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RationalWiki:2017 board of trustees election/Election booth

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Polls are closed.

Below is the voting page for the 2017 board of trustees election. The election will run until August 28.

There are 4 candidates for 2 positions:

Their campaign promises, endorsements, and answers-to-questions can be found at RationalWiki:2017_board_of_trustees_election/Campaigning.

For details on the positions and the election in general please see our RationalWiki:Guide for board of trustees election.

The voting system is based on the single transferable vote system. In short:

  • Voters should rank their choices in order of preference.
  • Voters may vote for as many or as few of the candidates as they want, using "none" to not vote at that preference level.

Questions on the voting procedure should be directed to the talk page. For technical issues please post at RationalWiki:Technical support.

You are not eligible to vote.