Fun:List of things that are affiliated with Hamas (According to Israel)

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Ever since Hamas' attack on Israel on the Gaza strip on October 7, 2023, it turns that a lot of organizations and groups have totally outed themselves as being affiliated with Hamas all thanks to the totally not apartheid Israel! They totally aren't comitting warcrimes and targetting civilians or international organizations out of pure spite and because their crimes have been documented and are even being investigated by the ICJ for genocide.[citation NOT needed] Nahh, it's because they are all HAMAS!!! Add to this list when Israel makes more baseless-I mean discoveries.

Totally accurate list[edit]


  1. As a result of the 31st May 2024 ceasefire proposal which was surprisingly critical of Israel. However, even before then far-right Israelis like Itamar Ben-Gvir were accusing him of being close to Hamas.