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Mark Sexton is a British retired police officer turned anti-vaxxer, COVID-19 conspiracist and pseudolegal scheme proponent,[1][2] who is best known for his criminally reckless misunderstanding of the law and the workings of the justice system.

An uncommon lawman[edit]

Sexton came to prominence via a self-filmed video of his June 18, 2021, visit to Leamington Police Station to request the arrest and prosecution of Stratford MP and vaccine minister Nadhim ZahawiWikipedia for the criminal offence of misconduct in public office and to demand that vaccines be stopped as a matter of urgency. Warwickshire Police said that they would be taking no further action as a result of the contact.[3]

At an anti-vaxx/anti-lockdown protest in Parliament Square on July 19, 2021 Sexton made the extraordinary claim that unless lockdown was lifted and the vaccine rollout halted, citizens had the right to forcibly arrest MPs and ministers and establish common law courts. This was interpeted as reference to some kind of pseudolegal scheme or the other, which were gaining popularity in the UK at that time.[4]

In September 2021, Sexton was part of an anti-vax brain trust, including non-practicing and seemingly confused solicitor Anna de Buisseret, Dolores Cahill, and obstetrician turned ivermectin pusher Tess Lawrie, which met with a “senior” Tory MP, said to have been head of the 1922 CommitteeWikipedia Sir Graham Brady,Wikipedia to call for the COVID vaccine rollout to be paused “as a matter of urgency” and for those vaccines to “at no point” be given to children. Brady, while not confirming the meeting had taken place, clarified that if it had, it would not amount to an endorsement of their views.[5][6]

In early December 2021, Sexton, along with Piers Corbyn, clottish funeral director John O'Looney, and former Pfizer pharmacologist turned antivax activist Michael Yeadon,Wikipedia and others, filed a spurious request for the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute Boris Johnson, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others, for war crimes, crimes against humanity and the genocide of the British peoples.[7]

Later that month Sexton, joined by anti-vax solicitors Lois Bayliss and Philip Hyland and suspended GP turned holistic practioner Sam White, filed a criminal complaint over the government vaccine rollout with the Metropolitan Police. The Met issued crime reference number 6029679/21, which was subsequently cited by sovereign citizens, misrepresented as evidence of an ongoing investigation, as justification for their storming COVID vaccination sites across the UK. Hyland distanced himself, Baylis and White from this criminal activity, whilst seemingly throwing Sexton under the bus by stating:

That’s not something I’ve been doing, or Lois or Sam, but I can’t speak for Mark. — Philip Hyland[8]

On February 22, 2022, the Met issued a formal rejection of the complaint, stating:

Following an assessment of all the available evidence, it is clear that no criminal offences are apparent. The Metropolitan Police will not be launching a criminal investigation and no further action will be taken. — Met Police Spokesperson[9]

In July 2022, Sexton issued, "under common law," which is not to be confused with actual law, his own worthless arrest warrants for a number of prominent politicians, government advisors and media executives.[10]

We would very much like to see him try and serve one.