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Fun:GMO Bingo

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"Hi, Billy Mays here for GMO Bingo!"

Ah, GMO PRATTs. Where would we be without them? Probably not furiously typing on the keyboard with some twat, who's spitting off every bad piece of crank-tastic pseudoscience that they pass off as 'truth' in their Facebook tin-hat group.

(What, you don't believe them? Silly sheeple. You're OBVIOUSLY an ignorant zombie. Wake up!)

Therefore, we present GMO bingo, for your entertainment pleasure. Here are the most common arguments you'll encounter with anti-GMO proponents; just mark them off as they come up.

"I'm not against GMOs, I'm against Monsanto" Terminator seeds Labeling / "right to know" Glyphosate Percy Schmeiser
"GMOs are a failure and bankrupt farmers" Colony collapse disorder "Do you want insect / fish genes in your food?" Farmer suicides in India Organic food
Seralini rat study "GMOs threaten biodiversity" FREE SPACE Appeal to nature "We don't know the long term effects"
Precautionary principle Jeffrey Smith Natural News Picture of a syringe of strangely colored liquid stuck into a fruit "It's about control of the food supply"
Pig stomach study Joseph Mercola / Food Babe Agent Orange "How much did Monsanto pay you?" "GMOs are poorly studied"