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Zionism is an evil and ancient Jewish conspiracy intended to achieve global Jewish dominance. Unfortunately people who criticize Zionism are always called anti-Semites by the global Jewish-controlled media.


Zionism was created by the learned elders of Zion after the fall of Jerusalem and the temple to the Roman Empire to ensure the continued global Jewish dominance. To that end, they created fractional reserve banking, the Templers, the Freemasons, the Fed, the Illuminati and the Jesuits. As a secret code among themselves, they invented Jewish languages, which are corrupted forms of local languages interspersed with Hebrew and other secret words to confuse the goyim. Hebrew was of course given to the Jews in exchange for the souls of their firstborns by the devil.


The Zionists in addition to controlling all the banks via the Rothschild empire successfully instigated the French Revolution and elevated their stooge, Napoleon Bonaparte to Emperor of the French to continue their work of destroying the pope and the Catholic Church (unfortunately for them Napoleon broke free and did not kill the pope and all cardinals as originally planned and thus had to be removed in Waterloo and poisoned by a trusted British agent). Napoleon showed his gratitude to his Zionist masters by giving all Jews special rights in his Code Napoleon, that also spread the homosexual agenda across Europe.

The Zionists also incited rebellion among uppity Negroes on Saint Domingue, to destroy a thriving colony owned by white Christian frenchmen who were then all murdered by their stooge Jean Jacques Dessalines. They then extracted huge contributions out of their gullible Haitian allies to finance their next scheme, the council of Vienna, where their trusted agents Metternich and Talleyrand kept the desire of the people for freedom down. In other words: The Zionist conspiracy is responsible for the biggest white genocide in history and for the continued poverty of Haiti. Because those shifty Zionists run the world. FACT!!!!!!!

Zionism today[edit]

Today Zionism claims to just be a movement for the genocide of Palestinians, which they perpetrate in Gaza by bombing and gassing innocent civilians and also perpetrate elsewhere by sterilizing young Muslims with Polio vaccines derived from pigs. However, the Zionists still control all the banks and through usury and campaign contributions are the true power behind the American government which is evident in the masonic and satanic symbols this government uses. When Donald Trump tried to expose the Zionist influence in America, the Zionists threatened to kill him so he backed down. To cover up their scheme, they let Trump win.

The Zionist in the music[edit]

As the Zionist is incapable of beauty and creative expression, he distorts and degenerates the creative expressions of the healthy people. So through Zionist dominated record label the healthy white music of America was polluted with Negro-Music to produce the devilish messages of hard-rock-&-roll that causes reefer madness and violence in youth and caused the US to lose the Vietnam war. Soldiers who did not listen to Zionist music performed 350% better than those that were degenerated by Hippi-Hard-rock-&-roll. Another avenue of Zionist terrorism in the musics is electronic music which they use to degenerate young healthy whites blacks and browns and make them rape innocent white black and brown women. As techno-music is only heard with drugs, it also emboldens the other Zionist venture, the sale and production of them drugs. This is verily true.

Famous Zionists[edit]

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Of course all rulers, including the reptoids are ultimately controlled by the Zionists, currently headed by CEO Benjamin Netanyahu who owns Israel and the Zionist banking empire, but there are also some other well known Zionists: