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Fun:Spilling his seed

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  • A date with Rosie Palms and her five sisters
  • Banging away on [his] baloney
  • Bashing the Bishop
  • Beating your meat
  • Buffing the banana
  • Burping the worm
  • Charming the cobra
  • Choking the chicken.
  • Evicting the sea monkeys
  • Fapping
  • Firing the Surgeon General
  • Flogging the dolphin
  • Flogging the one-eyed trouser snake
  • Flogging the Savior
  • Fooling with the tool
  • Freeing the Willy
  • Gettin' busy with the fizzy
  • Having a tug of war with Cyclops
  • Having a jodrell.
  • Impeaching Bush
  • Jerking the gherkin
  • Joining the mile-high club, solo-aviator division
  • Kneading the noodle
  • Making the bald man cry
  • Manual override
  • Milking the eel
  • Milking the goat
  • Milking the monkey
  • Milking the one-eyed weasel
  • One-hand driving
  • Patting the Robertson
  • Petting the one-eyed wonder weasel
  • Playing pocket pool
  • Polishing your bokken
  • Polishing your rocket
  • Pounding off
  • Pounding the flounder
  • Pulling your pud
  • Roughing up the suspect
  • Rubbing one out
  • Shaking hands with Mr Happy
  • Shake 'n' Bake
  • Shaking hands with the unemployed
  • Skinning your sausage
  • Spanking the monkey
  • Taking Herman to the circus
  • Taking matters into your own hands
  • Tenderizing the Tube Steak
  • Wanking
  • Waxing the carrot
  • Waxing the weasel
  • Whacking the Bobbitt
  • Whacking off
  • Whacking the haddock
  • Whipping the bishop
  • Wrestling the bald headed champ
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