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I don't address religion because of God; I address it because of the people who believe in God. I don't want them to believe in a fantasy. I want them to believe what is true. If most of the world believed in Harry Potter and based life decisions — that affect everyone — on that belief, then I'd spend my time addressing Harry Potter. Get this straight: I don't know if a god exists, but I do KNOW the Abrahamic God doesn't exist, for He is an illogical concept, rife with contradictions — a square circle of loving wrath, known to have gone through an evolution as He was compiled by the ancients throughout history.
—Channel description[1]

Jon Matter,[2] better known as DarkMatter2525(link) (and his alternate non-cartoon channel, DarkAntics(link)), is a popular atheist YouTuber who makes animations, mainly against fundamentalist religious views and debunking fallacious theist claims.

As of February 2021, the DarkMatter2525 channel has over 739,000 subscribers[3] and the DarkAntics channel has over 56,400 subscribers.[4]

Atheist works[edit]

  • If God Weren't Invisible(link) on how weird omnipresence is, if you really think about it
  • "You Send Yourself To Hell"(link) attacks the idea that atheists freely choose to go to hell
  • What If You're Wrong?(link) attacks Pascal's Wager
  • Do Atheists Hate God?(link) debunks the "atheists hate god" stereotype
  • Were You There?(link) debunks Were you there?
  • ...but intelligent people believe in God(link) debunks the strong religious scientists argument
  • The Theft of Our Values(link) debunks the idea that the answer to Islam is Christianity and further debunks the above religious scientists' argument for those claiming that Christianity has some merits for the scientific revolution

The playlist "Deleted DarkMatter2525 Videos" at DarkMatterArchive has most of his deleted works.[5][6]


DarkMatter2525 has opposed the Tea Party,[7] supported gay marriage,[8] supported abortion, and opposed the border wall.[9]

DarkMatter2525 has criticized feminism, saying that feminists, because they reacted angrily to Richard Dawkins's tastelessly liking a tweet that compared feminism to radical Islam, proved Dawkins's point,[10] even though those two ideologies clash with each other; feminists in Saudi Arabia have been actually persecuted, such as Loujain al-Hathloul's peaceful protests resulting in harsh punishments.[11] He also believes that activism is being perverted by SJWs, though he admits that the term has been overused.[12]

He's also criticized people who don't criticize Islam for being violent, writing, "Why do you believe a white guy who says he kills because of racist beliefs, but not a Muslim who says he kills because of religious beliefs?"[13] and "Violence has nothing to do with religion? Okay. When was the last time you complained about Buddhaphobia?"[14]

DarkMatter2525 used not as bad as arguments to state that the world is getting better, not worse, that activism is counterproductive because it consists only of complaining, and people don't know how good they have it, relying heavily on first world problems to make his point.[15] (This argument of calling people who want minor improvements "spoiled" is an argument shared by conservatives and indifferent centrists.)

Once Trump was elected, DarkMatter2525 admitted that many YouTubers who made atheism videos had badly succumbed to group-think and been too critical of trivialities done by "the SJWs." He started to call out the threat of disingenuous fascist propagandists like Andy Ngo who would play up left-wing violence and the threat of "Antifa" while hypocritically ignoring the much greater mass murdering coming from the right.[16]

In 2016, he deleted his polarizing cartoon "If God became an SJW," after a month because he felt he had piled too much unfair criticism on the "SJWs", and later explained that he noticed fascists and highly reactionary conservatives were getting louder on the right and didn't want to add to the fire when they were not being adequately criticized, ridiculed, or reined in by other conservatives.[17] In 2020 he made more videos that were political rather than religious, ranging from ridiculing Trump's cult of personality,[18] Christian-nationalism,[19] conservative fear-mongering,[20] the disastrous COVID response by conservatives,[21] and the hypocrisy of conservative pundits from Prager University.[22]

Final animation[edit]

On November 18, 2019, DarkMatter2525 announced that his final animation[23] would go live on November 19, 2019 due to the FTC's new enforcement of "child friendly" videos.[24]

While it is not known if what he said is true, it is possible to believe due to the nature of the enforcement.

UPDATE: Never mind; his videos are still up.[25]

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