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The Nation is a weekly magazine of opinion and reviews, published continuously since July 6, 1865.[1] It was a successor to William Lloyd Garrison'sWikipedia abolitionist newspaper The Liberator,Wikipedia which had been rendered obsolete due to the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment. It has historically been a bastion of liberal and socialist thought.

The Nation's current editor and publisher is Katrina vanden Heuvel, succeeding the "publisher emeritus" Victor Navasky (whose name alone tells you he's a commie[note 1]).

The Nation publishes 48 weeks a year, printing letters to the editor (including responses by article writers), editorials, columns by regular commentators, book reviews, and the wonderful Nation puzzle, which was created by cryptographer Frank W. Lewis just after the Second World War.

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  1. Actually, no, he's a Ukrainian Jew. But what were you expecting by judging people by their surnames?