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Quantum bogodynamics is a type of standard explanation for why, with no other apparent cause, technical equipment suddenly fails or people behave mindlessly. Bogons are subatomic particles that are often difficult to detect, but which interact with other matter, including brain matter and sensitive electronics, with often devastating effects. The bogon and its antiparticle, the cluon, and the mechanics of how they function, are apparently linked to the mind and its functioning in an extraordinary way. As described by the Jargon File:[1]

Quantum bogodynamics

A theory that characterizes the universe in terms of bogon sources (such as politicians, used-car salesmen, TV evangelists, and suits in general), bogon sinks (such as taxpayers and computers), and bogosity potential fields. Bogon absorption, of course, causes human beings to behave mindlessly and machines to fail (and may also cause both to emit secondary bogons); however, the precise mechanics of the bogon-computron interaction are not yet understood and remain to be elucidated. Quantum bogodynamics is most often invoked to explain the sharp increase in hardware and software failures in the presence of suits; the latter emit bogons, which the former absorb. [...]

Here is a representative QBD theory: The bogon is a boson (integral spin, +1 or -1), and has zero rest mass. In this respect it is very much like a photon. However, it has a much greater momentum, thus explaining its destructive effect on computer electronics and human nervous systems. The corollary to this is that bogons also have tremendous inertia, and therefore a bogon beam is deflected only with great difficulty. When the bogon encounters its antiparticle, the cluon, they mutually annihilate each other, releasing magic smoke. [...]

The idea has been around for decades, but is more relevant than ever in the age of Facebook, Twitter, and other corporate social media. It is plausible that the Big Tech corporations have been developing a secret body of knowledge concerning quantum bogodynamics, which they use to ensure that their equipment keeps functioning, even as a massive number of users absorb and emit bogons through their platforms.

Unified bogosity theory[edit]

An ambitious goal not yet achieved is the unifying of the fields of memetics and quantum bogodynamics, so as to explain the mechanics of bogosity in the human world in terms of a unified bogosity theory. In large part, attempts at such a synthesis have been inspired by analyses of the bogosity of unified conspiracy theorists; measurements of their bogon emissions can sometimes reach levels of microLenat orders of magnitude greater than those of ordinary marketers, politicians, and other "influencers".

One simple way to try to formulate a kind of memetic bogodynamics is to speculate about the role of memes, and view the structures of memes and their activity that form in human beings as a kind of interface between biological minds and non-biological sources of bogosity, e.g. connecting humans to more abstract forms of non-biological life which exert influence.

Is there a great bogon source out there, or something out of the ordinary which unified conspiracy theorists sometimes tap into so as to charge their interactions and discourse with extraordinary bogon emissions that stun critics and bring stagnation to efforts to effect influence in the opposite direction? This is one of the key topics often speculated about, though well-developed theories that are also falsifiable are so far lacking.

It should be noted that, as is supported by more basic observations, a feedback loop involving crank magnetism is a double-edged sword: while the resulting increase in bogosity may give an offensive edge, sometimes reaching the level where it makes for a potent weapon against skeptics in and of itself, it may also eat away at the brain and mind and person, and may in the most extreme cases lead to something which may sound a bit like the ultimate sad fate of a Sith Lord, becoming null and void following a time as a mere hollow shell through which a destructive radiation blasts into the world and also consumes others within it.

Such more mystical-sounding descriptions of bogon emissions and their sources sometimes sound similar to earlier kinds of formulations. For example, below is the description which the 20th century mystic and spiritual teacher George GurdjieffWikipedia had of the pop-culture celebrities of his time, persons whose bogosity had a habit of spreading and penetrating more far and wide than Gurdjieff's own—though his arguably came in a more concentrated and impactful form where it did spread.

[T]hose who in the opinion of the majority of the contemporary people are "known" and "famous" and, in my opinion [...] on account of the abnormal life of their ancestors as well as their own, represent nothing more than the types who in the period of Babylonian civilization were designated as "moving sources of an evil radiation".
—George Gurdjieff, Life Is Real Only Then, When 'I Am'

The world of Big Tech[edit]

The algorithmic echo chambers used as platforms for social exchange on the modern web are tied to data mining, in which the users and all that can be extracted from them are the product. Specifically designed to suit the bottom line of the major players in advertising and PR, they seem built to envelop the ordinary user in a bogon field large enough to span the mental field of vision. This field may be carefully tuned in its strength to affect the user strongly enough to benefit the industry, while not resulting in permanent disability.

It should be noted that the more high-technological forms of the business of bogus influence can (much like their older and more low-technological counterparts) sometimes lead to political instability as a result of the success of what the business does. What is more unique about the newer forms is the extent to which they can be used in subtle propaganda arms races and soft wars between opponents within and across countries. When taken far enough, this can lead to all sides (and the world at large) receiving possibly crippling deluges of disinformation and other manipulations. And for example, when agendas like Trumpism and COVID-19 denialism are furthered by bogon-saturated environments, or maybe even brought about by them in the first place, the resulting harm may easily cross the boundaries of permanent injury and even death. Such outcomes do not, however, negatively impact the Big Tech companies as long as critical infrastructure and the financial system continue to function.

In fiction[edit]


In Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, there's a mention of "bogon" which thematically fits quite well. Upon first hearing of the Vogons who destroyed Earth, after escaping the demolition with his non-Earthly friend Ford, Arthur Dent mishears and thinks they are called "Bogons".

The Vogons are described as heartless, small-minded, and bureaucratic. When space-time anomalies prevent the Earth from being destroyed in all timelines, in later books, the middling Vogon commander in charge of the demolition stops at nothing to finally be able to tick off an item on his personal to-do list with grim satisfaction.

Vogons simply like mindless destruction, along with activities like stomping around in uniforms and shouting at others, and torturing others with their poetry. Slug-like in appearance, their success is described as miraculous in view of how evolution seems to have given up on them long, long ago.

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