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Waterford Whispers is an Irish satirical news website founded and edited by comedy writer Colm Williamson, who sometimes writes under the pen name "Bill Badbody". It is considered the Hibernian equivalent of the American site The Onion, the Australian The Betoota Advocate,Wikipedia or the British site, The Daily Mash. It was started by Williamson when he was laid off as a pub manager in Dublin at the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008. He later relocated himself to the small town of Tramore, near the south-eastern county town of Waterford. Since then, the site has grown to be notable in Irish "news" and entertainment and has spawned several books,[1] a theatre tour and work for the entertainment division of RTÉ.

Headlines for its tongue-in-cheek articles include:


Unfortunately, like other satirical websites, its articles have been mistaken for genuine news, including one about a successful North Korean space exploration mission to the Sun that was picked up by Canada Free Press.[2][3] Others include; Michelle Obama thinking that the Irish are ugly motherfuckers,[4][5] and the Catholic Church saying that Jesus isn't coming back.[6][7]

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