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Ophelia Benson

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Ophelia Benson at the Women in Secularism conference.
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Ophelia Benson is a transgender-exclusionary radical feminist,[1] a skeptic, and the editor of Butterflies and Wheels, a blog about pseudoscience.

The good[edit]

Ms. Benson is a skeptic. She has coauthored several books criticizing and satirizing anti-rationalism, misogyny,[note 1] and pseudoscience.[2] All of these are in partnership with Jeremy StangroomWikipedia's W.svg, a British sociologist and the cofounder of Butterflies and Wheels.[3] She's also a notable female atheist, which is nice, given the inequality in the atheist community.

The bad[edit]

She left Freethought Blogs because she was, rightfully,[1] being called a transphobe for "having her own ideas about gender".[4] These ideas put her at odds with many other Freethought Blogs writers, since it's mostly populated with people who support social justice. Which she actually dislikes, given the fact that she thanked Cathy Brennan for her Twitter post defending Benson and denouncing "SJWs."