck of derp finally died down.

Top quote

Patriarchy, yes you can demonstrate it, the hateful 2nd wave radical feminist conspiracy theory Patriarchy Theory that was built up around patriarchy, is just that - a hateful conspiracy theory that is contradicted by the fact a woman is more likely to be the family abuser than a man.


On their subreddit, some MGTOWers were not very pleased about our removal of their whitewashy bullshit from our article on them. Here is their rant, in which they proceed to strawman the shit out of us DESTROY us with FACTZ and LOGIC:

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of this rant is that if you'll take a look at an older version of the MGTOW article in the midst of an edit war, you will find that virtually all of the "types" of MGTOW mentioned within the list are equally nutty, as they all seem to imply that there is some kind of misandric matriarchal conspiracy woo inherent in "the system".[47]
Top quote

A friend of mine, Ambition of Truth on YouTube, just tried editing the MGTOW page on RationalWiki. He was under the assumption that Rat(tional)Wiki would welcome viewpoints about the movement and his edits showing the different varieties of MGTOWS and that not everyone affiliated with the movement is as dumb as they say. Seems IrrationalWiki[note 5] fell pretty far since they veered away from debunking Conservapedia. Not only did the revert the edits and protect the page, but they mocked him and said things like "all MGTOWS are just Incels!" ala Matt Forney.[48]


Being an anarcho-capitalist subreddit, Shitstatistssay saw our articles on universal health care and Austrian school, and they didn’t like them,[49] not one little bit.[50]

Top quote

tbh I'm not going to critque something like this


Not a serious article. Just smug ignorance. Oh and it kicks off with a quote from one the guys responsible for modern neo-Keynesian economics (and communist apologist).[49]

Another quote

The entire website is like that.

It is indeed fitting that the site's logo is that of a brain, as it offers an insight into the warped and twisted mind of the statist.[50]


The tankies are pissed. They even pinned the post![51] Others believe that the site is... actually alt-right and promoting fascism? Somehow?[52]

Top quote

I thought it was common knowledge that rationalwiki is an alt-[right] wiki.


Their founding message expresses a devotion to exploring authoritarianism and fundamentalism. Their article on fundamentalism includes a huge quote by Sam Harris, a 'rationalist' known for propping up racist pseudoscience akin to phrenology.

They use the guise of rational discourse to express views in accord with fascist social ideologies. Any websites that not only reports but encourages these views cannot be trusted to present information in good faith.

The Right Stuff[edit]

See the main article on this topic: The Right Stuff

The hordes of the The Right Stuff already have our target brand in mind. RationalWiki, a site that has surely been a thorn in the side of all sane people, has been polluting the internet with obnoxious political snark and a pretense to 'rationality' (which is always biased towards liberalism circa insert-current-year-here) since it first began as a really bad Encyclopedia Dramatica rip-off in 2007.[53]

Which is completely wrong. We're a Conservapedia ripoff.

...I am calling upon all writers from the Right, whether you wish Hitler won WWII or just kind of wish Romney won the presidency, whether you're an obscure monarchial neoreactionary or an Odin LARPer, to help us rip down and spit in the face of RationalWiki. There are more than enough articles to destroy, whatever the topic.[54]

Props to them for at least admitting that Nazis are right-wingers though!

Ron Paul Forums[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Ron Paul

In a thread from April 2009 titled "And you thought liberalpedia was bad,"[55] several Ron Paul fans expressed dismay and resentment at RW's admitted left-of-Ron-Paul political stance and info on Ron Paul.

Top quote

If it computers were cheaper, I'd have thrown my computer out the window in anger. It is so stupid and full [of] rash generalizations, non sequiturs, and idiotic assumptions about the marketplace. "RationalWiki" is about as rational as the average communist.


RationalWiki was criticised in a thread at the SCEPCOP forum started by Winston Wu himself.[56]

Top quote

Did Bigfoot piss in their proverbial Cheerios? LOL.[57]


The Stormfront logo

Stormfront users have, on several of their forum posts, expressed their anger at our distinct lack of concern about the threat of white genocide.

Top quote

You art [sic] probably aware of the libtard site called It includes a totally biased and insulting page denigrating sf. One thing they do is dismiss the need for white racial survival as if it were a crackpot idea, without explaining why whites supposedly don't need to worry about their survival or explaining our position.[58]

Urban Dictionary[edit]

In the Urban Dictionary, a crowdsourced online dictionary for definitions of the baby names of writers' enemies/significant others and sexually violent NSFW definitions slang words and phrases, the top definition of the word "RationalWiki" in 2021 is, as of April:

Top quote

If cancer was a website, this would be it.

Scientist 1: Look! I've discovered a new type of cancer!
Scientist 2: That's just rationalwiki
Scientist 1: What's the difference?[59]

Older top quote (2017 to 2020)

Online wiki devoted to propagating left-wing ideals without explicitly stating so. The title "Rational Wiki" is deliberately misleading, as it implies a logical, unbiased, emotionally detached approach when the site reads like a hotly opinionated liberal blog. According to RationalWiki, "reality has a liberal bias," not them.[60]

But then again, UD has definitions like that for pretty much everything (including itself), as 90% of people who write "definitions" on there these days are either a) prudish far-right religious fanatics, b) misanthropic teenagers who hate 90% of the human population and think there's an NWO plot to brainwash them because fuck schools, c) horny cishets, or d) butthurt antifems whining about how oppressed they are.

Vanguard News Network[edit]

See the main article on this topic: VNNforum

As it is a forum which is basically Stormfront Junior, it goes without saying that Vanguard News Network does not like us.

Top quote

"Rational Wiki" is like a kiked up version of Wikipedia on steroids - and Wikipedia is well-known as a kike cabal of censorship and strict political orthodoxy.

There's nothing rational about Rational Wiki at all - it's like walking into a Satanic synagogue of camel-faced, hook-nosed, hate-filled Khazar vampires. All around you are the inbred Ashkenazi swine, bobbing their heads up and down, speaking in Yiddish and broken English and spitting and spewing their vitriol with every other world being "Nazi" "Anti-Semite" and "racist".[61][edit]

One of John Scudamore's many incoherent outpourings on expresses displeasure with our article covering his website.

Top quote

That's isn't [sic] Rational, it's all irrational, wall to wall Word Game:[62]

Whitaker Online[edit]

Whitaker Online is the website of Bob Whitaker, author of the infamous mantra "Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white". Several commenters on the site were not too fond of our article.

Top quote

Just pathetic, the author really doesn’t know what we stand for and probably relied on information from our enemies. The reason I am so pissed is because when people on sites like Youtube see our comment and decide to Google it, they might come across this twisted description of us.[63]


Wikispooks is a wiki full of assorted conspiracy theories. They aren't particularly fond of the fact that we question the "9-11 was an inside job" conspiracy theory.

Top quote from their article on us

Although inviting readers to "register and engage in constructive dialogue", RationalWiki appears not to welcome essays critical of RationalWiki or of certain official narratives. For example, it is dismissive of the Journal of 9/11 Studies, terming it, as of 2017, it a "peer- crank-reviewed, online, open source pseudojournal". Its 9/11 page, as of 2017, was organised as a sequence of (sometimes frivolous) concerns about the 9-11 Official Narrative, and a matching 'rebuttal'.The page history revealed that all contrasting opinion was quickly reverted.[64]


Wing Nut Daily

WND founder Joseph Farah put us in good company and had this to say about us:[65]

Likewise, if you should Google the independent, right-of-center news sites like WND, Breitbart or Daily Caller, you will quickly be confronted with attacks on their credibility from a pack of lying, partisan hack sites from Rational Wiki to the SPLC to Media Matters to Snopes.

Woden's Folk[edit]

Woden's Folk is a neopagan organisation based around an "ancient prophecy" which is so vague as to be meaningless (something about a bloke with a hood, Herne the Hunter, days of the lion, light and darkness, and trembling guilty people). When we revealed the fact that this "ancient prophecy" actually originated in the 1980s television series Robin of Sherwood, certain members of the cult were less than pleased. One supporter, calling himself "Eassex cempa" (The translation, as far as we can manage, from horribly mangled Old English is "Essex Warrior"), tried to cover the group's backside with some nonsense about "Wyrd" and an argument by analogy involving compost. Curiously, he also implied that RationalWiki is a pro-Catholic site, and that we were making a specifically left-wing criticism — as though the mainstream right sees nothing wrong with worshipping Robin of Sherwood.

The group dislikes having its views discussed in public.[66] Wonder why that could be...

Top quote

It's funny how the central core of wyrd of our folkish faith is understood by us and never understood by the oh-so moral lefty arses.
Wyrd had me doing a random chain of searches via google and the ensuing linked topics last night.
The linked topic took me to the WF page on theRational Wankie site for the critique of all and sundry that the left don't like.
One thing they got all moist about on Rationalwiki was the usage the Hooded Man prophecy from the 80s Robin Hood.
Well all fair in a world that does not have a Northern Germanic faith that, as mentioned above, has wyrd at its core.
The left may well see nothing wrong with the pope getting revelation from the White Christ and then transmitting it to the faithful, so why is Wulf of WF picked out for seeing a revelation in the works of a person, priest or not, who just happens to write for a program.
As it is said, Wyrd goes where it must and if it needed to find an outlet via the pen of another then so be it.
Let's be honest here, putting diluted animal shite on the field you grow food crops on sounds disgusting if you don't understand the mechanism involved in the crop, so if you don't understand the web of wyrd then how can you judge the harvest of revelation and the field from which it came forth.[67]

The World Freeman Society[edit]

The World Freeman Society has a forum supporting the "freeman on the land" concept. They were not pleased with our article on the subject, but seemed confused as to what site it appeared on, as some people referred to it as a Wikipedia article.[68][69] One member referred to RationalWiki as "the communists" and pointed out that the authors' names were not listed on the article, which shows a slightly wobbly understanding of how wikis generally work.[70]

Top quote

Someone should sue wiki for spreading malicious propaganda with intent to provoke violence.[71]


Rhoda Zione Alale[edit]


Pseudoscientist and radiation woo crank Rhoda Zione Alale was upset about her article here and us making fun of the junk products such as the FLAT BATTERIES™ she offers for sale. In 2014, she initiated a fundraiser to support a "Slander and Character Defamation" lawsuit against what she calls "Rationalewiki.Org."

Top quote

RATIONALWIKI.ORG is an organization that has staged a character assault campaign against me to STOP my work of saving lives by informing the PUBLIC about the Dangers of EMF Radiation and Environmental Toxins. They do not want you to know that there are SIMPLE STEPS and easy to "use" NANO Technologies to help you transform your "SICK HOUSE, SCHOOL, BARN, or OFFICE" into a Healthy SMART living space.[72]

Michael Coombs[edit]


Michael Coombs is a neo-Nazi lunatic who really dislikes RationalWiki for documenting his anti-Semitism and racism. When's he's not wasting his time creating sock accounts that often impersonate either RW editors or a certain Oliver Smith, doing easily-reverted page/section blanking to remove lEyEbUlL, and going on tangents in various talk pages, he regularly spams his Twitter claiming RationalWiki is "anti-white".

Top quote

Daily reminder #Rationalwiki is an #AntiWhite #FakeNews #Hate site.[73]

Ken DeMyer[edit]

Since his ban in 2020 as GiuocoPiano, Ken has been repeatedly creating socks and writing multiple attack essays of this website and its editors on Conservapedia. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

Bryan Denlinger[edit]

Bryan Denlinger is the main figure of an online Fundamentalist Christian ministry called King James Video Ministries. He wasn't very pleased with the article on him, and wonders why there isn't more criticism towards other preachers such as Steven Anderson or Robert Breaker. This response was before the revisions done to the article.[74]

Alexander Finnegan[edit]

Alexander Finnegan is a commie and crank who spews forth on Quora. He was displeased at Google's search results for his name, which puts our article on his buffoonery right at the top.

Top quote

Google is weaponized. Notice the smear piece against me written by glowies is first.[75]

Carl Gallups[edit]

Pastor Carl Gallups, aka PPSIMMONS, took offense at his portrayal in the RW article and posted a point-by-point "refutation" on his blog that makes for an hilarious read.[76]

Top quote

This rationalwiki article was so full of errors that it simply begs the question - if they are so wrong on such a simple matter (simple because the truth was so easily accessible) then how much less should they be trusted on issues that really matter? By that we mean issues of eternal consequence like eternal life, transcendental realities, and salvation. If they could not get the identity of PPSIMMONS right, how could they ever get the truth about God right? Answer: they cannot. They are living in a delusion: the most closed-minded philosophical delusion facing our time.

Clearly it would be nice if he understood what begging the question really means.

Linda Harvey[edit]

Since around February 2011, Linda Harvey has been trying to remove content of our article on her website Mission: America, claiming it is defamatory.[77][78][79][80]

Top quote

Any changes to this page should be made with the consent of Mission America. That would be "rational," one would think.[79]

Leonard Horowitz[edit]

Dentist turned conspiracy peddler Leonard Horowitz is not very impressed with our page on him, as evidenced by a rant posted on (At least, he is named as the author of the article, but he apparently refers to himself in third person throughout.)

Top quote

The misrepresentation of Horowitz’s “fear mongering” is hypocritical to say the least. The hypocrisy in this misrepresentation is RationalWiki‘s aversion to discerning the corporate-controlled media’s abuse of fear to extort the public’s compliance with risky, even deadly, antibiotic and vaccination impositions.[81]

Zachary K. Hubbard[edit]


Zachary K. Hubbard is an internet blogger/YouTuber conspiracy theorist, inventor of New gematria. Needless to say, he was NOT pleased with our article on him. Back in November 2019, he uploaded some sort of "refutation" to our article to YouTube, but ended up taking it down in a matter of hours. Evidence of its previous existence can be found on Pinterest.[82]

Top quote

Only a fucking loser, like you, would be convinced by anything in that bullshit article.[83]

Shaun Johnston[edit]

Shaun Johnston is a creationist and intelligent design proponent. In 2021, he was not pleased that his article on RationalWiki shows up in Google searches and complained to them about being "blacklisted".

Top quote

Search console shows google returning my site in results for only extremely specific topics, none for main pages or home page. I think that says I'm blacklisted. I think that's because of my rationalwiki page posted with damaging information by a disgruntled co-worker 10 years ago.[84]

Eric Jon Phelps[edit]

Eric Jon Phelps (no relation to Foul Freddie) is a not-too-well-known pastor who is most known for promoting conspiracy theories involving the Society of Jesus. It is safe to assume he wasn’t very pleased about our article, as a vandal, who may or may not have been him, blanked the page, and gave us this little message in 2019, accusing us of lying about him, though most of the references have been lost.

Top quote

This entire post has been deleted by myself, Eric Jon Phelps, as it is an attempt to discredit me with anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Protestant, anti-Baptist, anti-White American, anti-Reformation Bible ranting and raving of an apparent madman. The Lebanon Daily News was a hit piece on me that completely twisted my words after an interview for 90 minutes in the attempt to make me look like a leader of a "hate group." Nowhere in that trash piece of an article did it mention that I stated the entire State of New Jersey should be given to the Blacks as millions of American Blacks do not want to live among Whites. This all began with the wicked serial adulterer Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center, now proven to be a racist and sexist.

If you want the truth about my beliefs please listen to my archives at


Pastor Eric Jon: Phelps

Laura Knight-Jadczyk[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Laura Knight-Jadczyk § Views on RationalWiki

Conspirituality cult leader LKJ had some things to say about us on her Cassiopaea Forum in 2015.

Top quote

I just had a look at an entry about me on "rationalwiki". I'm going to archive it here in case they decide to change it. It's so bad its "not even wrong." !! I suspect we get a lot of readers sent our way from there![85]


Sometimes referred to as Conservapedia's "resident swabbie", Kowardjou Karajou holds the distinction of being the Conservapedian most obsessed with RW. Forget User:Conservative's "red telephone" messages, or Andrew Schlafly personally coining the term "Hot. Science. RationalWiki", Karajou has taken it off-wiki and to his own blog and various leaked email comments where he has been shown to fantasise about suing the site and holds delusions that the entire site is responsible for DDoS attacksWikipedia against Conservapedia (as if anyone who edits RW has the technical knowledge to pull that one off...). His paranoia knows no bounds. Such is Karajou's terror of RationalWiki that he can no longer even bring himself to speak its name, referring to it as "Otisburg", a reference to a scene from the 1978 film Superman, featuring the character of Otis, the dimwitted henchman of a deranged megalomaniac.

Top quote

It's called RationalWiki. A place called a "trash heap" by one, and "inhabited by thugs" by another. They're on record as using "cyber-terror tactics" in an effort to remove Conservapedia from the internet; they're the ones who employ DDoS attacks, major and minor vandalism, links to porn and worse...and all because they were thrown out of Conservapedia when they couldn't get their way.[86]

Anatoly Karlin[edit]


Anatoly Karlin is a Russian white nationalist, MAGA troll, conspiracy theorist, and climate change denial crank who is also a fan of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, and is a proud supporter of the far-right Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. Like much of the neo-Nazi hivemind who get pissed at us, Karlin believes that his RationalWiki article is somehow a "hit piece", despite the fact that all it does is state facts about the many racist and pseudoscientific views he holds.

Top quote

I know that I am a small fish and all. But even in my case, Google spits out the RationalWiki hit piece on me (written by an actual basement dwelling troll) before my Unz column or even my own fucking website literally titled "Anatoly Karlin."[87]

Emil Kirkegaard[edit]


Emil Kirkegaard is a far-right, Islamophobic, self-described eugenicist who, like most (if not all) racialists, has a morbid obsession with race and intelligence. He is most infamous[88][89] for writing a blog post in 2012 proposing that a "compromise" for pedophiles would be to drug and rape sleeping children. Some of his other controversial views include the legalization of child pornography and reducing the age of consent. In 2017, he first showed up on RationalWiki as EmilOWK, and then quite appallingly proceeded to defend said 2012 blogpost. He wrote:

My remark was simply that if you have sex with someone while they are asleep and somehow don't wake up from it and they never discover it later somehow, it is not likely for there to be any causal effects on mental health. How would there be?"
—Emil Kirkegaard, in a talkpage comment on this very site[90]

Not long after, Kirkegaard was banned for harassment, doxing, and making legal threats.

Top quote

Hitler comes to me, asks for advice how to increase his RatWiki coverage.[91]

This one going straight to ratwiki. Evil prof confirmed for evil.[92]

Dewey Larson[edit]

Ever since we started covering Dewey Larson's particular flavour of truly military-grade pseudoscience back in March of 2012,[93] Larson — the (as of 2016, still active[94]) inventor and master architect of reciprocal theory (the soon-to-be-recognized grand theory of everything) — took serious offense. He also — with no sense of irony — took issue with the amount of science on RationalWiki (which isn't primarily about science in the first place).

  • May 18, 2012 — Larson posts Response to Article on Dewey B. Larson, in which he goes through our article on him and his theory word for word and issues us grumpy miniscule corrections, technobabble, galileo gambits, and various escape hatches.[95]
  • October 21, 2012 — Larson posts another, quote: "Step-by-Step Refutation of the “” Nonsense Article About Dewey B. Larson", this time titled Update: Critical Rejoinder to RationalWiki Article on Dewey B. Larson.[96]
  • October 23, 2012 — Having gloriously battled accosted us on the reciprocal theory talk page, Larson decides to post yet another step-by-step guide in anal retentiveness, this time titled Refutation of Talk Page Nonsense about Dewey B. Larson[97]
  • July 30, 2013 — Larson "decided to take deeper look" at RationalWiki. It would appear — based on his astounding levels of grump — that he must've leaned in so close as to poke himself right in the ol' spotter.[98]
Top quote

According to "," the Reciprocal System is "psedoscience", so we decided to take a deeper look at “RationalWiki.” It turns out that this supposed online encyclopedia is just an outline, more or less, and a very poor one at that; it seems like the articles are written for 9th graders. Very few of the articles have scientific value. We could find no article on space-time, electric current, thermal current, capacitors, magnetism, stellar energy generation, or galactic structure. We did find some very weak articles on radiation, atoms, subatomic particles, chemistry, gravity, and stars. There is only a one sentence description of cosmology! Thus, it’s obvious that there is vastly more real science here on our Reciprocal System Database site, Forget about “”–it’s a pseudo-encylopedia!

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax

As User:Abd, after being permanently banned for doxxing, trolling, and harassing other users in October 2017, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax used his blog to spread lies and conspiracy theories about us, specifically thinking that his article was created solely by two brothers.

Top quote

RationalWiki, see the Wikipedia article, has been said to be “kind of snarky and rude,” which is a vast understatement. It has been identified as a “debunking site,” and such may purport to be promoting scientific thinking and recognition of pseudscience,[sic] but debunking and genuine skepticism are quite distinct. RationalWiki is commonly pseudoskeptical. As a wiki, however, YMMV.[99]

Seán Manchester[edit]

Seán Manchester (left).

Seán Manchester is a vampire-hunting Bishop (seriously). But rather than being one of the cool kind from the movies that don a pair of sunglasses and go on a kick-ass killing spree against the legions of the Undead, Manchester confines himself to blog ravings. After one RW user began writing an article on him, he decided to take action by decrying it all as falsehoods, taking up most of his blogging time around January 2010. The quote below comes from one of his posts in January, summing up his opinion of the site.[100]

Top quote

Deconverting folk from Christianity clearly appears to be a mission close to their heart. For them a Christian is someone who "must handle snakes, hate homosexuals, go door-to-door like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, roll-in-the sawdust, babble-in-tongues, rock back and forth with your eyes rolled back in your head, eschew card playing, eschew dancing, eschew Demon Rum, campaign for the prohibition of alcohol and other drugs, send the man on the TV your money, flog your children (and stone them if they object),Wikipedia make anti-Semitic remarks (ala Pat Robertson and Billy Graham), burn CDs (in the literal sense involving fire, not the sense of recording CDs) which spew Satanic messages (that you were explicitly looking for) when you play them backwards, watch for black helicopters, look for commies under every bed, preach that the UN is going to invade America, join a militia, take Harry Potter books out of schools, believe that your beliefs must be the law for everyone (because 'we' have to 'get right' with God), and believe that the existence of a single non-Christian anywhere in the world means that you're being oppressed."

Dennis Markuze[edit]


Dennis Markuze is a strange individual who posts barely coherent screeds on forums with large atheist populations. The term "pissed at us" does not seem entirely accurate, largely because it is hard to gauge his emotional state (he instead comes across as being a rather different kind of "pissed"), but he certainly did not appreciate our article on him. In one edit, he twice proclaimed it to be "JUDGMENT DAY" while insulting James Randi;[101] "for little dick pz... ATHEIST GENOCIDE" he said in another edit, linking to a forum thread which has now been deleted, but was presumably another one of his rants.[102]

Top quote

lying fuckers[103]

Kevin Martin[edit]


Kevin Martin turned up to object about our article on him and his site, edit warring and complaining that "75% of the stuff on there [is] libel." Also went nuts on the RW Facebook group.

Top quotes

"If this is not taken care of we will put an article out with libelous stuff on it about your company, including hosting child pornography. We are connected to Google News at and we will most certainly make your site a living nightmare for not listening to us.

You are to REMOVE what we tell you, and I am the CEO of the company and I have that power to publish a libelous article about your site.[note 6] We will accuse all staff members of child pornography and it will go on the top search engine searches for your site. We will further encourage all to not associate and/or donate to your site.

Do you really want to start a war with me, son?

Kevin Martin CEO"[citation needed]

Miles Mathis[edit]


Pseudoscientist, conspiracy theorist, and racist crank Miles Mathis penned a screed about RationalWiki after observing his page here.

Top quote

I am kicking their sorry asses and the asses of their masters all over the field on a daily basis. But rather than respond in a scientific manner by addressing what I actually say, they hire a bunch of nameless pussies hiding behind fake sites to build little “snarky” pages with zero content.[104]

Bill Muehlenberg[edit]

Bill Muehlenberg[105] feels extra-special persecuted about us.

Top quote

RationalWiki I just stumbled upon one the other day. I don’t necessarily want to draw attention to these hate sites, nor do I usually spend any time looking through them. But this one was from an atheist wiki site. I will just offer the first statement from the page: “Bill Muehlenberg is an American-Australian Christian and homophobic/transphobic hate leader.”

Such is life when you seek to serve God, stand up for truth in the public arena, and promote biblical values in an ungodly and demonic-controlled culture. So it should come as no surprise to get such hate, abuse, persecution and vilification. It goes with the territory. It is part of the Christian’s job description.

Paul Austin Murphy[edit]

Right wing British blogger Paul Austin Murphy is upset because his RationalWiki page ranks very high in search engine rankings, and he believes that the unflattering portrait given in our article has caused some editors to avoid him. In a post on a blogging site, he goes on a while chucking insults at one of the article's primary authors, and then spends more time insulting RationalWiki in general.

Top quote

I wouldn’t want to get in the way of his juvenilia.[106]

Mohamed El Naschie[edit]

El Naschie is an Egyptian mathematician and crank. He has a particular dislike of us, though we are not sure why.

Top quotes

Machine translated into English: Beware as well as university students and young researchers from the dependence on Aloueckabidia source of information and there is worse, there are monster in the hands of people suspected the so-called Rashinal Wiki How is a blog written by the suspects for the purposes of far from the public good in many cases, and up to slander and assassinate the reputation of innocent In some cases, and that in return for paying small amounts, as well as to market goods through advertisements in the same page, which gives the suspicious information.[107]

I also warn university students and young researchers against relying on Wikipedia as a source of information, or even worse that monster run by suspicious people which calls itself It is a blog where suspicious people write things which in many cases could not be further from the public interest, and are sometimes even slanderous and constitute a character assassination of innocent people. In exchange for this, they get a paltry sum of money, and they sell merchandise through advertising on the same pages on which they provide suspect information.[108]

Notedscholar, of Science and Math Defeated[edit]

Warning: Poe's Law is in full effect for this entry.

Notedscholar wasn't too happy about our article on Science and Math Defeated, as indicated by his blog post during January 2009. At one point, Notedscholar seemed to get confused by the way the Internet worked, saying "losers at RationalWiki want a piece of my pageviews" after RW linked to Science and Maths Defeated. Just think about this one for a minute and the way round that interaction works regarding who gets a piece of whose pageviews.

Notedscholar also took the trouble of making an account here and trying to "correct" our article on his website, though he was at least respectful about it[109] and deferred to the community's judgment after an exchange on the talk page, thus managing to avoid the banhammer. He still has been inactive for years (showing that unlike some of the people on this list, he at least knows when to quit).

Top quote

Look at this. Apparently thinking they haven’t been discredited enough, the unorganized hate fest oxymoronically called Rational Wiki have put up a hit job on me. As you can see, it’s not gaining any steam. There are apparently a record number of gutless users who “vote” for my blog, but no one is willing to reveal themselves. Not surprising.

The moral of the story is: if you can’t take the heat, set up your own closed Internet society. In fact, take a page from Orwell and call it rational.[110]

Denyse O'Leary[edit]


Denyse O'Leary is a journalist and proponent of non-materialist neuroscience. She discovered our article on such,[111] which was highly critical of her, Mario Beauregard, and Michael Egnor. Obviously, she responded by making specific points about the science behind non-materialist neuroscience and didn't just attack RW for mixing up the order of authors of her book and not mentioning that others have written about the topic too. Wait, no.

Top quote

Trent: You are an embodiment of just what is wrong with your tradition.

You make your site LOOK LIKE Wikipedia, but now you claim that it is not, after all, an encyclopedia.

No, it isn’t. It is a rubbish dump of detraction.

I have given you the names of many more people to detract - every one of whom is certainly a more thoughtful and creative person than you could ever hope to be.

Thus your dump will grow. And if you seek your monument, look around you.

I am sure it’s the world’s fault if the world doesn’t think you are any Christopher Wren.

Mensur Omerbashich[edit]

Omerbashich is a small-time conspiracy-loving crank with an interest in Comet Elenin. It seems that in July 2011 his annoyance with the stuff that the Internet was saying about him reached its peak and he went on a spree of email writing and complaints to any websites that mentioned him, successfully getting Blogger to remove (albeit temporarily) the main blog post refuting his work. Before you could say Streisand Effect, he had his own RW article of fair length and detail. He has a giant CAPSLOCK rant on his website declaring all of his critics a part of a grand conspiracy, including Google, NASA, Cornell University, and RW.

Top quote



A self-styled economics blogger took offense at several articles on RationalWiki, but got really pissed off at our take on the Austrian School, and declared us to be "a Front for Socialist Indoctrination".[112] Shortly thereafter, he was upset at the reaction in the saloon bar to his rantings.[113]

Top quotes

The entire site is plagued by trash (the only suitable term) of this nature. I have no doubts that RationalWiki is just a front for Left-Wing Progressivism (a type of Socialism, basically), based on the style of the writing and the methods of argumentation used.[112]

I am, first and foremost, a realist. I recognize more than most that reality is a bitch. Your choices are; do you want people profiting off of each other, or do you want people killing each other? It is that simple, and there is no in-between. If you eliminate one of those options, the other option is inevitably taken. I would prefer people profit off of each other as opposed to killing each other, but hey, that’s just my opinion.[113]

David Roberts[edit]

David Roberts is a woo peddler and new age crackpot that has devoted much of his adult life to a silly yet "impressive repertoire of pseudoscience and nonsense" and an even sillier website called "The Game of Time."[114]

Top quote

This site (not the true wikipedia) claims that they are trying to maintain our knowledge base, and is apparently claiming to do that by trying to expose information not worthy of being considered reliable, truthful, or sound. Unfortunately it appears (to me) that they are the ones who are not worthy, if for no other reason, by the very nature of slandering the work and ideas of others of which they have never read or experienced. That speaks volumes about such a person to me.[115]

Luke Rudkowski and friends[edit]

While conservative conspiracy theorist Luke Rudkowski has not directly condemned RationalWiki for our critique on his persona, our page on him has been subjected to a series of anonymous attacks. One simply needs to check the Fossil Record on his page to see that it has been subjected to many pseudo-criticisms by anonymous users, who simply either blank out detail on Rudkowski they do not appreciate, or insert immensely hurtful insults such as "this is a load of presumptuous crap!" Placing into consideration the anonymity of these attacks, it is unknown as to whether Rudkowski has launched any of them himself.

The page of conspiracy theorist Mark Dice, a friend of Rudkowski, was also blanked on a couple of occasions by anonymous users. Dice is yet to attack us for our page on him, but we're sure he'll get to it soon.

Larry Sanger[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Larry Sanger § Views on RationalWiki
Top quote

RationalWiki is an irrational, far left troll site. Trust me, you don't want to be citing them.[116]

Rome Viharo[edit]


Crank enabler, egomaniac, and internet troll extraordinaire Rome Viharo tried to prove he's not a troll... by trolling the RW Talk page.[117]

On the 8th of June 2016, Rome claimed via Twitter that "This year I'm going to be initiating legal recourses" against RationalWiki.[118][119] (And the crowd goes mild!)

Top quotes

You already had the opportunity to 'ignore' me. It's too late for that. Stopping now just means it will be less time consuming for me. You've written a highly misleading and harassing article on me, design [sic] to demean and humiliate me. You're bullies. You're using wiki forums to troll people and hiding behind their infrastructure to do so. Now you're going to get attention for that.[120]

Nah, I'm just getting warmed up with ya! You're helping me keep the drama alive and being the perfect foil. Keep it coming![117]


Tarl Warwick, a.k.a. Styxhexenhammer666

Styxhexenhammer666 does not like us, and has actively attempted to whitewash this article to better suit his view of himself.

According to Rationalwiki I am a crazed conspiracy loving nazi gatekeeper so, no, it isn't accurate. It's a leftist conservapedia.[121]

T. K. Van Allen[edit]

T. K. Van Allen (a.k.a., Blithering Genius) took exception to their article on RW and RW in general ("You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.").[1]

Emily Willoughby[edit]

Emily Willoughby is a right-wing paleoartist, psychologist, and proponent of race and intelligence pseudoscience who lives a double life both promoting and denying being a racist eugenics supporter.

Top quote

That article is full of libelous lies.[122]

Bo Winegard[edit]

Bo Winegard

Bo Winegard is an American hereditarian psychologist, nationalist, and pseudoscientist associated with the online "race realist" community. He writes racist bullshit for the right-wing online magazine Quillette and surrounds himself with white nationalists, but complains if he is labelled one.

Top quote

Recently, somebody (or some people) created a RationalWiki page dedicated to me. It is full of half-truths, mendacities, and out-of-context quotes. At first, I just ignored it. However, it has intruded upon my professional life, so I feel it necessary to respond. I will address the mendacities and misleading statements below. [123]

Abuz Zubair[edit]

Abuz Zubair (proprietor of the aforementioned Islamic Awakening) took exception to our article on him, moaning "My son should sue the pigs for libel."[124]

Top quote (from one of Zubair's supporters)

RationalWiki is maintained by 14 to 24 year old biased hipster atheist. Written in a patronizing and narcissistic tone their menial site gets barely any attention, so they have to seek it by being provocative in the hopes that someone will be offended enough to actually care. This is not an insult, nor am I trying to degrade anyone, it is just a fact.

Whoever gets their facts from a website like that, whether Muslim or not, isn't deserving a morsel of anyone[']s time anyway. Besides, what would you sue them for? These are teenagers whose belongings range from dirty socks to twilight posters. Good luck brother.



Dynamiclear are unusual in that they actually came to RW to discuss things on the talk page of their article and were actually reasonable in their requests. Initially, an email was sent accusing the site of slander and in the pocket of Dynamiclear's competitors (could all members of RW involved in the cold sore business please raise your hand?), but it wasn't long until a user appeared to discuss more specific criticisms with the article's principal authors. Undoubtedly, the extra attention lavished on the article because of this improved it considerably.

Top quote

Hi People, by the overall tone of the Dynamiclear page it seems you still think our product is not genuine so I would like to make you an offer: If anyone of you has cold sores or herpes we would love to provide you with a sample of Dynamiclear. You can see first hand the results it offers. This offer will be available for a limited time and to only a few members. So let me know if you really want to find out if Dynamiclear actually works.[125]


H2OM logo.png

In September 2010, RationalWiki was graced by the visit of Lex Lang, founder of "H2Om:Water with Intention". Lex wasn't exactly thrilled that RW described his product as an overpriced example of water woo, and tried to whitewash the article several times. Owing to the Streisand effect, this only attracted the attention of other editors and led to increased scrutiny and the expansion of the article.

Top quote

as I said...There is a difference between a skeptic and a hater. I am skeptical of people who believe they know what is possible and what is not. This belief leads to dogmatism, and to the dismissal of ideas and evidence that do not fit in. Genuine skepticism involves an attitude of open-minded enquiry into what we do not understand, and this is the approach I try to follow. I've already taken too much time trying to share details of this business and its positive nature. It costs less than regular bottled water, it has an inspiring nature to it, it motivates people to have positive thoughts while providing clean spring water to drink.[126]

Legal threats[edit]

William Dembski[edit]


In November 2009, cdesign proponentsist William Dembski posted in his blog Uncommon Descent that RW's article The Search for a Search - Measuring the Information Cost of Higher Level Search constituted copyright infringement.[127][128] Though RW server owner Trent willingly provided contact information, Dembski never followed through.

Top (only) quote

RationalWiki is reprinting large portions of an article I did with Robert Marks that far exceeds anything permissible under “fair use” copyright protections. I was getting ready to contact my attorney about having them remove our article from their website (go here — I’ve saved this page in case it changes as a consequence of this post), but couldn’t find any contact information on the site.

Question: Who is running this site and how to contact them?

Ramanand Jhingade[edit]

Somebody using the name "Wth" posted to RationalWiki claiming to be Ramanand Jhingade and objecting to our article about him.[129] There was some speculation as to whether or not he was the real deal.[130] Naturally, over a year later, he left a childish rant against Tmtoulouse over on Wiki4CAM.

Top quote

You have also defamed people who are licensed, qualified doctors by calling them quacks. If you delete the web-pages we asked, it's gonna be fine or else my friend, an astral projectionist is going to bring you to justice.[131]

Kent Hovind[edit]


In February 2014, noted young Earth creationist Kent Hovind sued the RationalWiki Foundation in federal court for defamation, requesting damages of $2.5 million. His complaint is available here.

Kevin Martin, part deux[edit]

On an otherwise uneventful April of 2014, Kevin Martin came to his article's talk page in which he demanded that we remove references to his site TheWeatherSpace, as it was trademarked. Once he realized that's not how trademarks work, he settled on suing for libel. Eventually, he produced a list of things to add and to remove in his article;[132] members of this site were not slow to notice that many of his claims were... bizarre, to say the least. After a polite refusal, he doubled down and decided to add a cyberstalking suit on top of that.[133]

Top quote

WHAT YOU ADD ... - "Kevin Martin has autism, which enables him to forecast the weather. Why? Because someone with the disorder focuses on one subject their entire life. That is why people with the disorder can be good at music, math, numbers, and various sciences. Albert Einstein was said to have this disorder. Here is your link reference to this - On top of that, Martin is a strong believer in God. Attending Church weekly, Martin believes he was born with a gift from God to forecast the weather and save lives."

Northants English Welfare Society[edit]

A rather curious example. The minor nationalist organisation NEWS is covered briefly and in almost entirely neutral terms on our article about the Steadfast Trust, but a representative of the group nonetheless objected strongly enough to repeatedly remove chunks of information.[134][135] In the process, of course, the society gave us a very good reason to make fun of it. The anonymous NEWS member made a brief legal threat in the process, although exactly what the group expects us to be charged with is unclear.

Top quote

Northants English Welfare Society is concerned that biased left - wing malcontents will re-edit this section and similar articles concerning the society and are seeking legal advice to counter such activities.[136]

John Fuerst[edit]


In 2017, white nationalist kook John Fuerst threatened to sue on his RationalWiki article's talkpage:

If the extraneous, unjustified, and false comments are not removed I will sue rationalwiki for defamation and falselight. It has recently come to my knowledge that at least one researcher has declined to work with me on account of what was read here (months ago), including claims that I wrote pseudoscience. I now have documented damages.

Abd ul-Rahman Lomax[edit]


In February 2018, cold fusion crank and internet troll Abd ul-Rahman Lomax threatened to sue the RationalMedia Foundation:

This will not be a crank lawsuit, I’ve seen many. It will not be filed if it cannot be done to professional standards, with a reasonable likelihood of recovering damages. Responding to harassment is not harassment, unlike what you and others on RationalWiki have been claiming for years. It’s going to bite you and your friends in the ass.[137][138]


The People's Republic of China[edit]

The Great Firewall of China, which the Chinese Communist Party uses to block a large number of websites that could be a threat to their rule, currently blocks access to RationalWiki.[139]

External links[edit]

There's many, many more.

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