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George Craige Lewis

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Christ died so we may
write articles about

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A multi-chef broth
Devil's in the details
The pearly gates
The positive aspects of Hip Hop are dung as far as the word of God is concerned
Hip-hop itself is a very weak demon, but has gone unattested for so long, that it has a major following.

George Craige Lewis, more commonly known as G. Craige Lewis, is a Texas-based Christian minister.

Satanic music[edit]

Lewis preaches that rock (especially heavy metal) and rap and hip-hop music is the work of Satan and that some musicians are possessed. His rants are collected in the documentaries The Truth Behind Hip-Hop and The Truth Behind Rock and Roll. Note that these are all published recently, not during the 1980s moral panic. Lewis of course received his message directly from God.[2]

  • Heavy metal and hip-hop damages youth causing premarital sex, "sexual relationships without the consent of their parents",[3] drug use, Satan worship, and suicide.[2]
  • Hip-hop culture prepares the way for the Antichrist.[4] (But wait, wouldn't it supposedly be a good thing to bring on the End Times?)
  • Hip-hop culture is "the greatest attack on the youth of the world".[5] (Yes, hip-hop is more harmful than world hunger, AIDS and anything else that harms young people)

The documentaries were debunked by internet critic Marc Mues in his web series The Truth Behind the Truth Behind Hip Hop and The Truth Behind the Truth Behind Rock and Roll.

Other prejudices[edit]

Lewis is also a homophobe,[6], a conspiracy nut[7] and he believes in witches[8].

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