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Juan Móricz (Hungarian: Móricz János; 1923-1991) was a Hungarian-Argentine explorer.

Magyar madness[edit]

Móricz wrote a pamphlet entitled El Origen Americano de Pueblos Europeos ("The American origin of European peoples"), which consists of a series of pseudohistorical claims regarding Eurasia, the Americas, and pre-Columbian contact. These include: that the Sumerians, Hungarians, and Iberians originally came from the Americas; that the sparsely attested Puruhá languageWikipedia was Hungarian; that the Basques belong to the same "racial and linguistic branch as the Huns"; and that various indigenous peoples of the Americans are Huns.[1]

In the pamphlet, Móricz also claims that the Tsafiki languageWikipedia of the indigenous Tsáchila of Santo Domingo de los Colorados and the Cha'palaa languageWikipedia of the Cayapas (or Chachi peopleWikipedia) are actually "old Hungarian." Now, if true, this would be not just earth-shattering, but also very easy to prove. All Móricz would have to do would be to provide texts that are substantially the same in the languages in question. For instance, one might juxtapose Hungarian and Tsafiki versions of a Tsáchila folk tale, or perhaps Hungarian and Cha'palaa versions of the Lord's PrayerWikipedia. Such evidence, if it were genuine, would be enough to silence any potential critics and cow them into submission. Instead, what does Móricz do? He immediately moves on to ramble about his other crank ideas while having failed to provide any multilingual texts or even lists of supposed cognates to support his wild assertions about these languages.


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  • Üzenet az Istenektől? Móricz János Legendáriumának Nyomában by Zele Richárd (2012) Magánkiad. ISBN 963084110X.

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