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Methaqualone is a drug which was widely prescribed as a sedative in the 1960s and 1970s under the brand name "Quaalude".

It became a popular recreational drug, used largely by teenagers, leading to it being pulled from the market and reclassified in the U.S. as of 1984 under Schedule I (wide potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use) along with the likes of heroin and marijuana.

While it is no longer widely encountered in the U.S. it is a popular illegal drug in South Africa where it is called Mandrax and is usually smoked off tin foil.

Ben Stein (of all people) once wrote a novel on the subject.[1]

As a date rape drug[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Rape

Comedian Bill Cosby has been accused by several women of sexual assault by secretly putting Quaaludes in drinks without their knowledge or convincing them it was medicine (such as a cold pill, for instance) so he could have sex with them without their consent.[2][3]