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Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary

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Louisiana Baptist University and Seminary (LBU) (formerly "Baptist Christian University") is an unaccredited school located in Shreveport, Louisiana.[1] The school advocates conservative Christian pro-life, creationist, homophobic, transphobic and Biblical literalism viewpoints. Unlike some unaccredited seminaries Louisiana Baptist has an actual campus with teaching staff.


Louisiana Baptist University offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that are theological in nature. They also take secular subjects like Communications, Music, Education, Counseling and slap the word Christian in front of them. The purpose seems to be teaching secular subjects using separation of church and state. The school is divided into the following departments: Seminary,[2] Biblical Studies,[3] "Christian Education for School Teachers",[4] "Christian Communications",[5] "Christian Counseling" [6] and Prison Ministry.[7]

LBU faculty have both accredited and unaccredited degrees.[8] Most of the unaccredited degrees come from Louisiana Baptist University itself. Due to this, the quality of LBU degrees are fairly dubious and have limited value.


LBU has never sought government accreditation due to the nature of the educational services we provide. Our mission is and always has been to train people for ministry. Because of our strong belief in the separation of powers, we have never invited government oversight of our programs. However, we uphold high standards of academic integrity; so high in fact that governmentally accredited schools often accept our graduates' degree.[9]

Louisiana Baptist University lacks academic accreditation of any sort. They do not claim nor want accreditation of any sort.

Unlike some diploma mills, the school is honest about their lack of accreditation. They are a member of the "Association of Christian Schools International" (ACSI), which provides teaching credentials for Christian school teachers.[10]

In 1998, the school announced that it was going to offer a Business Administration degree program. After an investigation, the Louisiana Board of Regents voted unanimously to deny an operating license for LBU and ordered the school to cease all advertising for all undergraduate and graduate business programs.[11] However, in 1999 the same Board of Regents reversed this decision and permitted LBU to operate under an updated religious institution exemption act.[12]

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