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Medical Veritas was an extremely sleazy anti-vaccine journal published from 2004 to 2008. Their editorial board included none other than Andrew Wakefield, as well as such luminaries as Boyd Haley (a chemist),[1] Harold Buttram (an MD who claimed that vaccination would result in animal-human hybridization),[2] and Viera Scheibner (a geologist).[3] Their articles tended to rest on the laughable premise that Big Pharma's vaccines are all dangerous, and there exists a conspiracy to keep them out because of all the money involved in selling them. They are heavily endorsed by,[4] and frequently cite articles in JPANDS. They actually offered to republish Wakefield's original, now-discredited 1998 study, and, like JPANDS, are listed by Quackwatch as a "questionable organization.[5]

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