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Sherri Tenpenny is an osteopath[1] and an American professional anti-vaccination liar[2] who leverages her "Doctor of woo" status to promote discredited studies and anti-vax hysteria.

Tenpenny has a prominent following on social media.[3] She will not engage in civil discourse with anyone who disagrees with her opinions, rather she follows the Food Babe social media mantra of deny, delete and block. She is effectively banned from Australia.[4][5]

In 2012 Tenpenny implied on social media that the Sandy Hook massacre was caused by a reaction to vaccines:[6]

I'd like to take it one step backward: How much "mental illness" in children starts from the 66 vaccine antigens and doses chemicals injected into developing brain by 6 months of age? Or the cumulative effects of 110 antigens by 5yr of age… Or by 12 years, the sum of 153 antigens (and measurable amounts of more than 63 different chemicals). There is nothing "hysterical" about that statement — simply the facts about what comes through those needles.
—Tenpenny speaking about Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza[7]

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