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Philippa Stroud (1965–) is a British Conservative politician and Pentecostal Christian, who believes that homosexuality is caused by demons and can be "cured" by prayer. She somehow wangled her way into the upper reaches of the party, and was an adviser to David Cameron when he was party leader. Cameron is presumably either aware of her views (taking him close to homophobia) or ignorant of them (which smacks of carelessness).[1] Her hobbies include knitting, reading and witch burning.[note 1]

Stroud is a member of the Centre for Social Justice, a right-wing think tank that claims to have decided over 70 current conservative policies. She has also been busy founding the New Frontiers church, whose guest speakers have included one Bill Surbritzky. No doubt his claims that homosexuality, smoking and swearing are all caused by demons went down well.[2]

Her attempt to become Member of Parliament for Sutton and Cheam, in the suburbs of south London, in the 2010 election, was, fortunately, a failure. She still has a greater than zero influence on Tory policy, however.


  1. Allegedly, m'lud