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In teh ind tymez teh rapture wil hapin and Ceiling Cat will tak all teh gud lil' Kristchun kittehs up to teh heaven, but teh bad lil' etheeuzt kittehs He wil leave on teh Urf. Teh Antichrizt wil come and make evreone can haz 666 on their forhedz, and they will say "I can has cheezburger" but they cannot has cheezburger becuz tey cannot has 666. For seven yearz will ther be grate Tribulashunz an' stuff. Walruses shal not has bucketz and poor starving etheeuzt kittehz shall be in ur frigde eating ur fud. Antichris can haz war with Ceiling Cat, and then will Basement Cat come out of teh deptz of hell to mak wur on Ceiling Cat at teh battle of Armeowgeddon. Fighting besyd Ceiling Cat at this grate catfight shal be all teh poor lil' kittehs what was kild becuz sum wretched sinnur masterbatd. In teh end Ceiling Cat shall say W00T! and shal uterly and compleetly pwn Basement Cat And his army of immorul etheeuztz. Can then has new Heaven and new fresh litterbox and losta cheezburgerz, and teh big maneykitteh shall haz lie down with teh lamb.