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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the GMO Bingo!"

Ah, GMO PRATTs. Where would we be without them? Probably not furiously typing on the keyboard with some twat, who's spitting off every bad piece of crank-tastic pseudoscience that they pass off as 'truth' in their Facebook tin-hat group.

(What, you don't believe them? Silly sheeple. You're OBVIOUSLY an ignorant zombie. Wake up!)

Therefore, we present GMO bingo, for your entertainment pleasure. Here are the most common arguments you'll encounter with anti-GMO proponents; just mark them off as they come up.

Bonus points[edit]

  • "So what if most of the crops we eat have been selectively bred to look and taste massively differently from their wild ancestors? That's still normal because the DNA is changing under the same principles that natural selection uses, unlike this newfangled GMO where scientists are injecting fish genes into produce!"